How to Saturday at a Cottage…

First, you must start with bacon…

And add a fresh-made apple strudel for good measure…

Put on a pretty dress to feel nice, even when other people say dressing up at the cottage is silly. As if!

Then go for a long walk to the next point on the beach.

Sand bars are the best bars!

Don’t forget to take both cute and silly photos with the family.

Followed by collapsing on the deck and getting lost in a book for the afternoon.

Cancer is on vacation.

I’ve got lobster rolls to eat.

Hope you’re having a great one!! xoxo


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  1. that looks like an awesome dress! super cute

    enjoy the lobster rolls and the ocean.

  2. Well-played morning, Susan! That strudel is almost as gorgeous as you in your pink dress.

  3. You look great as always!! Your skin is so beautiful!

  4. I love that last picture – you look gorgeous!

  5. Sounds like a perfect vacation! I hope every moment of it is just this nice.

  6. The cottage sounds like an absolutely healthy place for you to go! I’m glad that you’re having such an awesome time:)

  7. What a fabulous way to spend any day. You’ll have to share that apple strudel recipe. It looks amazing.

  8. Yeah, I’m going to need that apple strudel recipe. Drool.

  9. Best blog post I’ve read today! :) That apple strudel looks AMAZING! Enjoy your vacation from life, cancer, and all bad things!

  10. Amazing pics of cancer on vacation – LOVE & love your attitude! It shows thru the pics!

  11. You look great! Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy those lobster rolls- Mmmm…

  12. That color looks amazing on you!

  13. I love that you have such a great place to get away and LIVE! Wearing the dress is a great reminder to indulge in the every day, use the good china, wear your favourite things! You alone are worth it!

  14. dressing up in a cottage should be mandatory. have a gorgeous day, gorgeous.

  15. Beautiful girl … so happy you have this beautiful place to escape to!

  16. Oh, my! Yum! Pretty! and … The beach pics brought me right back to my vacation on Prince Edward Island 8 years ago with my Ya-Yas! :-)

  17. Cancer doesn’t deserve a vacation.

    It needs to be fired.

  18. I love the color of that dress! Sounds like a lovely day:) I must have some of that apple pie strudel!

  19. You look amazing in that dress! There is never a wrong time to dress up…really :) Also that apple strudel looks delicious!

  20. Susan you are stunning in the fushia dress. You made my heart smile this morning!!

  21. I agree with all the previous comments: simply ravishing!! You, and the strudel!!

  22. I love the colour of that stove. My mum’s oven was that colour back in the day…

  23. beautiful dress – you look gorgeous!

  24. Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing cottage trip!

    ps. You look lovely as ever

  25. Looks like a great time. Beautiful scenery and beautiful family!

  26. You look perfect in that wine coloured dress in beautiful Nova Scotia.

  27. Rebecca Bloomwood Jr.

    I’m really enjoying all your pictures Susan. And you love gorgeous in that sun dress! It’s nice to see you having such a good time.

  28. Saturdays that start with bacon are the absolute best! I love that dress on you. It looks really pretty AND comfy. I want one!

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