Daily Archives: August 1, 2011

Things I Learned The Month I Started To Get Better

I usually do this at the end of every month, but the 31st snuck right by me! July was a very long and intense month, so perhaps the extra day of reflection was needed. Here are the things I learned in those 31 days:

Hospitals are a lot like prisons. Except, without the recreational sports.

There are A LOT of good people in the world.

Times of stress will chase people out of your life, but it will also bring the good ones closer.

I can’t be certain, but I suspect prisons have better food than hospitals do.

There is never an excuse for crocs.

Chemotherapy is not as scary as the movies make it out to be.

Cancer does not mean death. It doesn’t even have to mean “sickly.”

Roast chicken is the easiest way to impress people into thinking you’re a good cook.

Carrot fries > sweet potato fries. Yes, I totally went there.

Being in the public eye is intimidating. But when I have something important to say, and people are willing to listen, I need to take every opportunity I have to say it.

Rainy days can be just as good as sunny days, I just need to be more creative with how I enjoy them.

And yes, there is a metaphor hidden in there.

Never turn your back on kale chips roasting in the oven.

Just because I’ll never get my old life back, doesn’t mean I can’t make my new life a good one.

The human body is tougher than you think, and the human spirit is even tougher.