Supermarket Sweep

Happyhappy Friday friends!

Last night, my dad called just as I was walking in the door from work. I told him I was about to make supper. He in turn told me we had no groceries, so good luck finding something to eat.

What’s that??

Challenge accepted Dad.

You give me an empty fridge, and I will give you a delicious, albeit random, meal.


I think I partially inherited this talent from my mom, who I’ve watched time and time again throw an amazing meal together out of things found in an empty pantry.

Of course, I think many of us develop this talent during university. I wasn’t a poor college student like most as I worked two, sometimes three jobs while going to school full-time. But that also meant I had absolutely no time for walking to the grocery store.

I lived next to an Irving gas station for just over a year, and during that time I made some deliciously healthy meals with items found in a gas station grocery. It can be done my friends!


For this meal, I used up what was left of the little bit of food in the fridge. Baked sweet potato with stir-fried jasmine rice, spinach, green onion and ham. Topped with hummus and sriracha. It was amazing. And I bet I’ll never be able to recreate it quite the same again!

Shortly after, I went grocery shopping with my dad and step-sister’s family. I inherited plenty from my father as well, a love for grocery shopping being one of them. I just love wandering up and down every aisle, scoping out all the treats.


Sometimes letting out a squeal of delight when stumbling across my favourite foods.


Remember this stuff? I think I convinced my dad to buy it once when I was a child and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since. I’m a responsible adult now though, so I didn’t buy it.

But I totally bought the Fluff.

These photos were all snapped on my iPhone, so bare with me (yes, I’m one of those now!). Here are some other fun finds from the evening. Many of which only available in Canada (sorry!):


Maple Leaf “Natural Selections” salami. Salami is my favourite of the deli meats, but I never buy it because it’s also the sketchiest. The ingredients in this stuff: Pork, sea salt, cane sugar, spice, vinegar, lemon juice concentrate, dehydrated garlic, lactic acid starter culture, cultured celery extract, smoke. I can live with that!


Yeah yeah, Greek yogurt is old news. But Canada’s biggest grocery chain just started making their own version and I’m in love. I never bought it before because money was tight. But now I make decent paychecks and can justify treating myself to it :)


Exciting things happening with this creamed corn in the kitchen this weekend! Green Giant brand of course, because I was brainwashed as a child by their advertising in the 80s.


Pickled beets because I’m an 80-year-old man. I’ll skunk you in cribbage.


Must-haves: sriracha hot sauce and sugar-free syrup. I put these on everrrrything! (not together…most of the time).


Also, if you have a three-month-old nephew like I do, I highly recommend shopping with him. Makes for great parking.

Now you tell me – what are some of your best grocery finds lately?

P.S. Janetha sent me some vanilla bean paste and I don’t have any vanilla recipes bookmarked. So if you’ve got a recipe to share, please do!


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  1. vanilla bean paste..ummm eat it with a spoon or stir it into that fluff and then smear that on anything. im sure that would work :) I love both VBP and fluff so you have me at hello!

  2. I love seeing what others see as “gems” in the grocery store! I swear I get lost while shopping sometimes…I spent TWO hours in Whole Foods just last weekend and I’d swear I was only in there for 30 minutes! I saw some kabocha chips but sadly couldn’t justify handing over my left kidney for the small bag they were packaged in! Lol!

    If I ever get my hands on some vanilla bean paste, you better believe that stuff is making it’s debut in a big bowl of vanilla bean oatmeal! Mmm!

  3. I’ve got a bag of Almond meal, it’s just really finely crushed almonds. It’s getting sprinkled over my cereal.

    I’ve just moved out of home so I think I need to spend some time walking up and down the supermarket aisles.

  4. My family hates going to the store with me because I take so long!

    My newest finds are not at all healthy but Udi’s Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies, Applegate GF chicken nuggets, and Ben and Jerry’s Late Night Snack.

  5. Vanilla bean custard oats! Yummers. Sweet finds at the store

  6. You know me, I definitely share your love of grocery shopping. :) I’m excited to see what you do with the vanilla bean paste!

  7. Susan!! I will skunk YOU in cribbage!! You have no idea how stoked I was to see someone else who knows what that is! Lol. I learned from my Grampa, and play with my family all the time, but no one else gets it. If I ever come to Canada, we’ll have to duke it out. xoxo

    • My Grampie was the one who taught me how to play too!! My grandparents had a cottage next to mine growing up, so many evenings were spent with him teaching me all the ways to count to 15 as a child ;)

  8. I just bought some of PC Peach Greek yogurt as well as the strawberry one. I usually just buy the plain but I too gave a little squeal when I saw the flavours – yum!

  9. No not yet. I was hoping they had it in the small size but my local store didn’t.

  10. I’m digging the blue nail polish!

  11. i love seeing canadian supermarket food!

  12. Not only did you create a great leftovers meal, but it lOOks gorgeous, all those colors. It can’t have been anything but scrumptious! Woo Hoo for you!

    Vanilla bean paste, humm. It actually sounds pretty yummy, but I’ve never heard of anything like that. My favorite Canadian import is, well actually two items.

    First is maple creme. Second and I can’t remember the name but it is a rectangular-shaped candy bar of chewy caramel. Possibly Scotch something. They may actually be British, but we couldn’t buy them here in CA except for a very short time, sigh.

    You pretty much have to hit it on the sink to break it into the almost pre-cut squares. Whenever we had a swim competition in Vancouver, I was supposed to stuff my suitcase with the bars before returning home.

    • I’ve never heard of that chocolate bar before! We get slightly different sweets on the East Coast though, it’s all Ganong and Purity here.

      Have you ever tried maple jam?? SO good!

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