Daily Archives: April 26, 2011

The Chocolate Butter Cake

For the most part, Canadian and American recipes are the same. We use cups and teaspoons and all that stuff. Not a whole lot of conversions like those Europeans have to do.

But. There are a few things that continue to get me.

We don’t have “sticks of butter” around these parts. Most butter comes in 2-cup bricks. Our recipes measure out butter by the cup, not by the “stick.”

It is with this that I blame Saturday’s most recent baking fiasco.


I convinced my little sister that we should make her own chocolate cake for her birthday. She has a budding interest in food, but has so far only made cakes from a box.

Me, being the wise older one, said we had to do one from scratch! The whole cake! And the icing too!


After searching the internet far and wide, I ended up choosing The Pioneer Woman’s Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever. Partially because I’m a sucker and will believe anything is the best if it says so in the title. Mostly because it looked like an easy enough cake for my sister to attempt for her first time.


I really can’t tell you how my brain determined 2 sticks butter = 2 cups Canadian butter. I knew it was a ludicrous amount as I threw it in the pot. But it was as I started stirring the buttery batter together that things finally clicked.

My sister and I started frantically throwing extra of the other ingredients into the buttery batter. We’ll have to double the recipe! Who doesn’t love twice as much cake??

I was concerned about icing though. There would be more cake than icing.

Until I dumped my one kilogram bag of icing sugar into the pot and realized 1 kg = 2.2 lbs, and not the other way around.

Really, I cannot explain how my brain determines these things. Some could say I’m preoccupied. I say there are more important things to fret about than silly conversions.


In the end, we ended up with THREE cakes. All made in different shaped pans for fun. All horribly iced and decorated because who has the patience for that when there’s cake to be eaten?

The end result was quite delicious. Very dense and brownie like. Although, not as rich as I was expecting. The icing was certainly the star of the show.

But I can’t tell you if this is how the cake is really supposed to taste, seeing as there were more than a few hiccups along the way (there may have also been melted plastic on the stove, just sayin).

Even though my sister’s first cake-from-scratch wasn’t perfect, I will say it was fun to make. Our kitchen disasters had us laughing and making fun of ourselves the whole way through. Proof positive that the process can often be more enjoyable than the end result.

Happy belated Sarah!