More Than Seven Links

I’ve been having fun reading these “Seven Links” post everywhere over the past few weeks. But admittedly, was a little bummed no one tagged me. Enter my dear friend Leah, who swooped in to save the day. Dude, when you’re sick, a flashback link post is the easiest kind ;)

How it works – I’m given a “topic” and I provide an old blog post that I think fits. Enjoy!

Most Beautiful Post

10 Ways To Live The Life You’ve Always Wanted

I wrote this post shortly after arriving in Toronto. I suddenly found myself living the way and doing the things I always thought I was too scared to do. It was then that I came to the realization that nothing was holding me back but ME! And I could quite certainly do and excel at all and every thing I ever dreamed of.

Most Popular Post

Not surprisingly, A Long, Hard Road is my most viewed post. It’s the one I wrote the night I was diagnosed with cancer, from a hospital bed on my iPhone just over a month ago.

More interestingly, my second most viewed post are my Dreamy Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares!

These get a lot of Google searches, and rightfully so. They are sososososo gooooood!!

Most Controversial Post

This is a tough one! I don’t get a lot of controversy on this blog, mostly because I appreciate it when people respectfully disagree. Perhaps the post where I described why I am a Recovering Vegetarian.

Short story – I was a lazy vegetarian for eight years and felt like crap. Now I’m an active meat eater and feel great!

Apart from this post, Reebok Easy Tone the Easy Way Out? and A Sweaty Bikram Yoga Review have also stirred up some emotional responses.

Most Helpful Post

I’ve written a lot of fitness posts (found here and here) but I think the most popular ones have been about running shoes!

I used to work at a specialty running store, analyzing gaits and fitting people into the perfect running shoe. It’s something I know a lot about. I shared all that knowledge in a series called “It’s All About the Shoes” Part I, Part II, and Part III.

A Post Whose Success Surprised You

My Tips For Working Out In the Morning brings in a lot of Google hits too. I guess there are a lot of people out there desperately searching for ways to make getting their heart rate up at 6am easier.

I’ve since become an afternoon workout person (working until only 4pm helps!), but I still stick by my tried and true morning workout tips. The above iced coffee being the best one!

A Post You Feel Didn’t Get The Attention it Deserved

Writing Tips For Bloggers got a fair bit of attention when I first published it, but has since died off. The topic is near and dear to my heart however, and I still stand by it!

The Post You Are Most Proud Of

I Did it!

A post I wrote on my old blog, Trying For A Tri, right before starting The Great Balancing Act. It’s not expertly written, or maybe even that interesting. But finishing that damn triathlon is still one of my proudest moments.

That’s it! I’d tag other bloggers, but I’m pretty sure I’m the last one to do this.

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  1. I loved going through your previous posts. Many of them I haven’t read so it was great to take a look back. :) Love the writing tips for bloggers. Definitely a useful topic that many overlook.

  2. Great 7 links post! I am going to read the full posts, many great topics…I’m thinking about “trying a tri!”

  3. I just went through all of those- so many good ones. I totally remember your triathlon one- I did my tri about 2 weeks after you- I had forgotten that your blog was called trying for a tri back then. I was expecting to see a comment from myself, but I must have got so excited that I forgot to say congrats haha. :)

  4. Those PB squares inspired these!

    I read your post when I was getting ready to go on vacation and for weeks couldnt get them out of my mind and found myself with limited ingredients and no oven..and took a stab at creating my own!

    I love your links. I feel like it’s a trip down memory lane for me as my fave bloggers are posting their old/seven links!

  5. I love these posts Susan, and they are some of my favourites from your blog too! Your Long Hard Road post actually gave me shivers, and the marshmallow squares… well that one just made me drool! :)

  6. I’m new to your blog, having commented maybe one other time. I love your positivity in the face of current circumstances. As I read these linked posts, I see the positivity and joie de vivre has been present throughout!

    I liked all these posts, but especially the one about blog writing. Good tips for staying succinct, crisp, incisive, and interesting! I’m a daily reader since I learned of your Hodgkins’ and have found your discusssions of care in the Canadian medical system very interesting. You’re going to do great, and I’ll be reading every word as you move through. :)

  7. I loved going thru all of your posts, those marshmallow squares. OH MY GOODNESS! I’m thinking about trying a tri in the spring!

  8. I’m new to your blog, but I just wanted to let know, I love #8 in your most beautiful post: “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” -Sir Winston Churchill

    This quote describes the way I live my life.

