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I have a long list of blog topics I’ve been meaning to get to. But today, I give you this:

The success of the auction is also bringing to light the fact that some people in my province don’t have drug coverage like those in the rest of the country. And when something like cancer steps in, lack of money can turn into a life or death issue. As a former reporter, it’s weird being on the other side of things, but I figure if I keep talking maybe someone will listen… right??

Click here to read the story. I’m also Skyping with Janetha today for a television interview. If you’re in New Brunswick, tune into CBC’s suppertime newscast to check it out. I’m pretty sure it can be streamed from here as well.

Needless to say, my days have turned out to be quite filled! It’s nice to feel like I’m doing something productive again. However, with the sweet sometimes comes the sour. Unfortunately I’ve been sidelined with pain over the past day thanks to my white blood cell shot. It can be known to cause pain in your bones, and I’ve been hobbling around due to some nastiness in my pelvis and legs. I’m not allowed to take painkillers yet because they can mask other more serious symptoms. So for now I’m just stuck to moaning and groaning and praying it goes away with my last needle tomorrow.

Clearly, I need some waffles.


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  1. Wow, congrats on the article Susan! You’re becoming a NB celebrity haha! Maybe you’ll have to start wearing big dark sunglasses and floppy hats so people don’t mob you asking for your autograph. ;) Happy Waffle Wednesday!

  2. I am so inspired by the outcome of the auction and that your story will hopefully go on to help others as well. Bringing attention to this issue is so important and I am glad that not only did people raise money but also some awareness.

  3. Truly amazing Susan! :)

  4. It’s very cool that this is having such an impact. I hope it will help to further discussion and spur the right people into action. Nobody who is already battling for their health should have to worry about being able to afford proper treatment.

  5. Susan, that is so awesome that you are discussing these big issues and are turning into a celeb…and Janetha, too!

    I am sorry you are in pain today.

    And the whole health insurance, rx drug coverage issue, I have so much to say. Can’t speak for Canada, but can speak for my own situation…it’s sooo hard. Really just a mess here in the US with health care coverage for EVERYONE.

    Stay strong my dear!

  6. Excellent that your situation, difficult and challenging as it is, may very well bring about needed change in your province.

    So sorry to hear about the Neupogen pain and not being able to take pain medication. I’ve known several folks who went through that and it’s not fun. (All 3 folks are doing well, btw!) Hang in – hugs and prayers to you. You are now the first blog I read every morning!

  7. hey Susan. I’m so glad that everyone came together to help raise awareness for such a terrible disease.

    I’m hoping that you’ll be able to post the interview because I can’t watch it here.

    I’m sorry your latest shot has made you unwell & I hope you are able to enjoy your waffles!!

  8. Yay so fantastic!
    I’m still trying to make up a word to describe the whole things :) Fanmazing? Amaztic? Okay I’ll stop now.

  9. I’m so amazed at how people can pull together and accomplish something so amazing!

    I live in Moncton, myself. My mom had breast cancer and was successfully treated at the Moncton Hospital. But the lack of coverage, in your case, is mind-blowing. I guess I’m pretty naive when it comes to this, because I just figured it would be covered without issue.

  10. I would go for the chocolate chip waffles… chocolate has amazing powers of emotional comfort :-)

    Praying for you in the States….

  11. Sorry to hear you are in pain! Hope it eases up soon! Awesome about the interviews and articles! Hopefully you’ll spark some changes!

  12. ugh, so sorry to hear about your pain. I hope the waffles cure it!! but how freakin cool is that article?!! I am still in shock!

  13. Here’s hoping the pain goes away quickly and the waffles are awesome!!

  14. I’m so filled with emotion about the auction results! Wonderful. As is your attitude, even in the face of pain. It’s not creepy to virtually hug a stranger, is it? Best wishes!

  15. I wish I could pay the pain away =/

    The article is awesome.

    Skyping was awesome.

    You are awesome.

    I love you. And waffles! Happy Wednesday.

  16. Hi Susan, wow the fundraising was such a success! I’ve been away for a couple days and didn’t get to participate, but I’d like to make a donation, how can I do so?
    I was watching the documentary “Athlete” last night and one of the featured athletes was just like you, young and had lymphoma (your kind). She took up triathalon 4 months after her treatment. She’s been in remission for a number of years now. It was very interresting, made me think of you. There was a blind tri-guy on there too. You should see if you can get it, good movie.
    You’re on CBC too, what a girl you are!

  17. Here’s something that helps me with bad days; maybe it can help you, too. I just believe that, the moment a person is born, they are assigned a number of nasty days. Consequently, each time you have one, you know that it is one less nasty day you’ll have for the rest of your life. And, since you don’t know how many you were assigned, for all you know, it could be the last nasty day you ever have. ;-)

  18. I’m so proud of you for using your resources to give a voice to a very unfortunate issue – so sad to hear about the state of drug coverage in NB :( and thanks for educating me about it!

  19. That is awesome that it’s getting all this coverage! It’s really wonderful that you’re using the platform to bring attention to the issue. So proud! :)

  20. That is so cool! I love that the press is picking up on this.

  21. No painkilers? Dude. Not cool. I didn’t know about pain in your bones…eek! Hopefully it goes away soon.

    Glad the press is catching wind of this! Awesome!

