Good Days

First and foremost, hello to any newcomers stopping by! My blog is outdated since the cancer diagnosis, but this post is always a good place to start. There’s also the About Me page and some of my favourite posts from when I was just a plain ole’ food and fitness blogger. Hope you enjoy yourself and can stay for a while!

Today is the big auction day! Here are some handy dandy links:

Complete list of items
Items available for my Canadian friends
How the auction works
Latest update on item closing times

I’ve already gushed about how incredible all of this is, so I will spare you from having to go through that again. Besides, there are some pretty stellar items up for bid. You gotta bid for yourself too!

Such a high point to start the week on, especially after yesterday, which I would say was probably my best day yet since starting chemotherapy exactly one week ago. I realized very quickly that good and bad days are unpredictable, so I should take advantage of my good days when I have them.

So what did I do with my good day yesterday? Nothing notable. And that’s the point. I spent it like I would any other Sunday before all this cancer mess happened. I enjoyed every second.

It means I put my baking apron back on.

After getting lavender in last week’s CSA box, I’ve been thinking about all the sweet baked goods I could infuse its floral taste into. I began trolling the internet for recipes just I like I used to. Things haven’t changed that much I guess, because per usual I couldn’t find anything that met my fancy and made part of the recipe up.

I ended up using my favourite buttermilk biscuit recipe, adding honey for sweetener, 1 tsp vanilla bean paste, and 1 tbsp lavender buds, to create Vanilla Bean Lavender Biscuits with Honey. So girly and elegant.

It felt amazing to get my hands into some dough again, to obsess over ingredients and flavours instead of medications. To get out my camera and start playing with aperture and light. When my dad saw me in my apron, he came over and hugged me, saying it was “so good” to see me in my element again. It’s true that everything is different now, but the process of making a killer batch of biscuits remains the same. Comfort at its finest.

Apart from baking, a few other things that make for a great Sunday, cancer or no cancer, include a walk with my family…

Big sister Jane is in town!

Steaks from my dad’s barbecue…

Not surprisingly, chemo hasn’t done much to suppress my always heightened appetite.

And a visit from my baby nephew Cole.

He looks so serious for the camera, but when he flashes his baby smile and dimples, you can feel the weight of the world immediately go away. Instant mood enhancer :)

Today is hopefully shaping up to be another good day! But I refuse to spend it crabby like I would have on any other Monday. Instead, drop by Twitter from 1pm-2pm ET under the hashtag #TGFA for a special chat with Katy, Janetha, and I about the fundraiser and my thoughts on my experience so far.

As my friend Madeline says, make it a great one!

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  1. So glad you were able to get back to doing some of the things you love this weekend. It’s always the little things, right? And is this the new haircut?! (because I think your hair looks cute, if not, your hair still looks cute)

    • Yes! I chopped off inches and inches. It requires no styling now (or maybe I should style it, but don’t want to :P ) so having one less thing to worry about makes a big difference. Hopefully the style will still look okay when it starts to thin!

  2. Already bidding like crazy, may this day be a blessed one!! :)

  3. That picture of Cole is adorable- made me smile on Monday morning. As did the image of you in your apron baking and your dad so happy to see it.

    Have a great Monday Susan- I hope the auction goes really well!

  4. I love your nephew; he’s so cute! I love how kids, when they smile at you, your whole day just brightens :)

    I already made my bids on some of the items in the auction! And I had a lavender plant once too; I was planning on using it to make lavender lemonade but never got around to it and to be honest, I was kind of scared too. Have a wonderful Monday! =)

    • I make lavender lemonade all the time, it’s delicious, you should try it.

      • That was one of the recipes I came across! Hmm, I’ve got iced green tea in the fridge – maybe a green tea lavender lemonade? :)

        • That sounds like a good combo, grassy and flowery. I have had iced lavender black tea which is also good. Make sure you let the lavender buds marinate in the liquid of choice for a good long while before filtering them out, I normally let it sit at least 6-8 hours. It really helps the flavor. Good luck!

