Let’s Talk About Music

Happy Sunday! Even happier if you have Monday off :)

After doing my Q&A this week, I realized that for such a music lover, I never talk about music on this blog!

First things first – I can’t stand Top 40. Okay, there may be a song or two I find catchy. But you will never find me listening to Lady Gaga, or Keisha, or whatever song is being overplayed on Virgin radio this week.

My taste in music is slightly eclectic, but definitely has a “theme.” I grew up listening to The Beatles and to this day believe they are the best band ever. In high school, I listened to a lot of punk rock, most of which I still really enjoy today (especially when running!). When it comes to just chilling out (like at work), I love some good indie pop. Apart from that, I’m also a huge fan of 90’s alternative and a lot of the Canadian indie scene.

Here’s five songs I’ve been listening to a lot of lately. I encourage you to add them to your Sunday listening!

I discovered Frightened Rabbit on Grooveshark this week and can’t stop listening to them. I love every single song on every one of this Scottish band’s albums. The above song is one of my many favourites.

I know it’s not hip to like Arcade Fire ever since they won the Grammy, but I don’t care. I’m going to see these guys open for U2 in July and I can’t wait! I go through phases with their songs, but this one is always at the top. Great video too.

Even though I was too young to experience 90s music when it was new, I think my love for the genre was given to me by my older sisters. I used to watch The Year Punk Broke every weekend when I was 14 (in 2000). This video is definitely worth watching for the 1990s-ness of it!

Social Distortion will always be one of my favourite punk bands. I’m not totally crazy about their newest album. This song off that same album however is awesome. Most of the time I’d turn my nose up at big production videos like this. But these guys pull it off purely because they’re punk legends in my eyes.

Of all the videos, on all the internets, this one is hands down my favourite of all time. I’m probably responsible for one-third of its views. Even though Hey Rosetta! are a Newfoundland band, there is something about them and their music that just reminds me of home. Probably because of the many nights I’ve spent watching these guys in a small, crowded, sweaty bar in Fredericton. I would always watch their videos when I got homesick in Toronto and they would just make my heart swell. If you watch this, you HAVE to watch it the whole way through! Promise me!

So now you tell me, what music are you listening to these days?

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  1. I LOVE that we have the same taste in music. Social D is my favorite (living, next to the Ramones) punk band. I’m not the biggest fan of their new stuff, either- I love all their old Born to Lose/Ring of Fire older stuff. But I saw them ONCE- once, in New Hampshire, on my 18th birthday and it stands as the BEST concert I have ever been to. SO amazing.

    So what I’ve been listening to? Anything punk & indie on grooveshark. My ipod is still dead. :(


  2. Thanks for this post. I love finding new to me music. I am in my 50’s and love all kinds of music. It doesn’t matter to me if it is punk, oldies, classical, rap, country, grammy winners or top 40’s. If a song catches my fancy I will listen :)

    • Age definitely has nothing to do with it – my mom is 56 and has awesome taste in music!! I’ll be at her place with the stereo on and find her introducing me to great new stuff :)

  3. LOL, ya us Mom’s are cool! :)

  4. Hey Rosetta kind of reminds me of Radiohead – at least in the beginning of the song.

    Not a fan of Top 40 music either, and honestly, I couldn’t name a Lady Gaga or Beyonce song, but I listen to music constantly. Am loving The Civil Wars these days.

  5. am doing a post and publishing a snapshot of my current playlist in a day or two and you will cringe. it’s workout music, some really hard core stuff and some top 40 :) but it inspires me to SWEAT. haha!

  6. Yeaaaah! Thanks for the music recs. I love Frightened Rabbit and Arcade Fire will always be cool. Right now I’m grooving to the new Fleet Foxes AND some old My Morning Jacket.

  7. How awesome! Lately loving Sondre Lerche’s new stuff. Hes coming to LA soon. SO excited! I’m lately really loving Bright Eyes and Anya Marina. I too am not a “top 40″gal. But I do like that one Beyonce song with the ring on it..

  8. I have always loved music and was a music major for my undergrad and masters. I love classical music (romantic time period the best). I also love jazz and am so into a group called Hot Club of Detroit. They are amazing!

    I also listen to a lot of spanish guitar music.

    And I will put this out there, I also have been Pandora-ing Journey and Styx LOL!

  9. Top 40 music drives me nuts too! I love this post. I am an Arcade Fire fan now too. My students make fun of me because they “sold out” but whatever.

    I have been listening to lots and lots of Bright Eyes. Always.

    • Ever see that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine dates the guy who “shushes” her every time the song Desperado comes one?

      Well, that’s me when “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes comes on ;)

  10. Ooh nice choices! I love The Suburbs (and as an urban planning student I love that there’s an album with song titles like “Sprawl”…haha). I’ve heard good things about Hey Rosetta – didn’t know they were from out east!

    I’ve been listening to a lot of classic pop (Beach Boys!) and dancey music like Cut Copy and Tanlines. Good summer music!

  11. Thanks for turning me on to my soon to be new favorite band Hey Rosetta…. Video was awesome but there sounds is so unique, it just spills clean fun jam juice all over the place.

    Love following your blog and you most definitely need to keep us updated on your musical selections.

    • Hey Rosetta is quickly becoming one of Canada’s top indie bands. They used to play in my university town all the time and their shows were SO fun!!

      I may do another music post this weekend since I’ve found some more good stuff to share. Keep your ears open!

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