  22. Sorry to hear you’re in pain with no was of relieving it :( hopefully that goes away soon!

    I wonder if your interview will be picked up here in NS on CBC? I’m off tonight so I’ll have to watch and see!

    • Apparently there is a letter writing campaign underway to get catastrophic drug coverage that was started by someone in NS. So the topic is getting coverage there too! Let me know if you see it :)

  23. Ah, a feel good story. Now–FEEL GOOD! Dan

  24. eek, hope the pain goes away soon! it’s tough when you can’t have painkillers to help it along.

    great article, btw!

  25. Hi Susan just checking in and I love hearing the good news of the auction! I’m still praying and also thought I would give you a link to check out

  26. HUGS!!!!!!!!!! I sat thru this with my mom when she had liposarcoma, a rare form of cancer. No cure for it. I just send hugs!

    PS: I am so glad the blogging community helped! I am without insurance due to the cost & am hoping this country can pull it together & fix that for so many people out there!

  27. Hi Susan! I remember getting bone pain from the white blood cell shots. Warm baths helped along with leg rubs. I got pedicures often, because that helped, too.
    Great news coverage of the fundraiser!

  28. Congrats on the article.

    You are a brave, strong, and beautiful woman. I just recently came across your story via auction news. I shared this with my children. Most moms may think I am crazy for talking about this with such young children, but I want them to realize the importance of helping others, even strangers.

    I am sorry for the pain you are enduring, we are praying for you in our house. With your blessing I would also like to add you to our prayer list at church?

  29. Hi Susan, so sorry you are having a rough day. (a very good friend of mine is also undergoing chemo and she said she gets that kind of of pain too. I’m sending warm wishes for relief to you both!!!)
    Congrats on all the coverage! You and Janetha are both amazing. All the best.

  30. That is awesome. I think we all saw the auction as a big deal in itself, but if it can go on to raise awareness on an issue that affects thousands of people that is amazing!

    Now go Skype, moan, and eat your waffles girlie!

  31. i love that you are bringing attention to this subject – i’m sure a lot of people assume that just b/c you live in canada everything is taken care of.

  32. Hi Susan. My aging father lives in Moncton and I actually had to catch a flight there to help him find a Dr. He has a history of heart problems and no GP would take him. I was so upset that he had to sit in a walk-in clinic for 3 hours every time he needed attention. Whatever attention you can bring to the medical community is a good one! I’m so impressed by your attitude and congrats on the successful fundraiser.

  33. and never stop talking! the more you talk the more opportunities to be heard exist :)

    xoxo <3

  34. So awesome! So glad attention is being brought to the issues in your province!! Hope u feel better soon!

  35. Susan,
    You are very BRAVE! I went through heavy chemo 2 years ago. You can do this! While the pain you feel in your bones is unpleasant, it tells you that the shots are working to keep your white cell count up so you can continue treatment. People who do not get pain, often don’t get the results. Its the same with the chemo drugs, if they cause you to feel ill, they are doing their job. Not fun to go through but at least you know the chemo is working.
    Keep your eye on the finish line, chemo will take a few months out of your life but will be over. The pain and other symptoms will subside and you will eventually feel like your old self again. Plan a special vacation or activity to look forward to after you finish treatment.
    You are doing great!

  36. Susan, I am amazed and dismayed to hear about the lack of coverage in your province. Hopefully your story will help. Fight this fight, girl. This is a big one. That is just not right.

    Continued best wishes to you. And HOLLA!! on the auction results…that’s a different kind of amazing!

  37. Eric Robichaud

    You must be so happy, Susan – and proud that you have such a great support system! I’m glad the money issue is off the table for you now…

    Also nice to see you on CBC last night! You’re looking great (and healthy)! :)

  38. Woohoo for the auction!

    I can’t believe you can’t take pain medicine with the shot – I’m assuming it’s the same shot I get after chemo and it’s a killer combined with the specific kind of chemo I’m getting. Here’s hoping those side effects fade quickly.

    • I know! Seems a little cruel, doesn’t it? Thankfully it’s only really bad in the evenings, so I can be pretty mobile during the day. But when that pain hits, ohman. Never experienced anything quite like that.

  39. Gosh, I forgot about that pain. I wonder if it tends to subside over time b/c I don’t remember my dad having it in the last few yrs of his life whenever he needed to take the shots. Then again as I told you, they didn’t give the neupogen prophylactically- they only gave it when his whites went below a certain level. Hoping it goes away soon!

  40. Crap- first I left a comment on Janetha’s blog as Janetha b/c I was still logged in for TGFA. Now I left a comment as my cat. Technology- such a bitch :-?

  41. Ask your doctor about taking Claritin for bone pain. That’s right, over the counter, allergy medicine, Claritin. My husband had bone pain while he was going through leukemia treatment recently. My husband’s nurse practitioner in the cancer clinic where my husband was a patient discovered that Claritin eases bone pain. It’s amazing.

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