Daily Archives: July 30, 2011

Country Roads

Hello! I am in the heart of the Nova Scotia countryside, and still managed to find a wireless signal at a convenience store. We’ve decided to stay an extra day at the family cottages, and who can blame us. Here’s just a snippet of it in pictures. My family used to move out here in the summer when I was growing up. My heart belongs here. When I dream, I dream I am here. I can already feel that the salty, grassy air is instantly healing :)

I’ve been feeling really good this weekend. The shots that make my bones hurt are over for now, and it’s been almost two weeks since my last chemo. Almost feel like my old self again apart from lagging fatigue and slight shortness of breath (both normal for now). I was supposed to be at an Arcade Fire and U2 concert today with my dad and 99,998 other people. But I had to be responsible and tell myself that perhaps a giant outdoor concert wouldn’t be the best thing for my health right now.

Instead, hanging out with my two big sisters, mom, Nana, Aunt, step-dad and poodle. Lots of laughs, good food, walks, sunshine, reading, and afternoon naps. Back to civilization tomorrow to see some friends. Then back in the chemo chair on Tuesday.

I’ve been coming to the cottage every summer over my 25 years, and somehow this year feels so much sweeter.

See ya Monday!