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Happy Friday friends! I have some links for you today!

First, if you want a blog post written by moi, click here to read my contribution to Project Think Positive over on The Chic Life.

Meanwhile, The New York Times had a very interesting article about the discoveries being made on the cellular make-up of cancer. Basically, researchers are learning more about how cancer grows, and in turn are becoming more confused about how to exactly treat and prevent it. There is a handy-dandy video at the top of that article that explains it much better. The more you know the better I say!

The good news is that scientists announced they successfully were able to destroy leukemia cells by modifying the patients own cells and putting them back into their body. The first time they’ve been able to kill cancer using the body’s own resources and not scary outside treatments. Very cool!

On the flipside, we are also experiencing a chemotherapy drug shortage. Very, very not cool.

Finally, I have a call to action for my New Brunswick readers!

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 7.25.19 AM.png

Please visit the Campaign for Coverage website to send a letter to your MLA asking for a catastrophic drug plan. Without the plan, people like me who require expensive medications to keep them alive are being left in the dark while every other province in the country (excluding P.E.I.) are dedicated to providing coverage for those life-saving drugs. If Canada has nationwide Medicare, why are just two provinces not taking care of sick people who aren’t covered by private insurance and can’t afford the drugs they need to thrive? Basically, it’s just not fair. It’s had me think twice about choosing New Brunswick as my place to settle down in.

Sending the letter is really, really easy. I know doing this stuff sometimes seems helpless, but I’m a true believer that if you put up a big enough stink, and bug politicians enough, they’ll realize how important an issue is. Let’s make sure they know this for when they return to the Legislature in November.

And with that, I bid you a great weekend!!

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  1. Until I read your blog, I had no idea that all Canadians don’t have coverage in cases like yours. It’s so wrong; I feel like it goes against everything our health care system is supposed to stand for. I hope a ton of people send letters! I’m in Ontario so I can’t take part in this, but I’m going to look up Stupid’s (aka Harper’s) email addy and send him a message of my own! Stay strong pretty girl!! <3

  2. I didn’t realize that all the provinces had different coverage either. I can send a letter but I am not sure if it will do much good if I am from a different province. Sending one to the federal level will probably do nothing when this is a provincial issue.

  3. Until reading about your situation I naively thought that everyone in Canada had unlimited free healthcare! I do hope this gets rectified soon because it is unfair!

    Looks like I may be getting a lymph node biopsy soon myself. I have several suspiciously enlarged. My doctor says she thinks I may be developing RA or Lupus but wants them biopsied to be sure. Reading your story somehow makes things a lot less scary so thanks for sharing these details every day!

    • Oh Ang, I’m sorry you have to go through that!! At least the doctors are on top of it, hopefully you get the best results possible. Are they doing a needle biopsy? Where? (if you don’t mind my asking)

  4. Wow, I find it crazy that only TWO provinces don’t provide that kind of insurance. I don’t know a ton about Canadian insurance policies (most of my knowledge comes from your blog!) but I agree that something really should be done about that. And I agree with the whole “squeaky wheel gets the oil” thing- if you don’t say things out loud, no one can help you!

  5. Wow on the coverage in Canada. I rant about it here in the U.S. Being a family of self-employed, we can’t afford it & even worse now with the economy.

    When my mom was getting chemo, I remember a older man that could not get a needed drug that was over $1000 because his insurance maxed out on that particular drug that could be life saving for him. I just don’t get this fight over healthcare & why people can’t understand that every person has the right to live & get life saving help.


  6. would it be helpful for me to write a letter?

    • Best thing someone out of province can do is contact Libby Davies – the health critic for the NDP in Parliament. The NDP have been pressuring the Conservatives to have a nation-wide drug program. My case has already been sent to her office and may be brought up when Parliament resumes!

  7. Hey Susan – I’m from Calgary and had been reading in the news about the troubles with chemotherapy drugs and availability in PEI and NB. I sent a letter through the link, and I hope it is met by thousands of others in someone important’s inbox! I send positive vibes to you every day and when I read your blog. If only the people who make these decisions would open a browser and listen to those people who put their thoughts and experiences on the web, they’d really get a sense for what really matters in our country, our people.

    Reading every day and sending positive vibes!

    Love and light,


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