Daily Archives: July 11, 2011

Scenes From The Hospital

I don’t have my big schmancy camera at the hospital with me, however I have been snapping a lot of photos of the goings on lately with my iPhone. Here’s a snippet of some of the things I’ve been documenting…


Walks around the hospital with an IV tree. It’s a bitch to push those rattly wheels over sidewalk cracks. I will be happy when I’m no longer attached to a metal pole 24/7.


One of my many bruises from all the needle poking. This particular one was bad. A result of the anesthesiologist putting an IV of sorts into my artery to monitor my heart during surgery.


Evidence that the hospital does not bring me the food I order. Many of you know I am allergic to pineapple and never in a million years would order pineapple cake.


Sugar rush thanks to Morgan and Karen. In other words, a big ole block of my favourite fudge in the world – maple fudge from The Fudgery in Banff.


X marks the spot. This way, the surgeons know what side of my body to operate on. Glad we got that cleared up, phew!


No talking allowed in my hospital room. Communication via Macbook Pro only.


For almost two days after my most recent surgery, they kept sending up liquid meals despite my asking every single person I saw to order me SOLID FOOD. I know the majority of people can’t tolerate solid food after surgery. Consider me in the minority. Apart from the pain under my right arm, the first thing I noticed when I came to in the recovery room was that my stomach was audibly growling. Is that normal?


I threw a hunger induced hissy fit and demanded a submarine sandwich and french fries. My family knows better than to deal with the wrath of a Hungry Susan.


A phrase that has a whole new meaning now. Thank you to my Toronto friends for putting this together!


Being a sister means sharing your hospital bed when the other sister is sleepy. It also means embarrassing your sister on the world wide web. I love you Sara!!


Yes, these are my feet. Hospital livin’ has brought me to the lowest of the fashion lows. In my defence, I did not buy these crocs or ask for them. But I will say, they are actually quite functional. I can put them on hands free, don’t slip in them, AND can shower in them. Plus, fuzzy socks are just the best.


Twice the IV power, twice the weight to push. Good upper body workout.


The hospital has all-you-can-eat Arrowroot cookies, or what we call “baby cookies” in my family. I have some every night with peanut butter before I go to bed. No, it’s not health food, but it sure is comfort food.

Have a great Monday! Praying this is the week I get a diagnosis, start chemo, and finally get out of the hospital. Fingers crossed!