I secretly love looking at the random photos people take on their cellphones. Not everyone carries a camera on them, so when life or the mood strikes, the cellphone is often the one that captures the moment. The photos are random and don’t typically string together to tell any kind of story. Compared to say, photos from a vacation. But that is the part I love about them. Tidbits from life that aren’t “important” enough to bring a camera for, but I think are special all on their own.

So today I open up my iPhone for you. I admit, I’ve already shared a lot of these photos of Twitter and Instagram. Some I forgot about, or got too lazy to post. Others are just too good not to put up on the ‘ole blog for everyone else to see.


Woke up one morning to my step-sister's cat staring at me from on top of the closet door.


My step-dad's birthday with my two step-sisters.


The sinkhole soon-to-be swimming pool in my mom's driveway. It's crazy!!


I'll take them all please.


How did this full carrot get through?


Scenes from an afternoon walk.


The many tortures of physiotherapy. Learning to straighten my arm by pulling it down with weight.


My baby nephew!


Waiting for the doctor after I found out I had a blood clot. Forgot to ask him for the Bieber sticker after.


Peanut butter chocolate cupcake my family brought me after being admitted to hospital.


This stuff saved me from getting an extra IV when I had the stomach flu.


I am never too sick to eat potatoes. And they're chock full of potassium!


Best/funniest "Get Well" card I received, courtesy of my Aunt Jane.


Found an old picture of my cousin Ellen and I circa 1990-ish.


Board game from my fellow foodie ex-roommie. One I actually knew the answers to!


I do not miss the hospital food AT ALL.


Cuddling with the poodle.


Harry Potter with my sister Sara and step-sister Sarah! Yes, I have two sisters named Sara(h)


Fuel to get me through chemo from the Clif company. Peanut Butter Pretzel Mojo is the best EVER.


I stick two of these in my stomach every day. I am a human pin cushion.


A common view from where I sleep.


Bird in the oven.


Schnitzelhaus in Aulac, New Brunswick. Mom and I stopped for a roadside lunch.


Schnitzel with spaetzle. Ie flattened and breaded meat with soft egg noodles.


First time schnitzel experience was a very, very good one.


Falafel crepe? Pita is better.


I usually have to share my bed with these two misfits.


My wig! Still haven't started wearing it yet.


Buddy with a star on his chest.


Still get a surprise when I reach for socks and grab a cat instead.


Get even more surprised when she hops out of there unexpectedly.


My Nana puts orange marmalade in everything she bakes. Even chocolate chip cookies.


Sometimes she snores.


My dad's grocery list.




Untangling said yarn because of cat.


Yet another coconut flour pancakes fail.


My sister Jane and her band.


Under cover.


Progress made over the past two months on the arm with the broken elbow. I can see my palm now!


Story of my life.


Burgers stuffed with brie, sundried tomato, and portobello mushrooms.


My Dad, posing with some of our best burgers yet.

P.S. Thank you for the feedback on my last post! If you haven’t left any yet, I encourage you to do so. It’s been fun, helpful, and super encouraging :)

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  1. There are so many amazing things in this post!! I can’t even keep up. :) Your nephew is adorable, as is your hair. Hope you are feeling as good as you look my dear.

  2. I mean no disrespect, but you should do pet picture posts more often. I love them so, so much and it looks like you have a few characters on your hands.

    Speaking of hands/arms/limbs–woo hoo on the progress! And for the record, I want your wig. Fabulous.

  3. LOL The kitty on top of the closet door. Mischief (who actually looks like this kitty) did this. She climbed my husband and jumped off his shoulder an on to the top of the door.
    This is the same kitty we nicknamed spider kitty because she would climb the screen door.

    Love pet pictures! They make me happy.

  4. Your bedroom ceiling! AHH! Please tell me there’s no parquet flooring :)

  5. I love all the pictures! Random pictures are so fun!

    I miss the Cliff pretzel mojo bars so bad!!! They are the best! Damn those gluteny pretzels!

  6. I love big ‘ole floppy dogs like Buddy! I love ’em all, but the big ones are my faves.
    Orange marmalade, huh?
    Are you a knitter? I’m a big knitter and perked up when I saw yarn! :)
    All great pics – very entertaining. I could probably comment on each, but you probably want to stay awake!

    • I’m a wannabe knitter!! I can only do scarves and in only like four different patterns. I’ve tried other items and patterns over the years, but I can’t keep track of the complicated ones.

  7. What a fun post idea! I might steal it :)

    I also might steal your sister’s cat ;)

  8. AWESOME pics!! LOVE the one with kitty on the closet door. how freaking cute is that. You are a phenomenal photographer. great eye!

  9. Cute pics. How’d that kitty get up on that door?

    I’ll finally be mailing your bandana to you tomorrow!!!


  10. I LOVE these posts! I love random phone photos!!

  11. I always wonder how the hell cats get on top of doors like that. So weird! So skilled!

    I have never seen the S’mores Mojo bar. DARN IT! Granted, I can’t eat them anyway because of stupid gluten. But still. I WANT MARSHMALLOW.

