Scenes From The Hospital

I don’t have my big schmancy camera at the hospital with me, however I have been snapping a lot of photos of the goings on lately with my iPhone. Here’s a snippet of some of the things I’ve been documenting…


Walks around the hospital with an IV tree. It’s a bitch to push those rattly wheels over sidewalk cracks. I will be happy when I’m no longer attached to a metal pole 24/7.


One of my many bruises from all the needle poking. This particular one was bad. A result of the anesthesiologist putting an IV of sorts into my artery to monitor my heart during surgery.


Evidence that the hospital does not bring me the food I order. Many of you know I am allergic to pineapple and never in a million years would order pineapple cake.


Sugar rush thanks to Morgan and Karen. In other words, a big ole block of my favourite fudge in the world – maple fudge from The Fudgery in Banff.


X marks the spot. This way, the surgeons know what side of my body to operate on. Glad we got that cleared up, phew!


No talking allowed in my hospital room. Communication via Macbook Pro only.


For almost two days after my most recent surgery, they kept sending up liquid meals despite my asking every single person I saw to order me SOLID FOOD. I know the majority of people can’t tolerate solid food after surgery. Consider me in the minority. Apart from the pain under my right arm, the first thing I noticed when I came to in the recovery room was that my stomach was audibly growling. Is that normal?


I threw a hunger induced hissy fit and demanded a submarine sandwich and french fries. My family knows better than to deal with the wrath of a Hungry Susan.


A phrase that has a whole new meaning now. Thank you to my Toronto friends for putting this together!


Being a sister means sharing your hospital bed when the other sister is sleepy. It also means embarrassing your sister on the world wide web. I love you Sara!!


Yes, these are my feet. Hospital livin’ has brought me to the lowest of the fashion lows. In my defence, I did not buy these crocs or ask for them. But I will say, they are actually quite functional. I can put them on hands free, don’t slip in them, AND can shower in them. Plus, fuzzy socks are just the best.


Twice the IV power, twice the weight to push. Good upper body workout.


The hospital has all-you-can-eat Arrowroot cookies, or what we call “baby cookies” in my family. I have some every night with peanut butter before I go to bed. No, it’s not health food, but it sure is comfort food.

Have a great Monday! Praying this is the week I get a diagnosis, start chemo, and finally get out of the hospital. Fingers crossed!

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  1. greensandjeans

    Crocs… I’m doing research on that. But Arrowroot cookies? That is something I can get behind.

  2. Good thing the docs will know the right side! How responsible ; )

    I remember being so thankful when I get the “good” nurses to poke me. The “bad” ones always seem to blame your veins for being jumpy or whatever, but really it’s that they need more practice.

    • One thing that’s sort of become a running joke – I always get really lightheaded and faint when they take my blood and make a big deal out of it. The nurses and phlebotomists always say, “Oh! Do needles make you queasy dear?” And it’s just like “Ummm, no. I’m on blood thinners and having blood removed from my body every few hours makes me feel sick and weak!” Duh.

      • Further proof that we know more about our bodies than some medical professionals. Thankfully the doctors and surgeons spend about a million years in school to learn the important stuff. At my university nurses don’t even have to take a nutrition course! To me that’s basics.

    • I don’t know the stats, but surgery happens on the wrong side more often than we’d expect :-/

      • I did a story on it at work. If my brain was still working, I’d be able to remember the stats, but now all I remember now is they were alarmingly high. They call it “wrong site surgery.”

  3. I’m hoping you get your diagnosis this week too! I absolutely ADORE baby biscuits/arrowroots/whatever you want to call them. I haven’t had them in SO long though! And I’m curious about “Milker” on the hospital menu… is that supposed to be milk?

  4. I’ll take all you can eat anything … okay no that’s not true I don’t want all you can eat fish hair cakes :P

  5. Love your sense of humour Susan!

    Sending wishes for a speedy escape from the hospital
    (for some reason I am picturing you in shades ,trenchcoat and hat
    and your sisters sneaking you out at midnight?!!!)

    Hope today is a really good day for you .

  6. Hi Susan! I found your blog via Christin at Purple Bird Blog and wanted to say I’m thinking of you! I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in November last year and cancer is one crazy mo-fo, but your attitude is fabulous. Fuzzy socks might not be the best fashion statement but they are SO worth it. I have the exact pair but in red and white. A nurse told me I looked like the Wicked Witch of the West with my feet sticking out of the bed. I hope your recovery continues to go well and you’re able to get the answers that you need soon.

  7. My fingers are crossed for you! Fuzzy socks are the best! x x

  8. baby cookies :)

    those things get gooooooooooooooooooey way fast too huh?



  9. I love baby cookies – and call them that too! And I love a woman with an appetite. I can be sick with a stomach flu, upset, depressed, and still ravenous. My grandmother is the same.

    I forgot to send you a card with your package (I’m losing my mind these days), so tell me when you get it so I can send you a virtual card :)

  10. You’re awesome!!
    AT the part where you said pineapple cake and then had a picture of the fudge – I thought that was the pineapple cake and I actually felt sick to my stomach – then I realized it was fudge, and my world re-aligned! ha

    I hope they figure everything out today for you.

