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Easter Traditions

Happy Easter!!


I am not going to lie, I am not a huge fan of Easter. Growing up, I never believed in the Easter Bunny. I thought it was a grown man in a bunny suit who’d break into our house to hide Ganong chocolates and Disney VHSs behind the couch. Fear of this man in the bunny suit would keep me up the night before Easter.

For some reason, my child brain could fathom the idea of a fairy that came through my window to take my teeth. A giant rabbit? No way. Had to be a weirdo in a costume.


When I was a kid, I would also sit down and eat a solid chocolate bunny until my stomach hurt. Actually, I could probably do that as an adult still. Instead, this Easter I forewent the chocolate for The Pioneer Woman’s Hot Cross Buns.


I am new to the world of yeast baking. But after a kindasorta successful go at her cinnamon rolls, I figured these buns would be excellent for my next yeasty challenge.


To be on the safe side, I proofed the yeast first in 1/4 cup warm water with 1 tsp sugar. For the record this is what active yeast looks like. I never understood what level of “bubbling” had to take place. Or what “dissolved” yeast looks like. Do you sprinkle it on the top or stir it in? How long should it take?

No one says these things in their recipes. I am convinced there is some yeasty secret society out there working at keeping the secrets of yeast from getting out. So far in my experience, yeast has proven to be a very temperamental ingredient.


Case and point: these buns had a hard time rising. Despite the warm oven I put them in to rise. I’m pretty sure when I put the proofed and bubbly yeast into the hot milk mixture, I killed some of it.

Can that happen? Google can’t tell me. I think the yeasty society is hiding it from me.


I ended up with dense, albeit super tasty buns. Lots of cinnamon and sugar with just enough raisins.

Tomorrow I am making a 7lb ham. Even though I can’t technically lift 7lbs right now because of my injured arm. At least it doesn’t include yeast. And I now know better than to think the Easter bunny is a creepy dude in a costume.

But it makes me wonder, why isn’t rabbit pie a traditional Easter dish?


Weekend Wisdom XX


This is what I keep telling myself about my arm. Maybe it’s a change the universe forced upon me because I wouldn’t have made it myself. All I know is that the only way to deal with change is to embrace it. Enjoy it for what it is. Then maybe I’ll be a better person for it.

A Royal Treat

Are you ready for some food pictures?? As promised, here’s what I’ve been munching on this week!

The folks at Red Prince Apple sent me this really, really cool promotional package this week.


They’ve got a campaign going for the upcoming Royal Wedding. They are a royally named fruit after all ;)


The package came in the shape of a three tiered wedding cake. Each tier containing a special treat to nosh on while watching the Royal Wedding. I will be one of those people who gets up to watch it. My family are monarchists, I can’t help it. Although, I’ve totally been munching on a few of these treats in preparation for the festivities. I needed to try them out!


The apples came with a timer to wake me up early on the 29th.

Apples are my favourite fruit EVER. One of the few foods I get really intense cravings for. Something about the sugary, watery, crunch that my body and tastebuds sometimes just need.


The red prince has a shiny skin, kind of like a McIntosh but not quite as thick. The inside however was nothing like a McIntosh.


Sweet and crunchy. I always refrigerate my apples so they don’t get mealy, but this one at room temp was still super crisp. A little tang to perk my senses, but enough sweet to satisfy that sweet apple craving I get.

The middle tier contained another one of my favourite treats – scones!


You can find the recipe for the scones here. I love how they used apple cider vinegar instead of buttermilk. It’s a cute touch ;)


There’s no other way of describing it – this scone was so moist! So much so that I put them in the fridge because I was scared they’d mold quickly. Very soft, surprisingly sweet, and just the perfect size for a snack.

Finally, we have the top tier. The best for last. Chocolate!


I had no idea what to expect when I bit into this chocolate. I don’t usually mix apples and chocolate!


Turned out to be a thick apple puree, much like apple butter. It was so intriguing! Definitely not anything I’ve had before, but I did really like it.

Apart from the treats the Red Prince people sent me, I made my own goodies with the apples.


Thursday morning I found myself awake 30 minutes before my alarm. What better way to use that time than make pancakes?


Here’s what I used for my batter (makes 4 small-medium pancakes):

  • 6 tbsp President’s Choice Whole Grain Pancake mix (as far as mixes go, this stuff is awesome. So long as you’re into the whole grain taste)
  • 2 tbsp unflavoured soy protein powder (can replace with more pancake mix)
  • several shakes cinnamon
  • dash vanilla extract (1 tsp)
  • 1 whole egg
  • 6 tbsp unsweetened apple sauce
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1/2 red prince apple, chopped into small chunks


I mixed the apples right into the batter and fried them up like that! They got warm and mushy that way. Basically the best way to start off a Thursday.

Other eats from this week:


A “yogurt mess.” One of my go-to meals when I need to keep my belly satisfied for a solid 5 hours.


I believe this giant mug contained raspberry yogurt, protein powder, cantaloupe, sunflower seed butter, dry oatmeal, cinnamon, flaked coconut and a drizzle of sugar-free syrup. Did the trick!

All breakfasts are always accompanied by a ginormous mug of coffee.


Around one french press of coffee a day. That’s only like two cups worth. That’s not excessive…right? Right??

Tuesday’s breakfast was a little strange…


I’d bought a chicken breast sub the day before and didn’t get around to eating it. So I kept it in the fridge to have for a quick breakfast before my slew of early morning appointments on Tuesday. Day-old subs are not recommended, but this also got the job done. I like them with all the toppings minus the jalapeño, yellow mustard, and no cheese :)

Lunches all this week were mostly eaten at my Nana’s. None of which were photographed because I’ve been going after the gym and I don’t bring my camera to the gym.

When I am home for lunch, I usually go for a simple pita.


On Monday, I sautéed a  leftover honey garlic sausage from the Dieppe Market with red pepper and onion.


Even though I am kind of obsessed with slathering my sausage in ketchup, I went a different route using hummus as my “sauce.”


All stuffed in a pita with greens! I usually have a piece of fruit or raw veggies with this too. One of these days I need to do another pita tutorial to show you how to make these without having them fall apart…


I had roast beef, potatoes and carrots for supper three times this week. Mostly because I could stick it in the microwave and have it be ready in three minutes when my tummy was growling. Why do I always wait until the last minute to make food?


Finally, snacks! One of my favourites is half a cantaloupe that I can sit down and scoop out with a spoon. A little on the larger side for my snacks, it takes a while to eat and tricks me into feeling a lot more satisfied.

So there you have it! The eats of a gal trying to lose 10 lbs the old fashioned way. Like I said before, these days I’m all about having larger meals that can hold me over for 4-5 hours with only small snacks (like an apple or piece of chocolate) in between. So far so good!

Question of the Day: What’s your favourite in-between-meals snack? Mine is a piece of light Wasa bread with a smear of peanut butter and a drizzle of honey!