Moving On Up

Good news friends!

I am moving from my hot pink bedroom at my dad’s place…


Into a lighter pink room at the corner of the house…


That’s totally a step up… Right??

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  1. Is it bad that I actually kinda dig the pinks?

  2. I love the pink! HA but I’m glad you are moving up in the world. ;)

  3. stuffedsillysarah

    I love the hot pink but I’m also digging the artex ceiling :D

    • I never knew that’s what it’s called! I think almost every place I’ve lived as had those ceilings. I don’t get it :P

      • stuffedsillysarah

        Definately called that it the UK… reminds me of my childhood and staring up at the patterns in the top bunk :) Most new builds over here go for the skimmed look but my dad reliably informed me as a teenager that the artex look was much easier to achieve as it didn’t require a perfect finish… doesn’t look easy to me though :D

  4. love the “move” :)

    have a great week, susan!

  5. susan! just caught up on a bunch of your posts, and i have to say – i am totally digging the random, non-food posts like this one. keeps things interesting, and let’s be real – those pink rooms are hilarious! anyways, looks like such a lovely time home with your family and i loved the reflection on the things you learned last month. you have been through so much, and i admire your honesty. oohhh and your music selection – because of you i am checking out a bunch of those bands! anyways, i love you. come visit me in wisconsin please :)

  6. while i love pink, i dunno.. :) not sure if i could surround myself in it like that. lol.

  7. Hah, movin’ on up indeed! I like the light pink – definitely a HAPPY colour. I actually lived in a tangerine-orange room one year and surprisingly grew to really like it!

  8. the roof scares me. is it moving?

  9. Whoa, I don’t know if I could live in a hot pink room lol.. so I’ll definitely say it’s a step up!

  10. That ceiling!! It’s like our old place! What’s the floor like? Tell me it’s not parquet…

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