Daily Archives: July 5, 2011


When I picture the cancer in my chest, it looks a lot like the smoke monster from Lost.


I imagine it would grow and sound a lot like the smoke monster too. If only I had John Locke here to tell it to get out.

Surgery yesterday went as well as it could. They were able to get samples from two different nodes, which will make for a better diagnosis. I was only under for about an hour so the effects of the anaesthesia aren’t as bad as my arm surgery (which lasted five hours). I’ve been taking pain killers because my throat hurts where they inserted the scope, but I’m hoping to be able to go without them today.

Spoke to a doctor yesterday who insinuated I will be in hospital until my first chemo treatment, which will probably be another 1-2 weeks. As far as I know, I’m done all the tests, so it will be a verrrry boring couple weeks.