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Hi friends! Posting a little late today because I SLEPT IN. Okay, so I got up at 6am to eat a couple fried eggs because my tummy was growling. But then I promptly went back to sleep cuddled up in my own duvet without any nurses or doctors poking at me. I’ll tell you – cancer makes you appreciate a lot of things in your life. But it’s amazing what a month in the hospital will do to you too.

Anyways, I am just popping in to share a few things quickly! First, the always-amazing Janetha wrote out the instructions for Monday’s auction which you can read here. Janetha is incredibly responsible and organized, and I am so impressed by how she has pulled this together.

I also want to thank those of you who have been providing suggestions on how to wade through the financial aspects of being sick. My family is working with a social worker at the hospital, but all she can really do is give us the forms and program names. Unfortunately getting assistance is a timely process, and when I need my $1000 neupogen shots right now to keep me healthy, time is not something we have. I could be halfway done chemo by the time all this paper gets pushed!

Someone shared this link yesterday (thanks Carolyn!) which may explain to other Canadians who’ve piped up confused as to why I’m having to deal with all these costs. As much as I love my home province, I do not always agree with what happens in the legislature. The government is working towards fixing it, but I hope to be in remission by the time they say it all goes through.

All that business aside, I’m just relaxing and enjoying being in my own house. I live with my dad, but my retired mom comes over during the day to entertain me. She brings Archie the poodle, who has taken it upon himself to stand guard at my side all day and keep the cancer away.

It can get tiring! ;)

I am off to get my hair cut today. Everyone says I should do it short-short, but I really don’t think that looks good on me. So I’m starting with a chin-length do. Hoping it turns out okay! I’m told I can expect it to start falling out after my next chemo treatment, so I don’t want to be pulling out loooong strands of hair in the shower. Plus, it will be nice to get pampered a little.

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. I hope that you enjoy the pampering. You deserve it! I wish all of the paperwork wasn’t so ridiculous for you.

  2. Go get pampered a lot, and then find a kick-ass wig, something for Archie to devour and then something for you to devour (preferably something different than what you got Archie.)

    Rest up! Monday’s a big day and you’re kinda sorta famous :)

  3. Archie looks so sweet and adorable! Enjoy your pampering today!!

  4. You are amazing. And you deserve to be pampered, so enjoy it!

  5. your positivity and strength are awe inspiring!

  6. Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun.

    I think your hair will look awesome chin length, enjoy being pampered you so deserve it!

  7. Archie is so sweet! I love that he’s sticking by your side!

    Have a fun salon day! I think you could pull off any hairstyle but chin length seems like it would be especially nice on you!

    I don’t usually have much luck winning auctions but I’ll certainly try on a few of those items!

  8. Yay for pampering! I think you will look SO cute with short hair!

  9. Enjoy your pampering….and I bet you will adorable with your new do!! Archie is a cutie.

    I’ll get your bandanas in the mail to you ~ next Monday…..sorry for the delay.

    Lorena xo

  10. Shirlene Weber

    You will look beautiful with or without hair! My step mom buzzed her head after her first week of losing her hair, my Au. let hers fall out but it was short so she said it wasn’t so bad. Step Mom didn’t wear a wig just a pretty hat and my Au the same thing. Now my Au. did treat herself to a wig for special occasions and a HOT PINK wig for her last Chemo visit. I will always cherish the photo’s of these two very brave women in my life. God Bless you as you go through this journey.

    • I think I’m going to get a pink wig too! Why the hell not, if I’m going to get cancer, I might as well have a little fun with it ;)

  11. Oh, I am sure you will look fantastic with short hair. Your morning sleeping in, in your own bed must have been glorious. The auction looks awesome for Monday. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

  12. Aw, sweet Archie! Animals just now whe you need them, don’t they?
    So glad you are resting comfortably at home. Nothing like your own bed! Enjoy your time at the salon – you certainly deserve the pampering!

  13. Your positive attitude is so admirable! Enjoy your time away from the hospital. I look forward to the auction Monday!

  14. Agreed, you’ll look cute with a bob or something like that!

    Archie and all animals are so great about comforting- they don’t say a word but all the world feels better when they are around.

    And I’m actually surprised they give neupogen without checking your blood first- more as a preventative measure! It was always a worry for us to get the blood test, and wait for the results to tell us if he needed neupogen or if we could go out for sushi :-P

    THinking of you constantly!

    • Yes, I was surprised they gave it to me right away too! Same with the zofran (anti-nausea meds). I guess they’re not taking any chances with me, or at least trying to cut me a break ;)

  15. There’s nothing better than a fresh haircut! It’ll make you feel like a new woman!

  16. I love getting haircuts. Feels so girly and spoiled. I only do it every 6-12 months so I take advantage when I can afford it!

    Archie is sooo cute. Poodles are so sweet.

  17. I totally just fell upon your blog today totally excited to find a East Coast Canadian blogger I didn’t already know about, and then began reading through your posts about and was so sad to hear of your health problems as of late. While I’m new here I’m going to add you to my blog roll right now to make sure I don’t forget to come back and see how you’re doing!

    My prayers are with you and I hope you are having a good day :)

  18. Good luck with your new haircut! Can’t wait to see pics!

    And glad you were able to sleep in. I wasn’t. Skylar and most 4 year olds have other plans when the sun comes up :)

  19. Hi Susan,

    So glad you’re home, must be so much more comfortable and easier to deal with getting through everything. Just a thought but when my mom had cancer years ago, she ended up deciding to shave her head after having a handful of chemo treatments. She then went out and bought some really cute wigs. She said it really helped make it easier to get through losing her hair, she almost didn’t even notice b/c she found wigs that matched her normal hairstyles so it helped her feel more herself and less sick.

  20. will you post pictures of the hair? I bet its gonna feel so good to get it cut, fresh face!!
    Enjoy being home and get pampered.

  21. Go pamper yourself away!

  22. So glad to see Archie there by your side, dogs can be so helpful in that way. Enjoy being home in your own bed and pamper pamper pamper!

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