I am taking a bit of a rain check today friends! I often write my posts in the evenings, but I spent all last night laughing my face off at 30 Rock. Holy moly Tina Fey is hilarious.

And now today, my mom is making me go to the doctor because I have smallpox. Or something of the sort. I have a rash and seemingly normal symptoms become BIG symptoms when you have cancer and are on chemotherapy. Hopefully a benedryl will clear it up.

Until then, I want to give a shout out to Nuts About Granola and Cancer Warrior.


Thanks for the t-shirt, for making amazing granola, and for dedicating the money from Warrior Crunch to me and my cause. Y’all should really check it out.

At least I can fight the bubonic plague today well fed on granola and in style.


Okay, maybe I should just stick to writing and taking my medicines.

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  1. oh no! Hope it’s nothing too bad, and hope it’s not making you too uncomfortable :P

  2. Small pox eh? I like your mum’s disease of choice. I hope Benadryl does indeed clear it up and that you’re back to “normal” in no time. I mean, how can you become Canada’s next top model with a chemo rash??

  3. Smallpox, begone! Love the warrior shirt shots. :-) Be well.

  4. I hope you are able to get thru this too – hugs! WTF is what I really wanted to say – hugs!

  5. I hope it is just a minor rash that a couple of benadryl and nap will clear up!!! You look great in your new shirt! You ARE a warrior!!!!

  6. I love the pink walls in the background, Susan!! And the cute hair.

  7. Yikes! I’m not a doctor – don’t even play one on TV. BUT I have had shingles, which look a bit like small pox, and I do know that if you had chicken pox as a child, that herpes virus stays with you and can pop up again as shingles. It happens mostly after 50, but it can also happen as a result of chemo. [Stress is usually the trigger and no doubt chemo qualifies.] The sooner you get to the doctor and start treatment, the better. Treatment within the first 3 days means a far less severe case than you would otherwise have. But you’re already doing this, so good for you. Just let me use your blog to help publicize shingles prevention for others. For folks 60 and over, there is a shingles vaccine. {I’m guessing that they don’t give it to younger folks because it doesn’t start reaching a 50% effective rate until 60 and older; even for those for whom it doesn’t prevent shingles, it makes the outbreak less severe.} So any of you out there who are 60 and have had chicken pox, absolutely get the vaccine. If there’s anyone you care about who fits those criteria (maybe your mom), urge them to get the vaccine.

    Personally, I think it’s totally wrong for someone undergoing chemo to have to endure shingles and I hope beyond all hope that you’ve just got some sort of a contact dermatitis that can be treated by the application of some topical ointment. Maybe you just got into some poison ivy.

  8. I seriously hope it’s not smallpox; however, anything else “small” would do! You don’t need anymore big issues right now.

  9. i like the warrior style. Its like charlies angels maybe? haha. Hope you feel better soon! Listen to your mom.

  10. I hope it’s nothing too major and goes away quickly!! Love the shirt and the poses :)

  11. Well better smallpox than ebola! ;-) Hope the benedryl does the job!

  12. Hope you feel better soon and that rash clears right up!

  13. Nah, I think the superhero thing works for you. I say just go with it.

  14. LOVE Tina Fey! Do you watch Parks and Rec. Amy Poehler rocks too!

  15. Granola is totally a power food! I think it deserves to be its own food group. Love the shirt, by the way. You’re a warrior with or without granola! I believe you could fight anything from smallpox, to cancer, to the bubonic plague if you needed to. :)

  16. Hi Susan. Hope the rash is gone in NO time. Let us know!!! (and love the warrior pictures) All the best.

  17. Saw your tweet about the shrinking mass. :D YAYYYYY

  18. SMALLPOX!?!? Goodness I hope not. I’m sure you were vaccinated anyway….still, a rash is no fun.

    You are a friggin’ warrior sister!

  19. I hope your don’t have smallpox! How awful :( Love the shirt though, you’re an inspiration! :)

  20. Yay! So glad we had the opportunity to bless you in this way Susan!!

  21. I hope your smallpox has gone away. And I love the hair-do!

  22. YES!! Welcome to the world of 30 Rock!!! It’s freaking hysterical! I just finished reading her book “Bossypants”, which caused both my husband and I to laugh out loud! Did you see the plane episode where they are stuck on the runway? I think of it every time we get stuck on a tarmac. “We can’t go back to the terminal! We’re plane folk now!”

  23. So glad the package arrived! Hope you enjoyed it!

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