Midweek Soundtrack

Instead of reading, why don’t we do a little bit of listening today? Here’s what’s been getting lots of play in my car and on my laptop this week. My genres are a little all over the place, something for everyone I guess.

Thanks to Karen for providing two of the songs that are on this week’s list!

I am off to prepare for my triumphant return to yoga. Signed up for a very small restorative class. Will be my first time in 9 months thanks to injury/illness. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Sweet! Love “How We Exit,” “Last Caress,” and “All My Days.”

    Restorative Yoga sounds amazing, too. :-)

  2. Thank you so much for this! Our taste in music is identical.
    Im sorry I havent commented lately cause I just got back from Europe, but I’m off to read all your posts from the last two weeks!

  3. Good luck at your Yoga class :) and Enjoy it!

  4. Alexi Murdoch is such a good singer and songwriter. Have you heard “Wait”? That’s one of my faves. I like these posts. :)

  5. I was surprised my favorite song wasn’t the Misfits song. I really liked the Gentlemen Reg one better! Happy yoga-ing :D.

  6. I always like these posts – they showcase artists that I like, but just didn’t know I did. :) Especially Gentleman Reg.

  7. I love music posts! It’s such a good way to find bands you’ve never heard of! Can’t wait to check a couple of these out! I’m loving Pumped Up Kicks these days myself :D

  8. Awesome, I’m a total lurker but I love when people share what they’re listening to. This is great! I hope your return to yoga was most triumphant.

  9. Love Foster the People. Love Alexi. Great picks!

    Good luck with yoga! I do the gentle stuff and it’s such a piece of mind thing for me. I hope it gives you mental and physical relief!

  10. Hope you have an awesome time at yoga!! :)

  11. Oh i LOVE that Alexi Murdoch song! I was just thinking about it today, too. Thanks for reminding me to listen to it :)

  12. Yoga!!!! My savour. I hope you enjoyed it, I’m sure your body did :)

    I am thinking of trying out a meditation group that also does restorative yoga. Sounds like bliss….

  13. In terms of music I heard Lana Del Ray (video games) for the first time last week. Beautiful voice. Heres a link if you wanna give it a listen. Her album comes out next month I think.


    I also love Lissie’s “Catching a Tiger.” I’ve been playing her all summer.

    Foster the People….yeah!!!!

  14. I love the Pumped Up Kicks song! Yay, I’m so happy for you! Enjoy your yoga class!

  15. Haha that Pumped Up Kicks songs is everywhere! So catchy. And the Cons are great!! Saw them live in Waterloo a few winters ago; twas super fun.

    Have a wonderful yoga class!!

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