Daily Archives: July 9, 2011

Great Acts of Kindness

In my life, I have known a lot of sick people. I know the ups and downs of dealing with a friend or family member who is not doing well. I’ve experienced a lot of sadness as a result of people I love being sick, and happiness when those people, sometimes, get better.

Never, in my short 25-year life, have I been on the other end. I never knew what it was like to be the sick one, or what the view from the hospital bed looked like.


It’s strange. I watch the people around me react to what is going on with me and it’s just all so strange. Sometimes I feel bad about being the one causing so much concern and grief. And then other times I realize I am the one on the receiving end of the worst of it, and dammit I don’t need to put up with any more crap than I need to.

This new perspective is why I feel very weird talking about my own fundraiser. I’ve championed many causes over the years, but never did I think one of the causes would be my own. Just add it to the growing list of outer-wordly events I’ve experienced since being told I have cancer.

This all happened without my knowing. I still don’t know who did what but I hear there was an amazing outpour of support from the blogger community. Can’t say I’m surprised, because I’ve been part of this particular blogging community for a few years now and know it’s filled with the bestest people ever. Please go to this page to learn more about it!

Susan Banner 550x169.jpg

As many of you know, I just started a new job, and like many people my age with cancer, am not yet set up with proper health insurance. Because I don’t have a diagnosis yet, I’m still not positive what parts of my treatment will be covered under Canadian medicare. But not all of it is, and depending on my reaction to treatment, I may require very expensive drugs.

Many people have contacted me wanting to know what they can do or how they can help with my situation, well this is it!

Any remaining funds will go towards the Moncton Hospital’s oncology ward. They are in dire need of a few upgrades, especially in their kitchen and family room. I know it’s more common to give money to societies and organizations, but I now realize how important it is for people like me, stuck in the hospital because of cancer, to have simple comforts available to them. The oncology ward still uses a VHS player! After meeting so many very sick patients in the ward, and the families that spend all their time with them, I know they deserve better.

I want to send out a big thank you to all the bloggers who organized this, especially Janetha, the bloggers and companies donating their goods to be auctioned off, and those of you who plan to participate! Thank you for making a very shitty situation a whole lot easier.

I also want to let you know that I (clearly) came out of surgery okay yesterday. The surgeons say they were able to find an enlarged lymph node in my right armpit that will hopefully provide enough live cells to make a formal diagnosis as to what kind of lymphoma I have. We should hear something by Tuesday.

Unfortunately, they hit a nerve taking the node out, which is quite common for this kind of surgery. But it means I’m going to be numb and tingly in my right arm for probably several months. Moving my right arm around at the shoulder is quite sore now. It will pair nicely with my bum left elbow.

I came to the realization last night that I just had TWO surgeries in ONE week. I am feeling rather beat up. But despite the cuts and bruises, I am still pretty intact mentally and emotionally. A large part of that is thanks to the people in my life who stand by me every day, in person, and in spirit.