Daily Archives: July 15, 2011

Inpatient Escapades

Because of my IV pole, and the fact that I’m an inpatient and all, I’m restricted to the hospital grounds. Over the past three weeks, there have been many days where this is no problem. During this time, I’ve undergone a lot of tests, two surgeries, two biopsies, and one killer stomach flu. Because of this, it’s safe to say I’ve probably spent more time horizontal in my hospital bed than vertical. Not to mention, the cancer makes me feel sick almost all the time. Headaches, chills, sweats, aches. It’s a big shithead like that.

Well it’s now been exactly one week since my last surgery (when they removed an enlarged lymph node from under my arm) and I find my energy levels slowly increasing. No more tests to beat it back down. Which means, being horizontal in my hospital bed isn’t as appealing as it once once. Exploring this hospital I’m stuck in, now that sounds like more fun.

I’ve only just begun, but so far the geriatrics ward is the place to be. Their TV area has a flatscreen, no VHS player, and a PIANO. I keep joking that being in the hospital is like being in prison, except there’s no organized recreation. Well geriatrics has that! Craft time, and special lunches with strawberry shortcake dessert.

That’s not all…

A FULL KITCHEN. Oncology has a fridge, sink, microwave and toaster. But geriatrics has got a stove!! And china tea cups!! And a tupperware filled with homemade cookies! How do I get transferred here? I need to craft, drink tea, and bake cookies with the old ladies here.

Eventually, the hospital air gets to be enough and I require some small-city oxygen outdoors. It’s hard walking outside with my IV pole, so we usually just sit and watch the smokers smoke, the taxi drivers eat lunch, and the buses go by.

Mommy & Me. We usually do a midday walk. We talk a lot about my cancer, it’s a really great time to open up honestly about how both of us are feeling about everything.

Sara & I. We usually do an after dinner walk. We talk a lot about the cancer too. But also about how Sara is going to save the world, with some offbeat humour thrown in for good measure.

And sometimes Dad shows up:

The only person missing is my sister Jane!! Pretend there is a cute blonde in these pictures somewhere. My family are my ROCKS. Apart from being there for me when the going gets tough, they care for me in ways the nurses can’t, and provide endless hours of entertainment.

Rumour is I may get to escape the hospital grounds for a day this weekend. I’ve been bugging the doctors about it nonstop. It requires a needle of a lower dose blood thinner, so they hum and haw over it. But it’s been two weeks since that trip to Saint John and I’m beginning to forget what the world outside the hospital parking lot looks like! Cross your fingers :)