A Labourless Day

Happy Labour Day everyone! Hope it’s been a fun and relaxing weekend! I am at my cottage on the north shore of Nova Scotia


This is probably my last trip out here for the summer, so I am soaking up the fresh, salty, grassy air.


Squeeze your eyes – can you see Prince Edward Island in the distance?


It’s been a wonderful trip because I had BOTH of my big sisters here with me. It’s not often the three of us are all together, only lately since I’ve gotten sick.


I’m feeling particularly tired after chemo #4 last week, so I’ve been more subdued than usual. Lots of resting, but making sure I get my daily walk in!


And losing at solitaire. I always lose at solitaire.

Admittedly, one of the other great things about this particular visit has been the food. We’ve been eating like royalty thanks to all of the fresh, local goods in the area.


I mean, if I’m going to eat beef, at least I can see where they raise ’em.


Meals have included brisket, home grown green beans, local potatoes, and heirloom tomato salad made with basil picked by this guy…


A lot of people in the area keep large gardens and put up signs on the side of the road. I wish Canada had such great weather that we could eat like this all the time!


Leftovers: Brisket, white cheddar, donair sauce, CSA lettuce and green onions, all on homemade German rye.


Walks have taken place in the woods instead of on the beach. I have to wear shoes on the beach so I don’t cut myself, and it’s just not the same when I can’t get the sand between my toes.


As well as a walk around Amherst!


Seeing as my main form of exercise is now walking, I’m always excited to explore some new scenery. Including a trip to a nearby town.


What is it about small towns and murals?


And what is The Great Amherst Mystery?? I am so confused and intrigued.

That’s just a snapshot of my weekend. We are headed back to the real world later today.


I woke up with a sore throat this morning which is another one of those normal symptoms that becomes a not-so-good symptom when chemotherapy is involved. A common cold can turn into deadly pneumonia. So you know, just becoming a hypochondriac over here.


Going to spend my last few hours soaking in the fresh air and reading the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Catch ya on the other side!


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  1. Labour Day celebrates the face we need not labour as our ancestors did. Enjoy the beautiful fun with your sisters. And be at peace.

  2. Great pics, it looks lovely up there. I hope u had a great time.

  3. Love that you are still walking! :)

    Hope your tired-spell from the chemo passes quickly and you can enjoy the time with your sisters to the fullest!

  4. I now need to google the great Amherst mystery.

    Those sunsets are gorgeous! Enjoy your labourless day and rest up!

  5. Gorgeous photos! Looks like you had a lovely weekend!

    Hopefully that sore throat disappears RIGHT NOW!

  6. I find that small town murals are always mildly creepy. The people in them always have such crazed looks on their faces! I’m glad your enjoying time with your sisters…hope your throat feels better soon!

  7. OMG are you LOVING the Hunger Games?? I’ve read the series three times and I’m super excited for the movie…such a dork. BTW that brisket sandwich looks delish. I never think to put donair sauce on anything but donairs…and, of course, pizza crusts :-)

  8. Glorious snapshots of what sounds like a fantastic weekend. I hope September grants enough of Summer’s waning warmth for you to enjoy the gift of another visit or two. And, sore throat be gone!

  9. Those pictures are amazing :)

    Rest up and Get excited for the second book of the Hunger Games!

  10. Susan, that sunset set absolutely gorgeous!!! I hope that sore throat isn’t the start of something worse….

  11. If you’re near amherst, keep going to springhill and spend a day at the anne murray centre! Its ace!

  12. Love all the pics. I have relatives with a cottage out in New Brunswick, and your pics remind me of visits to their cottage. I wish I were closer to such beautiful scenery.

  13. I don’t blame you for being paranoid! Yikes! So what do docs do if you do get a cold or flu bug? Your cottage is absolutely gorgeous. I SO have to come out to eastern Canada. Other than Toronto and Montreal, I’ve seen so little of anything east of the west ;)

    • Well, I’m no expert in it. All I know is that because my immune system is 1/10th of a regular person’s, something simple like a cold virus can explode into something much more serious. I really have to be worried about infection, so a sore throat is not good AT ALL in those terms. I have to take my temperature a few times a day as a slight fever can show signs of infection. Not fair how even though the cancer is shrinking, my body is getting weaker :(

  14. love the sunset photos–the mixture of colors especially the frst of the two photos :) if you’re taking steroids then you’ll be prone to infections and basically undergoing chemotherapy will make the body weak. it’s good that canada is pretty clean :) otherwise you may have to stay indoor and wear a mask.

    One thing I realize based on your post is that everyday is a miracle especially when God is in our life. :)

  15. Beautiful pics! The sunset ones are gorgeous. You and your sisters look so much alike :D

    So glad you are getting a nice walk in everyday. I’m sure the fresh air helps. I totally suck at solitaire too!

  16. Stunning pics!! Ending my last summer weekend at the lake in Maine, so I totally relate to that aspect. Sort of bittersweet right? Hope your sore throat goes away!!

  17. I always lose at solitaire too…glad I’m not alone! Beautiful pictures, hope you are enjoying your trip!!

  18. Soak it up! It looks pretty amazing.
    I loved the Hunger Games series.
    Hope your energy picks up, love!!

  19. Wow, those pictures are beautiful Susan! Glad you are enjoyed some time with your sisters :)

  20. Such beautiful scenery & pictures! I am so glad that you got to enjoy that & your sisters! I hope you get better. I understand what you wrote on getting sick with chemo. Be careful!

  21. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics! Here’s hoping that sniffle is just a sniffle, and good luck stopping at book 2 of The Hunger Games trilogy. :)

  22. Yessss! Glad you are moving on to the second book (fair warning- it was my least favorite of the three).

  23. Hope your sore throat is better and that it’s not serious!

  24. Your entries are such a blessing… and the pictures- awesome! Still keeping you in our prayers…

  25. WOW…what a beautiful, peaceful and healing place!!! All the best for the week ahead!

  26. Gorgeous pics! I really want to go to Nova Scotia and/or PEI sometime.

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