Cancer Girl

If there is one thing I refuse to let happen during this cancer journey, it’s to be deemed “Cancer Girl.”


Already I know that my disease does not define me, nor will I let others think that it’s all I am. I am not a superhero, crusading through the night, energetically jumping on and beating my disease to a pulp.

I’m just a girl who loves to eat, bake, work out, listen to music, drink whiskey, and have a laugh; who also happens to have a sucky disease. I’m not going to stand on a soapbox and yell at my cancer through a megaphone. No fist pumping or chanting here. Cancer will change me, but it won’t become me. For I have a long life ahead of me that cancer will be no part of.

So don’t expect me to be sporting my bald shiny head or “I am cancer hear me roar t-shirts.”

But at the same time, don’t think I won’t be putting up a fight of my own making. Just maybe one that includes a little more lightheartedness.


Thanks to my friend Kayla for the t-shirt. I thought a lot of my readers would appreciate this one.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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  1. When I think of you I think “Strong, sexy, awesome woman”. And have since I started reading your blogs. I think you’re too many things to ever be labelled.

    But the shirt is frickin awesome.

  2. greensandjeans

    Best shirt ever. Hopefully you can bust out of the hospital to go see the new movie!

  3. You are amazing. Simple as that. xo

  4. That shirt is awesome! LOVE it!

    Happy Sunday Susan : )

  5. You’re incredible Susan, and no one thinks anything less than that. :)

  6. Amen sister!

    And that shirt does rock ;)

  7. your attitude is just….so inspiring!! :)


  8. I love that shirt. Way way too much.

  9. Awesome shirt!!

    Don’t worry about cancer defining you… you are the SAME person you were before your diagnosis, and the people who matter in your life know that. :)

  10. Love the shirt, and your attitude!

  11. I just found your blog and I must say that you are amazing. :) cancer could not define you girl :)

  12. Cancer doesn’t define you. It will only define a period of your life.

    I love the shirt!

  13. That shirt is awesome! I was the same exact way, and the only label I now accept is “cancer survivior”. ;)

  14. ahahahah.. that shirt is PERFECT!

  15. You go girl! My cousin has had cancer in one form or another for 25 years. She lives with it and fights it, but it isn’t who she is. She’s never let it (or other people) limit her. Your attitude is fantastic – hang on to it. Love the shirt!

  16. Hilarious shirt. :) Love it.

  17. Great job staying positive! You should have a Harry Potter marathon this week to lead up to the new movie’s release!


  18. Like I said, “cancer is from slytherin”.

    Oh, and PS, I kind of gave cancer the finger on my last post and whored out that recipe contest that I’m trying to win for you. Yay to whoring!

  19. Well, if “Cancer Girl” happens to come with knee high purple boots I think you should reconsider the label ; )

    Love H. Potts. Love love love.

  20. As someone who knew you long before you ‘had’ cancer, it’s like cancer is some weird, uninvited visitor who’s temporarily sleeping on your couch. But soon, he’ll be gone and you’ll look back on it and say, “wow, glad he’s gone!” And I agree about the knee-high purple boots :-)

  21. Amen!! Love the shirt :)


  22. That shirt is awesome! In a non-awesome way…but you know what I mean. Love your spunk and that you refuse to let it define you!

  23. That is SUCH a BADASS shirt. I love that you’re not letting this completely get you down. Your spirit is inspiring!

  24. I had a conversation with a woman who had a mastectomy and didn’t need chemotherapy or radiation. She said: I don’t understand those people who let cancer define or change them. My friend and I just stared at her speechless. Cancer has changed me in so many ways. I wouldn’t say it defines me, but it has motivated me.

    Whatever label or definitions you like or don’t, I’ll respect, and I hope that others in your life and the blogosphere do, too :).

  25. I felt the same way you do. I felt like me and I was not going to be “that” I told myself. But I also struggled with wanting to be a strong “cancer girl”. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in July 2010 and finished my treatments in December 2010. If you like music, check out the webpage and album my husband and I after my diagnosed and you might hear some familiar feelings, and it’s really good music: Good luck with everything especially your health!

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