  5. Happy TGFA day Susan! I have a feeling it IS going to be a great one for sure!! :)

  6. Cole is getting so big!

    And your photos are amazing…way to play with aperture and light! Seriously, great job. I love the lavender placed on the plate.

    There is so much love for you today, Susan, with the auction and all the buzz around it! If we could cure you based on love alone, you’d have this thing licked!


  7. Hi Susan :) I came across your page through the word of the fundraiser!

    I love using lavender although it doesn’t happen often. But it always turns anything into something precious. Those buttermilk biscuits sound awesome, and it’s awesome that you are doing things that don’t have to do with cancer.

    You know someone once told me that they believed they cured their cancer through laughter :) they rented a funny from the library every single day and they’d laugh their heart out. That sounds like a great treatment, doesn’t it ;) Not to mention, you have tons of love coming your way, and I know that’s healing as well! Hearing about everyone pitching in to help as much as they can… I think that’s really wonderful :) truly inspiring. As are you, and I think that’s why there are so many that love you!

    XOXO, wishing you the best!!!

  8. So inspiring Susan – the world always looks better with great food and beautiful babies [gosh he is a cutie!!!]

    I am so happy you had a great day. Wishing you well this week.

    [PS I have to agree – the haircut is adorable – you are giving Cole a run for his money.]

    Keep smiling :)

  9. This is my first time stopping by your blog… I will definitely be back :) Many prayers, hugs, and positive thoughts are being sent your way. What an amazing auction and show of love and support! :)

  10. I’m so excited for today. This is the first big blogger event I’ve taken part in because I really support the cause – a wonderful woman like you and kicking cancer in the balls!

    It must feel great to be home and doing “normal” things like taking walks and baking. I know you are still fighting hard and it’s surely exhausting, but keep at it girl – we are all behind you!

  11. sounds like a perfect Sunday :) and those biscuits look perfect!

  12. Those biscuits look lovely! Glad you are back to baking! :) I LOVE the new haircut. You look amazing!

  13. I was just over at the auction site and people are bidding like crazy! HOORAY! So fun and exciting! What an uplifting way for you (and for all of us) to start the week :-) BTW – love the haircut, love the biscuits and LOVE that baby!

  14. After taking a busy summer hiatus from the blog world, I was so shocked to check in here today and see that you’re battling cancer. The support you’re receiving from blogger friends must be such an encouragement, though, and the auction is awesome. Praying that you have more good days than bad, that you can sense all the support behind you, and that you completely kick cancer’s ass.

  15. I am new to your site but wanted to let you know that i am saying a prayer for you! You have an amzing spirit and attitue and I am sure you are going to kick this cancer in the ass. Peace and Love ~ M

  16. Love to see that you are having a great day! It is also so great to hear that the chemo hasn’t taken away your appetite. I am ususally feeling pretty yucky for 3-5 days after treatment, but then I am loving food like crazy until the next treatment. You are definitely in my thoughts as we battle this crazy cancer.

    • After my first treatment, it seems like the yuckiness lasts 3-5 days too. It’s not so much that I lose my appetite, just that my cravings are all out of whack! This time all I wanted was toast, eggs, and hummus. My usual sweet tooth was non existent!

  17. I like you hair short! Hang in there – big day today with the fundraiser – looks like an amazing turn out so far!!

  18. Hey there! So I JUST stumbled upon your blog today, and I am SO EXCITED! I was just diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma myself on June 7 and started chemo on July 6, so I am pretty much in the same boat as you! It is so great to be able to read another person’s jouney along with mine, since everyone at treatment with me are older folks. Thank you so much for blogging! I have a caringbridge page (which I haven’t updated in awhile since I moved and had limited internet access) but please feel free to read and follow my jouney as well! :)

  19. Hi Susan – I found your blog from Katheats. I am a 15 year Hodgkin’s survivor, stage IV, huge mass in my chest, back, lungs etc – I just wanted to give you some hope – It WAS hell, the chemo, the radiation, all the little “extras” that come along with it – but I am now 32, healthier than ever and expecting my second child (had no idea if THAT would be possible) –

    Life after cancer is sweeter – richer – more colorful. You will get through this and you will be better because of it. There will be hard times but you will grow and gain more than you can even imagine. I will think of you and pray for you often!

