Weekend Wisdom XX


This is what I keep telling myself about my arm. Maybe it’s a change the universe forced upon me because I wouldn’t have made it myself. All I know is that the only way to deal with change is to embrace it. Enjoy it for what it is. Then maybe I’ll be a better person for it.


Posted on April 23, 2011, in Weekend Wisdom. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. The Teenage Taste

    So true! I believe that anything that comes our way was meant to happen for a reason.

  2. while stopping in moncton yesterday on a quick roady from halifax, i made sure to stop at Calactus for a big marc burger. sooooo delicious, and great veg spot. thanks for the recommendation from your restaurant page.

  3. I love this. Though I would never go back and wished some of the things that have happened to me to happen over again, I can’t help but be grateful in a way for their presence in my life. I wonder a lot if I would have learned some of the important lessons I’ve learned if these things hadn’t happened.

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