Daily Archives: June 15, 2011

Chicken Over Cornbread and Chorizo

Remember when I blogged about finding fulfillment outside of exercise?

Well, suffice it to say cooking/baking is now my main hobby.


I still have yet to decide if this is a good hobby for a person with limited exercise capabilities to have. There’s always that issue of an expanding waistline. But you don’t always choose your hobbies, sometimes they choose you!


Finding my way around the kitchen with the capability of 1.5 working arms certainly poses its challenges. But the good kind of challenges that inspire me to do better, and not the kind that just frustrate me.

Can’t lift a pan into the oven? I’ll show that pan.

Okay, I may have also sustained a few burns in the process, but it’s all burns of love.


This recipe was featured in the same issue of the Globe and Mail as the Strawberry Rhubarb Galettes. A particularly good food section that day I must say. I’ve never made cornbread before and have been hankering for it ever since my old-roommie Megan made jalapeño cornbread a long, long time ago. I used this “Easy Cornbread” recipe because it looked more on the savoury side. However, while incredibly easy, it wasn’t my favourite.


After baking, the cornbread is then crumbled and sautéed with chorizo, paprika, fennel and onion. Then baked with chicken on top. If I were to ever make this again, I would double the paprika or make a spicy cheddar cornbread, and add mushrooms and red peppers to the sautéed mix.

Okay, maybe I just want an excuse to make more cornbread. Which is a-okay, seeing as this is my new favourite hobby and all.