Taking It Slow

Just when I start to miss Toronto…


…The universe gives me this. That would be my backyard. One of the many things I listed as loving about being back home. Sunsets and trees were also included. Looking out my back window and seeing this almost every night fills my heart and soul full.

It’s funny, just the other day I was driving through the outskirts of the city and was absolutely taken aback by the stunningly green rolling hills. Even though I was in Toronto for a little less than a year, I’m still not used to seeing nature yet. Or wide open spaces. Or looking people in the eye, for that matter.

I think living in the city keyed me up. I used to be a very relaxed person, but something about Toronto made me want to be on the move all the time. I would find myself running around morning till night. I had to have plans for every minute. If I didn’t, I would hop on a streetcar and find my own adventure somewhere in that dizzying city.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to come home was for the quality of life. Getting to sit in a big grassy backyard. Going to a cottage not just on weekends, but on weeknights because it’s only 20 minutes away. Plus, people out east are nice. Like, real nice. I like that.

The biggest reason however was definitely the pace of life here. I was tiring myself out running around Toronto. I wanted to come home and chill.

Oddly enough, that’s easier said than done!

Adjusting to the slower pace of life in the Maritimes has turned into a bit of a challenge. I find myself stressing over packing my days with activities, then feeling like a failure when I come up empty handed.

But it’s okay to relax. To take it slow. To do the things I never had the time to do before. I knit a scarf a couple weeks ago. How bout that!


I forgot to mention a crucial piece of information in my last post about driving.

The very best, no bestest, thing about being home is my commute.

In Toronto, it took a bus, two subways, and a 15 minute walk to get to work. I would often have to leave for work 90 minutes before I had to be there. Some days I spent four hours sitting and wasting my precious time on public transportation. I lived and worked within the city too. It just took so damn long to get anywhere. It killed me. A slow and painful death.

My new commute? 10 minutes. If even. I wake up at 7am and I’m sitting at my desk by 8am. I lovelovelovelovelovelovelove it. I have so much extra time in my day to do things!

I guess that’s also why I feel the need to fill up so much of my time.

Maybe I should start working on knitting that afghan…

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  1. squigglefloey

    Hmm…I know what you mean. I’m so used to the fast pased Los Angeles lifestyle. Of journalism, interviews, finding stories, rushing here and there, classes, schoolwork. I wonder what it will be like after I graduate. Although I’ll still be in L.A. so it might not be too different.
    Knit a scarf :)

  2. The Teenage Taste

    You used to have a 90-minute commute?! God bless you – I would NEVER be able to do that! But, at least this one is a lot better! Have a great weekend, Susan!

  3. awww I love this post!

  4. Ugh- a 90 minute communte every day might just kill me…

    Rolling hills and nature everywhere is definitely something I miss living in Montreal. But there are decent green spaces and it isn’t that far to get out of the city. Still though- jealous of the pictures of home.

    And I agree- Maratimers are very nice :)

  5. i don’t think that sky could fit any more colors into it! A couple of my clients are from Toronto and are there this weekend!

  6. My commute is seriously less than 5 minutes. I love it!

    • Having grown up here, I always took the quick commutes for granted. Neverever again! Now I know a short commute seriously makes like a million times better!

  7. Ok, I hate you a little bit about that commute! Mine takes anywhere from 45 min-2 hours each way (depending on traffic). It’s an issue. I totally know what you mean about city life making you move a lot faster. I must be a pretty high energy person, though, because I love it! That’s why ice cream comes in 31 flavors, huh? :)

    • Yes, cities are perfect for high energy folk!! Even though Toronto keyed me up, I really am a more laid back, relaxed person. Different strokes for different folks! ;)

  8. greensandjeans

    I love living in a city, but as someone who grew up in a smaller town, I can ABSOLUTELY appreciate a more laid back lifestyle and there are definitely days I long for a backporch and a yard!

  9. Hi Susan,

    I can completely relate to this. This year I moved from the States, working 40 + hours a week to Madrid, Spain… for love. My life has definitely slowed down… but I find way to stay busy. Slower life takes getting used to… I’ve never done it before. But practice makes perfect :)

  10. A scarf? Very cool! That’s about all I can make nowadays. I used to knit sweaters- forget that- too much work!

    I am lucky in that I live in a pretty remote part of LA but yet I know what you mean. And i try to schedule myself full. I’ve learned that it’s ok not to do that.

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