Strawberry Rhubarb Galette

In case you haven’t noticed, I like to photograph pretty things. Okay, mostly just pretty food. Gone are the days where I photograph all my meals. Whenever I eat stir-fries and oatmeal I think “thank God.”

So when I saw this recipe in The Globe and Mail, I knew I had to make it. Not just to eat, but to photograph too!

Part of what also attracted me to this Strawberry Rhubarb Galette recipe is the fact that my mother’s backyard is overflowing with rhubarb ripe for the picking.


So off to my mommy’s I went on Tuesday night, assembling the pastry dough while she picked the rhubarb. The recipe only calls for six galettes, which I though seemed rather large. Being a fan of mini desserts, I decided to turn mine into 10 “mini galettes.”

Except, an error occurred.

No, I didn’t screw up the ingredients. Or start a kitchen fire (again). It’s just that well, my mini galettes came out ugly!


I mean, strawberry and rhubarb produce some of the most vivid colours in nature. And yet, mine look kinda shrivelled and dull. The pastry wouldn’t stay neatly tucked around the filling like a normal giant-sized galette. Instead it flattened out so I frantically tried to fold them back together any way I could.


But you know what saved this recipe?

It may be ugly, but holy moly it’s delicious. There were a lot of “ohmygodthisisgood”s coming from my mom as she ate her first one. My dad had one as a bedtime snack, then again for breakfast the next morning.

Good thing I turned the recipe into 10, because they are now all gone.

I guess the moral of the story is: Don’t judge a pastry by it’s photo.


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  1. Should have titled it “Rustic Strawberry Rhubarb Galette”. They still look yummo

  2. Omg that looks like SUCH a better use for rhubarb than what my neighbor lady growing up did with all of hers…including pawn it off on my mom who never made anything quite like this with it :)

  3. I just saw what a rhubarb plant looked like for the first time this weekend! I didn’t realize the stalk was the red edible part! I definitely need to try rhubarb, it’s one of those things I always mean to try, but never really do.

    • I know! For a long time I always wondered what the giant leafy plant was growing in my mom’s backyard :P It’s very tart, a lot like cranberries. But very easy to bake with!

  4. I have that recipe sitting on my counter. Yay for the G&M! Thanks for letting me know exactly how delicious it is :)

    • I’m making the chicken/cornbread/chorizo casserole from that same issue this weekend! The G&M recipes are such a step up compared to the ones featured in my local paper :P

  5. My mom would make strawberry rhubarb pies with our homegrown fruit all summer long; it’s such a nostalgic, seasonal favorite that I haven’t had in years! Perhaps a veganized galette is in order. I don’t want to remake my mom’s special recipe, because I know it just won’t be the same!

    • I would think a vegan version would be super easy! I replace butter with coconut oil in recipes all the time without fail. And I never used the whipped cream and egg glaze that the recipe calls for because I got too lazy – and it turned out just fine ;)

  6. This looks fantastic! Warm, gooey strawberries are unbeatable.

  7. I think they’re still cute! I am horrible at making baked goods look pretty- it’s one of the reasons why my mom never trusted me with the traditional Christmas cookies she makes every year. :) I don’t think I’ve really ever had rhubarb- I’m so intrigued!

  8. We had loads and loads of rhubarb in my garden when I was a kid. I always said I hated it. I don’t think I EVER tasted it! Now I really want to! I love the word “galette” and think it sounds so fancy. I think yours are lookin’ good. Not ugly at all. Really.

    Have a great weekend! Love ya!

  9. I use rhubarb in my shakes sometimes, but honestly your use is about a zillion times more exciting. :-)

  10. You will receive no judgement from me. I’d eat it and enjoy every bite. Looks pretty delicious to me. :)

  11. haha, half the time my food never turns out how i want! its probably because i am impatient, but i like to think i just have bad luck ;)

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