Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

The Quest For The Best – Banana Bread

Here we go, and so another week starts!

How was everyone’s weekends? Mine was low-key. I am still dealing with this kink in my neck, which I am now convinced might actually be a muscle tear. Or death. Depends on the Google search. The left side of my neck, chest, and shoulder is swollen and my veins are popping out. I’ve been doing the Shaquile O’Neal Icy Hot technique, with lots of anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxers to make me pass out at night.

On the bright side, it’s taken the focus off the pain in my arm!

Anyways, as y’all know, I love to spend my weekends baking and creating in the kitchen. The other day, I impulsively bought eight overripe bananas on sale at the grocery store with visions of banana-y creations in my head.

I briefly thought about the whacky concoctions I could try with the black bananas. But the pain in my neck wasn’t really keen on doing a lot of standing, mixing, and one-armed lifting. I then remembered my quest to find the best banana bread recipe, and figured this was as good a time as any to continue in that quest.


You see, I’ve been baking banana bread since I was in middle school. For a long time, cookies and banana bread were all I could ever bake. In all this time, I’ve never been able to produce what I deem the “perfect” loaf. A banana loaf as good as the ones bought fresh from bakeries and cafes. I just couldn’t figure out their secret.


I’ve read up a lot on the subject of banana breads. Many swear by using sour cream, others insist on a glaze or sugary coating over the crust. Some use juice, walnuts, or say the ripeness of the bananas is key.

Well, I think I have discovered what makes a perfect loaf for me. The kind of loaf that is dark in colour but light in texture. Full of flavour without being too full of sugar.


The answer? BANANAS. And lots of ‘em.

Most banana bread recipes only call for two bananas, which makes for a loaf where you can hardly even taste them.

This time around, I used four bananas per loaf and it was bursting with banana flavour. I didn’t fully mash the bananas either so there are little chunks of bananas weaved throughout the bread.

I used this banana muffin recipe. The only thing I changed was that I turned it into a loaf and baked for 45-50 min. I also left the sugar topping off out of pure laziness, but I will probably add it next time.


I think my quest may be over. No fancy ingredients or techniques required. Just plain ole’ bananas to make a stellar banana bread recipe. Plus, it’s dead simple, and in no way an extra pain in the neck ;)