Notes From The Week

Happy Saturday friends!! How was everyone’s week? Mine was meh.

1. I’ve had a kink in my neck since Monday that is only getting worse. I’m fairly certain it has something to do with my sleeping arrangement, so I plan to go buy a really nice pillow today. Anyone have pillow suggestions? I’m currently using cheap IKEA ones. Anyways, my week has been filled with heat pads, Rub A535, and muscle relaxers. Hopefully a couple days off from sitting at a desk will help too.

2. UPS is holding my laptop hostage until Monday. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I ordered a MacBook Pro last weekend after A LOT of agonizing over what kind of laptop to get. I’ve been obsessively tracking it online and it arrived in my city yesterday! But I screwed up in arranging the delivery, and because it arrived on a Friday, I have to wait three more agonizing days to get my paws on it.

3. I got pulled over at a police checkpoint yesterday for two infractions. Both of which I was able to convince the policeman were not worth a fine over. I didn’t have up to date registration stickers AND my vehicle inspection was expired. Getting the car switched back into my name from my mother’s was such a headache, I totally blanked on those things. The policeman understood. No tears required.

4. I can’t decide if I like this nail polish colour. I saw it on a girl at my physiotherapy clinic and loved it on her. But on me, it reminds me of when I used to paint my nails with white-out and colour them with highlighter when I got bored in middle school.

photo (3)

If you look at the back of my hand closely, you will also notice my veins are in the shape of the Pi symbol. Even though I’m an arts grad, I’m a math nerd at heart.

Well that’s all my notes from the week! It’s yet another rainy day in the Maritimes. So plans will include puttering around the mall, making a slow cooker meal, and going to the movies. I’m also going to visit the hot yoga studio here. I had a commenter the other day who encouraged me to try Bikram. While I’ve done it before and wasn’t a huge fan, I think the posture series is the most doable with my arm situation. I need yoga in my life! I’m convinced stress is why I’ve been riddled with neck and stomach pain all week, unfortunately I have to wait for this darn kink to go away before I can actually start to de-stress with yoga!

Now how is that for a disjointed post? What are some of your notes from this past week? Plans for the weekend? As my gal Holly says, sharing is caring!

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  1. ooh i have that yellow nail polish from sally hansen. im not too sure about it either.I like it but not sure i like it on me .

    • Yup! It’s the Sally Hansen kind! I’ve been buying a lot of Sally Hansen colours lately, the “Snappy Sorbet” is so far my favourite – a bright pink-coral.

  2. I like the nail polish! it looks fun and funkyyy.
    I recommend getting a massage for your neck pains. I went through this whole clusterfudge where I initially had annoying tightness and pain in my neck (because of my stressful desk job and constantly being on the phone), then suddenly I was getting horrrrrrible tension headaches every single day. Any time I got stressed out or even felt a strong emotion, I was unable to function for the rest of the day.
    After a half hour massage, the headaches and stiffness were gone for a couple weeks. Not to mention I felt like a noodle. An awesome, relaxed and healthy noodle.
    The doc still doesn’t know why my headaches keep coming back, so I have to get a rubdown every few weeks. But if it’s simply your sleeping pattern and desk-sitting causing you problems, you shouldn’t have to keep going. :)

    • I’ve never had a massage before! Which is kind of embarrassing, considering I’m one of those people who could use one the most. I think a week’s work of neck pain has finally broke me though, I’m scheduling one for next week.

  3. I like the nail polish color. It looks very summery!

  4. That nail polish definitely reminds me of white-out nails!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Good luck with Round II of Bikram! Although it’s not my favorite style of yoga (especially because most of the poses are leg-based, and my injury is in the hip), it does feel good to take 90 minutes to sweat, breathe, and concentrate on something other than THE INJURY. The studio I attend is not Bikram licensed, so the teacher, although essentially still teaching Bikram, doesn’t have to follow all the hard-core rules and regulations that licensed teachers are required to do. It’s nice to have a somewhat “gentler” version of the style available.

    • Yes, the hot yoga studio here doesn’t do strictly Bikram either, just “bikram inspired.” That’s why I want to go and talk to some of the instructors first, just to make sure I don’t accidentally go to a class with a sun salutation series. Hopefully I can find a gentler version too!

  6. Go you for being brave with the nail polish! My weekend looks similar -shopping and movies. I’ve been using my slow cooker a lot lately! Hopefully the yoga helps relax your mind and body!

  7. HEY! buddy :-) hope you like Bikram (part II). I wanna hit up a Bikram class this weekend but I’m not sure it’ll happen. I’m also doing a bunch of wedding-related errands, which includes getting a manicure so that’ll be fun. And tomorrow I’m brunching with my dad for Father’s Day. Hope your rainy days clear up soon!

  8. Eek, getting pulled over by a policeman is one of my top ten fears… lol, I know, kinda pathetic, but I’m one of those people who HATE doing something wrong/disappointing someone/getting in trouble. Not to mention, my parents would KILL me…

  9. Yay to Bikram it has totally fixed my back I am obsessed! x x

  10. I actually really like that nail polish color but not on me either. I think you have to be really tan to pull it off or obnoxious. Either or ha. I am also a math nerd at heart. Seriously having a vein in the shape of pi? JEALOUS!

  11. Bikram is the only kind of yoga I have done. Maybe you can convince me to try another kind. But I looove Bikram. Who am I? Loving yoga? Weirdo. Sorry about the kink. Same thing happened with Marshall. He has been sleeping on the couch and it seemed to help.. or else he just thinks I stink and doesn’t want to come to our bed.. hmmm..


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