  9. I SO would have tagged you! I even tagged long-time readers of my blog and knew you have been a good blog bud from the early days…I just figured you would have already been tagged! Loved seeing your pics! Hate that the most viewed has to deal with such bummer news…so we’ll call the peanut butter marshmallow bars #1. ;)

    • Hahaha, I assumed no one tagged me because I have “more important” things going on in my life. Thankfully, no one has figured out yet that I’m more shallow than that ;)

  10. Those marshmallow bars saved me when my husband gave me two hours notice that he needed a dessert for work a while back! :)

    I’m pretty sure I’ve read all your blog posts. That makes me seem like a creepy blog stalker doesn’t it? lol

  11. I’m still working my way backward through your blog. Can’t wait to read the rest!

  12. I will say, I LOVED those running shoes posts- they really were very helpful! You are a beautiful writer (and person) so I can honestly say that I think all of your posts are beautiful. Minus the hair-in-hospital-food post, because I think we can all agree that that was just nasty. ;)

  13. My personal faves were your brunch posts & when you cooked things at our apartment. Y’know. The ones where I actually got to try the food in the pics :)

  14. Jeez girl you had so many possible 7 links posts- how could you choose?

    And you aren’t the last to do it as I haven’t done one and I won’t either. I am always so relieved when people don’t tag me as I never do all the stuff that ‘real’ bloggers do: WIAW, waffle wednesdays, wordless wednesdays (what’s with wednesdays anyway!?!), or any of those cool things. I post so infrequently that it just never gets on the schedule.

    Hope today you’re feeling good. Two down yay!!

  15. I keep putting this off. I haven’t done it yet! Haha me and Deb. We aren’t real bloggers. I like that I have been reading since you were trying for a tri.. then you tried and did it! I was proud, too. I love youuuuu!

  16. I really liked the “Tips for good writing” post. Always helpful for a new blogger.

  17. I’m a Recovering Vegetarian too! It’s rare to read a story about it. Thanks.

    I was vegetarian since 14 and think I missed out on some growth in the process (definitely didn’t know how to eat without meat) and it took 4 years before I ever tried fake meat as a replacement. 14 years later, I started to eat real meat again. I no longer felt sick at the thought, and my stomach didn’t have the issues it had when I was younger and quit eating meat. I still won’t eat red meat very much at all though, and since I haven’t had fish in 14 years (or anything resembling it), it’s the strangest taste, texture, and smell. I’m not used to it. I don’t hate it, but I don’t ‘want’ it really. I don’t notice a change in how I feel, necessarily, but I do feel like I am getting better meals, less carbs, and less reliance on processed foods. And absolutely no sickness in transitioning back to meat.

  18. I am new to your blog as well, and I am so glad you did this post so I can get to know more about you! I know your blog topics have shifted so I like taking a look back!

  19. heck yes you better be proud of that triathalon!!! damn that takes so much time, dedication and focus and I am so glad that is one of your 7 links!

  20. Reading your blog has become part of my day. Even though I don’t know you I think of you everyday and hope your treatment (and recovery) go smoothly.

    I loved reading your Bikram yoga blog. I am an addict and have been practicing daily for 4 years. It is always interesting to hear others views on it though. Although my career is nursing I am also a Bikram yoga teacher. I think any yoga is good yoga, unlike some who are hell bent on only practicing “Bikram’s.” The yoga has really helped me clear my head through this whole cancer battle and recovery, however. The heat has icreased my range of motion tremendously in my arm, which was really reduced after the lymph nodes were removed. I remember you wrote a couple days ago how you plan on staying active through your chemo. I think that’s a great mind set and plan for yourself. I totally agree that a healthy body will help your through the “poison” of chemo and the side effects that may follow (such as fatigue.)

    Keep up the great work of kicking cancer’s ass, all while blogging to us (your fans.) I’m rooting for you all the way, everyday.

    Carolyn (from Vancouver)

    • I can’t wait until I can do yoga again to help me through the chemo! Because the cancer is around my heart and squeezing the veins in my upper body, I have to be reeeally careful with any activities I do. Including yoga in a hot and sweaty room ;) There is a hot yoga studio here that I plan on trying out as soon as I can. I’m having mobility problems with my right arm because of the lymph node surgery under that arm, and on top of that I don’t have full mobility in my left arm because I shattered my left elbow a few months ago and it never healed! (probably due to the cancer). Still looking forward to being able to go to a yoga class again though :)

      • Yes you certainly do have to be careful with any activity considering the cancer and it’s location. Also, the sweaty room probably isn’t the greatest for an impaired immune function, considering bacteria loves warm and moist enviroments. When you are ready the yoga will always be waiting for you.

        I just read your post for today. I completly know what you mean about doing all the right things, yet still getting cancer. I was diagnosed when I felt the healthiest I ever had. Not the least bit “sick”, but rather the picture of “health.” I even went for a CT today, and two people in the waiting room told me how they were wondering why such a young and healthy person was getting a cat scan. Haha. I think “health” is what you make of it. My perception is changing, as a health care professional and as a person.

        When I was diagnosed I found people came out of the wood work, telling me what I should and shouldn’t be eating, what vitamins I should take, what excercies I should do, what books I should read. I eventually gave myself permission to just take care of myself, even if that meant eating toast for dinner and enjoying delicous cake :)

        Have a wonderful weekend at your cottage. It looks like heaven there. A perfect place to rest and relax and eat yummy treats that appeal to YOU.


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