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More Than Seven Links

I’ve been having fun reading these “Seven Links” post everywhere over the past few weeks. But admittedly, was a little bummed no one tagged me. Enter my dear friend Leah, who swooped in to save the day. Dude, when you’re sick, a flashback link post is the easiest kind ;)

How it works – I’m given a “topic” and I provide an old blog post that I think fits. Enjoy!

Most Beautiful Post

10 Ways To Live The Life You’ve Always Wanted

I wrote this post shortly after arriving in Toronto. I suddenly found myself living the way and doing the things I always thought I was too scared to do. It was then that I came to the realization that nothing was holding me back but ME! And I could quite certainly do and excel at all and every thing I ever dreamed of.

Most Popular Post

Not surprisingly, A Long, Hard Road is my most viewed post. It’s the one I wrote the night I was diagnosed with cancer, from a hospital bed on my iPhone just over a month ago.

More interestingly, my second most viewed post are my Dreamy Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares!

These get a lot of Google searches, and rightfully so. They are sososososo gooooood!!

Most Controversial Post

This is a tough one! I don’t get a lot of controversy on this blog, mostly because I appreciate it when people respectfully disagree. Perhaps the post where I described why I am a Recovering Vegetarian.

Short story – I was a lazy vegetarian for eight years and felt like crap. Now I’m an active meat eater and feel great!

Apart from this post, Reebok Easy Tone the Easy Way Out? and A Sweaty Bikram Yoga Review have also stirred up some emotional responses.

Most Helpful Post

I’ve written a lot of fitness posts (found here and here) but I think the most popular ones have been about running shoes!

I used to work at a specialty running store, analyzing gaits and fitting people into the perfect running shoe. It’s something I know a lot about. I shared all that knowledge in a series called “It’s All About the Shoes” Part I, Part II, and Part III.

A Post Whose Success Surprised You

My Tips For Working Out In the Morning brings in a lot of Google hits too. I guess there are a lot of people out there desperately searching for ways to make getting their heart rate up at 6am easier.

I’ve since become an afternoon workout person (working until only 4pm helps!), but I still stick by my tried and true morning workout tips. The above iced coffee being the best one!

A Post You Feel Didn’t Get The Attention it Deserved

Writing Tips For Bloggers got a fair bit of attention when I first published it, but has since died off. The topic is near and dear to my heart however, and I still stand by it!

The Post You Are Most Proud Of

I Did it!

A post I wrote on my old blog, Trying For A Tri, right before starting The Great Balancing Act. It’s not expertly written, or maybe even that interesting. But finishing that damn triathlon is still one of my proudest moments.

That’s it! I’d tag other bloggers, but I’m pretty sure I’m the last one to do this.