Daily Archives: September 3, 2011

Will It French Toast?

Once upon a time, I had possibly my most brilliant blog idea ever. An idea so great I decided it deserved a separate blog all of its own.

You see, I am a woman of many questions. I like to think of them, ask them, and then quickly replace old questions with new questions. But one was always on my brain.

Will it French toast??

Yes, these are the important topics that litter my brain all day.

The concept was simple.


I create an egg wash of sorts…


Two eggs, splash of milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract.

Dip some bread-like product in it…


Fresh fluffy bakery bread is the bestest.

Throw it in a hot frying pan…


And call it “French toast.”


Can’t forget a drizzle of my favourite syrup:


Probably the only “no sugar added product you’ll still see me eat.



But somewhere between getting a full-time job, then going on sick leave with cancer, the French toast blog fell by the wayside. And now I am left with half a dozen pictures and ideas I never ended up blogging about!

So now that we have the classic idea of French toast down, let’s shake things up a bit.


A while back, I made The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls. They were screaming to be given the French toast treatment. I started off by letting them soak in egg whites overnight to get them completely soft and saturated, like a cinnamony bread pudding.

I used carton egg whites. You’ll notice it’s what I use when the French toasted item is on the, ahem, decadent side. I actually eat the things I make, and plain egg whites still make for a great egg wash with an already flavoured item!


Placed them on to a greased frying pan and immediately got excited about all the eggy bits I’d have on the ends – the best bites!

Cooked on low for a while to ensure even cooking, I was left with two sweet, spicy, soft, warm, cinnamon rolls.


Drizzled in my favourite syrup of course.

Not sure how I’m ever going to eat another normal un-French-toasted cinnamon roll again.


To be continued!!