  11. Susan, my heart goes out to you. 8 years ago I was diagnosed w hOdgkins lymphoma, I’ve been where u are. Please feel free to contact me. Prayers to you my dear.

  12. I’d say being in the hospital is a adequate excuse for wearing Crocs! lol! They aren’t the most attractive but they are functional and they match your fuzzy socks very well. My nephew has a pair that look kind of dinosaur like, he’s always talking about his Crocs…except he’s 2 and can’t pronounce r’s. ;p

  13. wow, my goodness. I haven’t read in a long time but I’m excited to catch up. I hope things go well today and it seems like your spirits are still up given the situation. I hate that the hospital f-d up the food- what RD is working there and I wish I could fire the staff! grr that should NOT happen!

  14. Girl you are rockin’ those fuzzy slippers and blue crocks!! ha ha!

    Thanks for beoing so open and sharing your story with us! Fingers crossed for a Dx ASAP!

  15. If there’s a time to wear crocs, it’s being in a hospital. No judgments. ;)

  16. Fun times huh? When I was in the hospital the IV’s had to be moved a few times a day because my veins would collapse. My arms swelled up too. It was so awful! And I looked like a junkie!

    • One of my veins collapsed too! It bulged up and started hurting, I thought it was another blood clot and was going to drop dead right there. Thankfully, the nurses assured me it was a common, if not unfortunate, occurrence and helped the swelling and pain go down. Because of the blood thinners I’m on I bruise easily and my arms are not pretty. My IV is only changed every 4 days or so, but they take blood with another needle 2-3 times a day :\

      • They ended up putting in a central line into my arm. That solved a lot of the problems. Maybe they can do that for you. Poor thing! :(

  17. Thinking of you constantly & praying for you!!!!

  18. Your story just reminds me of the fact how gratefull I should be every single day. I admire your strenght and positivity through all of this. You truly are a rolemodel. Just know, you are an amazing woman, and cancer has nothing to do with that. Wow……

  19. Mmm, pineapple cake. (Sorry. I love pineapple!)

    Those socks are my favorite. I wear them all winter long!

  20. I love those socks. They look so comfy. The pic of your sis is too cute :) You are an amazing inspiration! I’m so glad I was lead to your blog! XOXO

  21. if maple fudge doesn’t cure that cancer, i don’t know what will! :)

    p.s. i am having SO MUCH FUN putting together mixed CDs for you. should hopefully be in the mail sometime this week. love ya lady!!!

  22. I am all for comfort and if that means crocs and fuzzy socks, go for it! I wear fakenstocks with socks during the summer. They keep my feet clean. I picked that habit up when I lived in Boulder because everyone did it there. Now my family thinks I am more of a dork than ever :D

  23. For some reason, the first photo cracked me up because it looked like a BREAKOUT!!! Like you just said “eff this, I’m outta here!” hee. Love you girlie. Your sister is the bomb. I’ve gotten more zzzz’s than I can remember in hospitals so I know how much that girl loves you. Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s diagnosis and getting this show on the road.

  24. I am waiting for the diagnosis! In the mean times you continue to be in my prayers and I am thinking about you! You are so strong, and I know you will get through this!

  25. Oh your bruise!! They must have had a few tries there, eh? urgggh.
    I must say your iPhone takes much better pictures than mine does!
    Glad you were able to get your sugar rush in ;) That fudge looks fantastic!
    My fingers are crossed for you, too!

  26. Your feet remind me of cookie monster! Or grover. Take your pick.. some blue, fuzzy character from sesame street :) Loved the iphone update of your day to day. And it’s very normal for you to be wanting solid food. You’re a professional eater!

  27. Susan, My prayers are with you! , I will have too go back a few months too found out what happend to you. BTW I love my crocs, just slip them on and go, go go. You have a great heart and spirit and you will get better with all the love surrounding you.

  28. Susan, I haven’t commented before, but I am so sorry you are going through this! You are so strong and have such a great outlook. You are so inspiring.

    In other news, I LOVE arrowroot cookies! They sound so great with peanut butter too :)

  29. Wow Susan, you’re being very strong and I’m sure that God will continue to bless you in abundant ways~your attitude is rockin’. And your appetite must be really good! That’s always a good sign right? ;)

  30. Yowch! That’s an awesome bruise. Your iphone pics are good quality- for your ease just stick with them! Here’s hoping you get some decent food out of the hospital…. thank goodness for your family and friends keeping you well fed! Keep going, you can get through this xxx

  31. I thought of you throughout the day!

    LOVE the crocs! You don’t know how many times I’ve gone to buy them, then I would think…ok like…do I want to be the girl in crocs? THEN. I finally bought them. Screw it, they’re comfy.

  32. I love the pictures, except that bruise…. yoweee!! I hope you get your diagnosis soon. I think about you a lot. Hugs from Alaska!

  33. At first I thought the fudge was the pineapple cake and almost threw up a little.

    But then I saw your fun striped fuzzy socks, and I was happy.

  34. Thinking of you! (and of Sara, who has exactly the disposition to be the perfect source of strength). Noga

  35. My thoughts are with you and I agree with the other comments, your outlook on this is inspiring. Keep strong girl! *hugs*

  36. Friends who send fudge are amazing. Friends who send fudge that looks that creamy and delicious are phenomenal! I bet you sent virtual hugs their way!

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