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Cool Naners

Anyone else keep their bananas in the fridge?


I posed this question on Twitter the other day and I got the feeling some people thought I was crazy. I guess most people leave bananas out because they let off a gas when they ripen that can ripen other things in your fridge. But so do tomatoes, and a lot of people put their tomatoes in the crisper!!

I like to let bananas ripen on the counter, then stick them in the fridge at first sign of black spots. I do this because under-ripe bananas give me tummy aches and ripe bananas are too mushy for me. Put them in the fridge and they are a cool, refreshing temperature with minimal gross mushiness.

I highly recommend you try it! I’m surprised more people haven’t thought of it?

In other news, you should check out this Q&A I did.

I’m off to conquer my Saturday. Yesterday was payday, which means today is shopping day :) Have a good one!

One More Thing

I know I already posted about my injured arm this week, but, well, it’s still on my mind.

Meeting with my surgeon stresses me out beyond reason. I get SO anxious. I get really preoccupied for days after. And worst of all, it bums me out.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on my surgery options. Thinking lots about whether I want to leave my arm as is or get the radial head part of my elbow removed. If I leave it as is, there’s a high chance I’ll have to get the screws removed because they will interfere with the rest of my elbow joint when I get full range of motion back.

But it’s not likely the screws can be taken out without the bone falling apart. So even if I leave it as is, I may have to get the bone taken out anyway. But waiting a year to find out isn’t an option either. For best results, the surgery should happen as soon as possible.

So far in my research, I’ve come across studies that show your elbow can remain completely stable without the radial head. But other accounts reported a shortening of the forearm, a crooked wrist, excess pressure on the ulna, and a whole lot of pain.

The good news is that besides my original surgeon in Ottawa, my dad found me another orthopedic surgeon in Halifax to consult. So I should have three skilled opinions on the matter in the coming weeks.

Until then, I will try not to lose my mind.

My mom asked me if she could see the my x-rays all together. This does not represent all the ones I’ve had. In the last three months, I’ve had about 12 x-rays and 2 CT scans.


February 25th? I can’t remember, I was high on painkillers.


March 25.


May 24. Looks slightly better than the March shot, but it’s at a different angle, so it’s hard to tell. You can definitely see how the screws may get in the way here.

For reference, here’s what a healthy elbow looks like. My forearm is twisted because I can’t rotate my palm up for the x-rays, so the radial head is rotated differently in the “normal” ones.


Mine again on May 24…


And the normal one…


Anyways, thank you for indulging me once again. It helps a lot to get this stuff out of my brain so I can stop stressing about it.

On the bright side (because I always have to look at it) I am still making progress. My physio tells me it’s important to keep working at it even if I have to get operated on again because the more progress I make before, the better I’ll be after. Today I was able to pick up 10lbs for the first time with my left hand. I used a big girl dumbbell!

Despite the frustrations surrounding my limitations, I am still an otherwise healthy, active person. I’ve got my two legs after all! Which means lots and lots of walks with Archie and the fam.



One other good thing is that it’s a long weekend for me! I get American holidays with my new job. There’s actually a lot of difference between Canadian and American holidays. For example, everyone had Victoria Day off this past Monday, except for me. BUT, that means I get Memorial Day off! I feel like I need to celebrate like the Americans do, so I’m going to have some fun in the kitchen.

You won’t ever see me drink a Budweiser though. Ew.

Have a great weekend!!

The Secret To My Motivation

Remember when I blogged about fitness?? I haven’t done that in a while. My apologies. I feel like, as a personal trainer, I have this wealth of fitness knowledge and it is my duty to share. But at the same time, I’ve developed this strained relationship with fitness since I fell and broke my arm.

In other words, if I can’t do it, I don’t wanna talk about it.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on fitness altogether. In fact, I still workout five days a week regardless of my injury.

A lot of people tell me I’m crazy to still do it.

“If I were you, I’d be on the couch eating ice cream all day.”

Tempting? Definitely. An actual option? No way.

You see, fitness isn’t about motivation. It’s not about wanting to do it. It’s not even about goals or the desire to look good.

It’s about doing it because you have to.

I really hate doing laundry. But if I stopped doing it, my clothes would get disgusting and I’d become really unhygienic. I think of working out the same way. It’s just another activity that needs to get done over the course of the day. Some days, it really invigorates me and I love it. Other days, I do it because not doing it would be like leaving my laundry to pile up.

But my best advice for getting yourself up and working out?



Just stop it.

Stop stressing about the miles you need to cover in your next long run. Stop stressing about if it’s going to rain during your bike ride tomorrow. Stop arguing with yourself as to whether you should go home early instead of going to the gym. Just stop it. Don’t let yourself think about it anymore. When it comes time to get out the door and get moving, don’t even think about the things you’d rather be doing. Just go automatically without giving it any depth of thought.


When I finish my day at work, I don’t let myself think that skipping the gym is even an option. I turn off that part of my brain and drive to the gym without any second thought.

If I’m really dreading a workout, then I change it up. Something as simple as a new song playlist or new lifting move is enough to get me at least interested in a workout.

When it comes to running, I love discovering new trails!! The above photos are of the one I so far like the best here at home. Fine gravel trail, away from traffic, and next to the water.


That would be Moncton off in the distance. A lot different than the skyline view I had from my running trail in Toronto!

Anyways, that is my biggest secret for keeping “motivation.” The fact that is has nothing to do with motivation at all. It doesn’t hurt to choose workouts that you actually enjoy though. Because most days, I’d still rather go running than do laundry.