    • Thank you for this comment!! Even just being out of the hospital I already have an increased appreciation for the things around me. Also, LOVE hearing that you are a soon-to-be-mom of two!! I really hope I can have my own babies some day too :)

  20. Susan You are so ammazing I really enjoy reading your articles and yes seeing your little family children smiling is always uplifting.
    It brings so much joy to my wife and I to see our grand children ,laugh, and run . or even just to see them smile.
    thank you Susan :-)
    Bobby D.

  21. :) Your Dad must have been sooo happy to see you doing your “normal” jazz!!!

  22. So glad you got to enjoy a relatively normal day amidst all the mayhem. Those biscuits look divine btw!

  23. im excited for today too! And i love seeing your appetite, not only for food but for life! its beautiful!

  24. I echo the sentiment that’s been floating around Twitter that although I have bid a few times on some of the #tgfa items, I think I’m too poor to afford most of them already! It’s so exciting! :) There’s nothing quite like having a normal, comforting day when you really need one!

  25. Unfortunately most of the items on auction I can’t afford in my budget but I am glad I can donate a little something via Paypal. Every bit counts right?

    It really warms me all the amazing people that have come together for this. It is and you are truly inspirational.

    You’re going to kick this cancer’s butt!


  26. Glad you had a fab day, your hair looks lovely by the way x x

  27. I found your blog via the Fitnessista today. You now have another person praying for you and cheering you on! After reading the Numbers post, I truly believe the numbers are on your side and you are going to beat this. Cyber hug to you :)

  28. CONGRATS on being freshly pressed. What a surprise to see that one of my favorite blogs to read was right on the front page as I signed in. :D

    Oh and your hair looks AWESOME! The cut suits you so well. :D

  29. sounds like a wonderful and relaxing Sunday! your food looks absolutely delicious…I just got a bunch of lavender that I had no idea what to do with so I was grateful for the inspiration ;) Hope today is great for you as well!

  30. oh you look FABULOUS susan!!!! I have never cooked with lavender but I am sure its amazing! :) xo

  31. Oh my goodness, those biscuits look incredible! I will have to get my hands on some lavender.

  32. I found your blog today and read back to the beginning of your journey through this cancer fiasco. I’m really touched by everything you’ve written. Thank you for being open and honest on your journey. I plan to follow you from now on and know that I am sending cancer ass kicking vibes your way!

  33. Hi
    Just wanted to let you know your attitude towards life and your fighting spirit against cancer is really wonderful.I wonder If I would be able to do the same in your shoes!!
    Kudos to you :D
    I’ll keep you in my prayers….God bless you and keep you happy always

  34. HUGS! What a great community we have here!

  35. The auction went amazing!! So happy to have been able to donate goodies that people loved :)
    Also, the biscuits look incredible. Gorgeous pictures!!

  36. I really do love your haircut!

  37. That must be so great to have a “normal” day and those biscuits look so amazing. I love lavender and honey and who doesn’t like biscuits?! Not me, that’s for sure.
    I talked to my mom today and she sounded so good. She is back too having “normal” days every day and I know you will beat this disease as well. You are in my thoughts Susan.

  38. Hi, I found you through the fundraiser too. I have enjoyed reading back to June and beyond, something about blogging makes you feel like you know someone when truth is neither of you have any idea about each other! Anyway, sappy I know. I look forward to seeing future posts saying how well you are doing and that you have a clean bill of health. I work in the medical field so I can attest to countless numbers of “success” rates (I like that term better too). God bless you in this journey, keep the positive attitude up and kick some cancer butt!

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