Daily Archives: June 9, 2011

To The Summit We Go

I have a confession to make. (don’t us bloggers always do?)

Since moving back home, I have resorted back to some of my old habits. “Toronto Susan” was a little more outgoing, adventurous, and always on the go. “New Brunswick Susan” is a lot more shy, isolated, and plays it safe. Mind you, my injury has forced me to reel it in a bit, but it’s also turned into a convenient excuse.

I am so full of excuses these days.

So when I found myself spewing out excuses as to why I couldn’t go to the Healthy Living Summit this year after having a fun time at it last year, I had to convince myself to give it a rest already.

With about 15 tickets left for the blogging conference, I snatched one up on a whim without allowing a chance for any second thought.


Yup. Come August, I’ll be flying to Philly to hang out with some of my best blog friends. Some I know well, and some I have yet to meet. Seeing as I live at home now, I’ve got extra room to play with expenses. And even though I have a looming surgery on the horizon, it’s my decision as to when it will (or won’t) happen.

As I mentioned, I went to the Summit last year in Chicago and know a little more about what to expect going into it this year. Chicago was my first ever blogger conference and I was so nervous! Now I’ve got two big ones under my belt (Foodbuzz being the other) so I feel a little more relaxed going in.


I do however plan to attack this year’s conference a little differently. I am no longer a budding entrepreneur like I was last year. I’m physically injured and can’t participate in some of the activities. My overall life outlook is much different.

                                                         (My Toronto gals – I miss yoouuuu!)

I think the biggest thing, is that I just won’t take it as seriously.

Getting almost 200 females obsessed with a healthy lifestyle together can be an unhealthy recipe for disaster. There can be gossiping, self-comparison, and unwelcome cliques. The key is to not get caught up in this.

Even though on paper, I’m not as “healthy living” as I was last year, I would say I certainly have a healthier approach to how I live my life now. A lot of things have happened over the past year that have put “healthy living” into perspective for me, and given me a better focus of where I need to be in order to truly be healthy.

Honestly, I’m going to feel a little out of place because my approach to blogging is so different now. I’m really more looking forward to surrounding myself with fun, enjoyable people, taking in what I can from the sessions, and seeing a new-to-me U.S. city!

Not to mention, I’ll be staying with my road trip partner and roommie from last year, Callie!


As well as my blogging soulmate/Foodbuzz roommie Janetha!


And Lauren, who is the only one I haven’t met yet, nor already shared a bed with ;)

Finally, a few other plans for Philly include eating Cheesesteak, running up the Rocky stairs, seeing this girl, and licking the Liberty Bell. Should be legendary!!

I feel like after everything I’ve been through over the past few months, a fun weekend getaway will be just what I need. Apparently so did my mom, as she ended up buying my plane ticket as a “broken arm present.” In the end, it seems I am left with absolutely no excuses.