Wednesday Waffling

Happy Waffle Wednesday!


Are you shocked? I know I am. After two weeks of no chemo, I woke up and found myself actually wanting a sweet treat for breakfast. Apparently, chemo can decrease your sodium stores, which explains my insatiable cravings for savoury and salty foods as of late.


I attempted vegan waffles using a flax egg, a dash of coconut flour and soy flour, and some sunflower seed butter mixed in. Vegan waffles are still not my forte, and I’m not entirely happy with the texture of these. The taste though was spot on.


Plus the syrup + raspberry jam dipping mixture was, the um, “jam”! I always dip. No soggy waffles allowed.

Anywho, I’ve been doing a little more cooking this week. Usually I am way too tired and fatigued to stand around the kitchen, but my off-week from chemo always allows me a little more energy.


I attempted Mama Pea‘s tofu nuggets from her new book. They turned out fantastic! I was too lazy to press my tofu, but they would have been even better had I done that.


Paired with some “Asian coleslaw” using cabbage and carrots from my CSA box, chopped dried apricots and cashews, and 2 tbsp each of rice vinegar, sesame seed oil, and Bragg’s liquid aminos.

You know what was even better? Combining these two things for lunch the next day.


Chilled tofu nuggets cut into cubes over coleslaw? Uh-mazing.


These will get made for a salad topper again in the future!!

Don’t tell Mama Pea, but I also breaded some chicken using the recipe. And then smothered it in plum sauce. That was dang good too.

Today is C-Day, aka chemotherapy day. I’m at the hospital allll day getting poked, prodded, and poisons injected into my body. I’ve been dealing with a receding hairline since my hair started falling out last week, but I suspect this third treatment will be the one that makes it all fall out.


I’m also getting a chest x-ray, which has me all kinds of nervous. But at least I get to come home after and do something along these lines…


Let’s just hope Buddy the boxer doesn’t hog the bed.

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  1. Good luck with Buddy the boxer, I have Bella the boxer hogging my bed right now.

  2. Good luck today!

    PS I didn’t know you have a boxer! We do too! Her name is Ella :) Buddy will take good care of you :)

  3. I wonder if Mama Pea’s recipes would convince my husband that every meal doesn’t have to involve meat…

    Good luck with chemo today. Enjoy the dog cuddles once it is over.

  4. Yay for waffle Wednesday! Good luck with the treatment. Just look forward to your rest when it’s over and that you’ll eventually feel much better when it’s all done :)

  5. Good luck today! Mama Pea is a genuis, I really want to get her book. Those waffles look delicious! I wish I had ingredients offhand to stir up some.

  6. Good luck. I love you positive attitude! You’re such an inspiration.

  7. Good luck today Susan. You’re in our prayers! Go kick some cancer butt!!!!!!!

  8. Miss you lots girl … PS – I still do have something to send you but I’m trying to find it in my house … I have one place left to look which is a crawl space storage area above my closet … yeah I know my apt is pretty small so how could I lose something, but if I had to guess it’s somewhere under Brad’s pastels that are 15 years old and a box of scrap paper that might be cool to glue on a painting one day

  9. A positive about chemo hair loss… you won’t have to shave your legs for months ;-)

    • Ironically, the hair on my legs isn’t falling out yet. Just the hair on my head and eyelashes so far. The hair on my legs better start coming out soon or I’m going to be pissed :P

  10. Good luck today! And while losing your hair stinks, I will say that no shaving is kind of fabulous. And for a while, the ease of getting ready in the morning is kind of nice too. But then you just miss your hair. At least I do. :)

  11. Good luck with chemo and your x-ray today! Glad you were in the mood for a sweet breakfast this morning. I’ll have to try the syrup/jam mix on my next waffles or pancakes. Funny how medication and stuff can change your tastes. When I had my tonsils out I couldn’t eat sugar for over a month. Anything sweet tasted terribly bitter and oddly coffee tasted sweet. I developed quite a Starbucks addiction during that time!

  12. Good Luck in chemo today, we may not be with you during it, but we are all thinking about you.

  13. Wishing you the best today! And Susan, you will look just as gorgeous without hair as you do with it! I’m sure Boxer agrees. :)

  14. The Asian Coleslaw looks so colorful and delicious! Good luck today…will be thinking about you! Such a sweet pic of your pup and I am sure Boxer will love snuggling with you later :)

  15. Receding hairline or not, just want to say you look beautiful! Good luck today!

  16. I hope your day isn’t too rough. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.

  17. this post makes me sooo happy because kyles vegan waffle company is chugging right along and as SOON as they launch ill send you the mix. its just-add-water. and its delish. it took a TON of taste test kitchens to get it perfect. its just so hard to get everything certified GF and then theres the copacking woes and the package design and….geez…its so much work! but anyway, i know youll adore them. :) waffle wednesdays will never be the same for you again. promise.

  18. What a great idea to bread chicken with that breading. I haven’t mastered tofu yet so I’ll do the non-veg version instead.
    I wish you the best today.

  19. i had two belgian waffles yesterday at a cafe – one that had ham/cheese, the other was topped with speculoos – aka biscoff spread. both were epic!!!
    good luck with the chemo…

  20. glad you got something sweet in today before chemo! hope it is going/went well. good luck finding a spot on the bed–if he’s anything like randy….

    love you!

  21. Well you’re the type who will look gorgeous without hair so no worries there. You look SO good! Not at all like you’ve been doing crazy cancer treatment at all. Such a glow and bright eyes.

  22. Hope it goes well, Susan!
    I really want to try this recipe in her book!! It looks good:)

  23. Good luck Susan & I think you look beautiful in that pic!

  24. Hooray for Waffle Wednesday! And that slaw/nugget meal looks so freakin’ good- I’m having a BIG cabbage craving. That’s just…a…weird…thing to say, isn’t it? ;)

  25. good luck, lady!!! oh and the waffles look ridicuously delicious as well as that slice shot of the tofu nuggets! I have got to get my hands on mama peas book!!!

  26. You are such an inspiration for staying so positive no matter what. I really admire that about you. Don’t let life ever change that about you, the world needs more positivity!

  27. mmmmmm return of waffles! “the jam” made me lose it, I definitely would’ve made the same joke :D sending positive thoughts your way!

  28. Not as much fun but My prayer is for this c to go easy on you and a butt kicker to the C.

  29. Your secret’s out. I forgive you. :) I’m glad you liked the nuggets!

  30. Andrew van Geest

    Looks absolutely delicious. Sending loads of positive energy your way.

  31. The waffles look delicious! Plus, I agree the dipping is 1000 times better than sogginess. YAY. Ok, so this may be a really stupid question, but when your hair falls out, does it fall out everywhere? Like, how about your armpit hair?! I am totally curious.

    • It can! Chemo kills all fast growing cells – including the healthy ones. And hair is a fast growing cell. The hair on your head falls out first, and the thicker hairs like your eyelashes and legs may take longer. Not everyone loses it all from the same spots, as it depends on the chemo cocktail, dosage, and individual. It would be nice if my leg and underarm hair were next to go though ;)

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