Daily Archives: August 8, 2011

The C-Word

Have you ever heard of the Cancer Card?

Neither had I. That is, until I got cancer.

“The C-Card” as some folks lovingly call it, is a card you can “play” with other people to have things go your way. Don’t feel like babysitting? “Sorry, I have cancer, I can’t do that.”

Want an extension on paying something? “Sorry, I was in the hospital. I have cancer.”

Throw the C-Word around and people will feel so bad for you that they’ll do what they can to help. Well, so I hear. I’ve only played my C-Card once. It worked, but it made me feel kinda icky after. I’m only six weeks in though, I still have lots of practicing to do ;)

With all that said however, I find that I do use the Cancer Card frequently on myself. We all know that we are our own worst critics, and reminding myself that I have cancer has so far been the best way to cut myself some slack!

So on this Monday, I want to share my C-Card status. A free pass to all you non-cancer folk. Give it a swipe, cut yourself a break, and enjoy doing something selfishly for you today. A person’s health and well-being is important after all, cancer or no cancer.

So far, the best use of my C-Card is getting out of doing chores. The fatigue from chemo hits pretty hard sometimes and I like to reserve my energy for doing things like, um, feeding and washing myself. No guilt about not hanging up my clothes. Cancer patients should get a free pass for messy bedrooms!

I love to cook and bake, but usually on my own terms. Meaning, I get stressed when I have to prepare a large meal for other people, or when I’m too hungry to slave over a stove for an hour.

When I start to feel guilty about letting others make food for me when I’m the one who supposedly loves to cook, I have to give a swipe of the C-Card. It’s okay to eat pita bread and hummus for dinner, I might throw it up later anyways, I have cancer dontcha know.

There’s of course the personal trainer in me who thinks I should be doing strength training, cardio, and yoga every day. This has definitely been the best use of the Cancer Card yet. I can’t go for a run dude. I’ve got cancer around my heart. A gentle stroll and stretching instead? Don’t mind if I do.

The C-Card also makes me feel better about ditching on social situations that don’t appeal to me. I’m not a huge fan of clubs and busy bars, and thanks to my weakened immune system, I can’t go to them anymore! Swipe. How about a quiet place for brunch and coffee instead? Swipe swipe.

As much as I yak about trying to look good to keep my self-esteem up, sometimes a girl just wants to wear fluffy socks with her loafers. Function over fashion, especially when The Big C is involved.

And why yes, I did spend the evening lying in a hammock. The C-Card provides unlimited hammock access.

So tell me, how will you use your free pass today? Use your status wisely!