Daily Archives: July 28, 2011

ESP Hummus Pizza

What a whirlwind the past few days have been! Between the auction, doing interviews, keeping up with family, and dealing with the onset of some lovely new side-effect pain, I am exhausted. My dad and I both fell asleep at 10pm yesterday reading, only to wake up at midnight forgetting what had happened. Okay, so dads do that all the time, but I never do!

As mentioned yesterday, Janetha and I were on CBC television in New Brunswick! You can watch the newscast here until 5pm ET today. Skip ahead to the 12:45 mark on the video to get to our piece. I hope to get a YouTube of it up soon.

Also, my story was on the front page of the Fredericton newspaper today! I lived in Fredericton for six years, working and going to school. I’m no stranger to seeing my name appear in a newspaper in the form of a byline, but being the subject of news articles is certainly a new role for me!

All that business aside, believe it or not, I am actually here to talk about food today. I discovered some food photos on my camera of recipes I made before being admitted to hospital that got forgotten about. Which is a shame, because they certainly don’t deserve to go by unnoticed.

The first one I’m sharing is actually quite topical. You see, one of the side effects of chemotherapy are mouth sores. Because chemo kills fast growing cells, even healthy ones like those in the lining of our mouths are subject to it. Even after my first treatment, I am noticing more pain and tender spots inside my mouth. I have to be extra careful to clean my mouth ALL the time so I don’t get an infection and have to be careful doing it.

It also makes eating a little trickier. I’ve been advised against eating things that are crunchy like tortilla chips and granola in case they cut my mouth. Also, acidic foods like citrus and tomato sauce are out.

Yup, tomato sauce! How is a girl supposed to eat pizza then?

Apparently, I had solved this problem before I even knew I had it by making hummus pizza just days before being admitted to hospital.

It’s true. Hummus saves everything.

I used this recipe for the crust with a little basil and oregano added to the dough. I made it ahead of time because it takes about two hours to make. Divided into two balls, one went into the fridge overnight, and one into the freezer. That way, the next day after work I was able to just pull it out of the fridge and let it sit on the counter for 20 minutes before starting to work with it. I have yet to attack the dough in the freezer, will get back to you on that one! But the refrigerator dough turned out, in my opinion, perfect.

Once the dough was shaped, I liberally spread on the hummus as the sauce, then topped with pieces of pre-baked chicken, sundried tomato, and shredded mozzarella.

Baked for 20 minutes, I ended up with a crispy, chewy, garlicky, cheesy, and oh-so-hummus-y slice of perfection.

Who needs tomato sauce when you’ve got hummus? Chemotherapy be damned!