    So cool you can see your palm now. Progress!

  12. Cats are so stinking funny! And I LOVE boxers! I grew up with them. We have a white one. They are the best dogs!! :D

  13. I love the picture of your cat in your sock drawer! Whenever I visit my parents house, my cat sleeps on top of my sneakers or a bag that I leave on the floor. Cats are silly!

  14. It’s sad this is what I noticed but . . . did they really have to write ‘u smile’ on the Bieber sticker? Was it too much to write ‘you’?! Kids and texting is bad enough as it is!

    And thanks for reminding me that I need Pam cooking spray. :)

  15. Your dad’s grocery list looks a lot like my Costco list. Add “cottage cheese” and “dog food” and we’re there. Oh, boys….

  16. Oh, Susan, I loved looking at your life through pictures! Totally agree on the Clif bar! The bit about your Nana’s orange marmalade = sweet. And the hospital food looks HORRIFIC! What were they trying to pretend that was?

  17. Yay for Clif hooking you up! And kitties!

  18. Don’t know which I love better – the cat perched on the door or the hot pink of the wall! And that photo of the chicken in the oven looks absolutely pornographic!! Love it that you have 2 sisters named Sara/h! I have a friend named Tyler; she married a guy who has a son named Tyler. They have lots of interesting conversations when the phone rings at their house! I like the free association of your phone photos far better than that of James Joyce – lots more interesting!!

  19. Love your photos, especially the cats.
    Mojo bars are the greatest!

  20. Ooohhhh my lord!!! That cat photo on top of the closet made me laugh so hard! I had to even run over to show it to my boyfriend bahaha.

    Also I love kinda random photo posts like this. Thanks for showing!

  21. I love all your pictures! Especially the cat on the closet door! Bahaha too funny! I’m going to have to try the orange marmelade in chocolate chip cookies! That sounds like a yummy change.

    Even though I’m a new blogger and just came across your blog, I already love it! You are an inspiration. I would have never guessed you just went through chemo! The wig looks great too! Hope you are doing much better now :). I will be sure to keep reading!

  22. Great post, I love your wig by the way very cute : )

  23. Ohhh, you had me at those burgers, they sound amazing! Love this post- you’ve snapped some awesome iPhone photos!

  24. LOVE the ones of the kitties the best!!! What great pics, I love it!

  25. I have a half sister named Kati and an adopted sister (was my step cousin) named Katie!

  26. Okay! I have a beautiful organic chicken in my freezer that we got as a gift and I am completely intimidated with how to cook this. How do I make that into the beautiful chicken you showed in your oven? Perhaps a post on this pretty please?

  27. Weighting For 50

    LOVE this post. And I’m a little in love with your tabby! Reminds me of my wonderful lookalike Raleigh who I had for 16 years. Pets are the BEST! (and so are potatoes!) Take care Susan! Hope this week sees you feeling strong!!

  28. Love all the pictures!!! I don’t even know where to begin on all of them. I’ll try – cat staring = creeper, stuffed burger = delicious, wig = lookin’ good, board game = I want, chocolate pb cupcake = I want even more. Whew!

  29. I LOVE this post! These were so fun to look through! It’s hard to believe some of these were taken with a phone, they look amazing. “Still get a surprise when I reach for socks and grab a cat instead” actually made me laugh out loud, and I think the one that’s a side-by-side showing the progress of your healing elbow is a really cool picture. Thanks for a fun post as always!

    P.S. So how much orange marmalade WOULD one put in a chocolate chip cookie recipe? That idea sounds SO good and I’ve already made chocolate chip cookies with bacon in them so why not a little touch of orange? Plus I love the texture of the peel!

  30. your dad looks kind and i like the buger. i thought the one singing was you. do you know how to sing? maybe you also have her talent. :)

    • I do sing actually! But I haven’t okayed music since I broke my arm. I’m right handed and couldn’t twist my left wrist around the neck of a guitar.

  31. Favorites: Buddy, your nephew, your dad posing with that delicious-looking burger, the detour sign, the progress in your hand rotation, big baby carrot, and all the kitty pictures. Oh my do I love a good animal picture :)
    PS – peanut butter pretzel Mojos are the best!

  32. This may sound random and weird… but I have to say you are a beautiful person inside and out.

  33. AMAZING PICS! Love, even the UGH ones & I think you know what that means. Animals are CUTE!

  34. Great photos – The Detour one is my favourite. And the animals, too, of course!

  35. I love snapshot posts! I think that’s why I like IG so much. GOing to read your other post now. I am behind.

  36. Love all these. Ellie sometimes snores too :-) glad to see progress with your arm!

  37. I love this post, and I agree – I simply adore looking through people’s cell phone pics. Aside from posting mine to twitter, I have a friend that I often text my random pics to haha.

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