Daily Archives: August 31, 2011

Things I Learned The Month I Slowed Down

Chemotherapy is NOT what it is in the movies. Currently I am neither bald nor any paler. I also haven’t thrown up yet and don’t sleep that much.

“Health” has very little to do with aesthetic. Just because I can run, doesn’t mean I’m a healthy person. Disease can still strike me down.


Happiness isn’t something that needs to be chased down or found. Oftentimes it can come to me wherever I am in the world just by opening myself up to it.

Having cancer allows you access to a secret club. One where you can throw around the Cancer Card to make things occasionally go your way.


Keeping up a healthy body image while your body is really sick, is well, really hard.

Losing my hair is a lot more traumatic that I expected it to be, no matter how fun a wig may be.


Cheeseburgers are much better when the cheese is stuffed in the burger. Try it!!

CSA boxes are so worth the money.


Exercise is AMAZING. I mean, I always knew it was great, but now I am so thankful to be able to do it. Even if it’s a far cry from what I used to do, the 40 minutes of moderate exercise on the recumbent bike machine still makes me feel 10x better. If I can break through chemo fatigue to workout, you can make it to the gym after work, promise!


When living inside a bubble, small road trips are the perfect escape.


I am going to beat cancer.


I always knew I would, but there were still creeping doubts. Now I know I really, really will. There are just too many things left to do and experience. I will not let cancer or being sick cut any of that short.