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Linky Links

I did a post like this back in February and had fun sharing all my favourite recent internet finds! I figure with the long weekend coming up there may be a few spare minutes to dedicate to interesting reads ;)

For starters, here are two recipes I’ll be trying this weekend:

Pioneer Woman’s Hot Cross Buns


I think I’ve got this yeast thing figured out and I’m eager to experiment with it more! What better way than with some hot cross buns this Easter weekend.

Martha Stewart’s Mustard Maple Ham

I told my dad we should have ham this weekend, so he went out and bought 7 lbs for me to cook. I really don’t want to screw up 7 lbs of meat, so I’m going with a Martha recipe. Martha never fails me. Plus, we just bought really nice maple syrup I think will be perfect for the ham.

Some other things I’m dying to try…

Tracey’s Sticky Pecan Bites.


Is it a cookie? A cinnamon roll? I don’t care, I just need these in my mini muffin pan stat.

Leah’s Amaretto Almond Chicken.


Aka just another reason why I need to buy Disaronno ;)

Homemade Wheat Thins from Two Peas and Their Pod.

homemade wheat thins

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at homemade crackers for a long time now. I think this recipe will be my first go at them!

Angharad’s chocolate chip muffins.


I loved her story describing how these muffins reminded her of childhood. Growing up, the chocolate chip muffins from Tim Horton’s were one of my favourite treats. Now I want to recreate them at home! Except, I will need to add a sprinkle of coarse sugar to the top.

 La Fuji Mama’s Apple Braid on Eat Live Run.

For something so cool, it has simple ingredients and doesn’t look too labour intensive! You had me at apples.

Then there’s some non-recipe related must-reads!

Deb’s Weight maintenance: What’s working for me now. Deb is so honest about maintaining a significant weight loss. Even though what works for her may not work for me, it reminded me I should be doing the things that do work for me!

The latest Hyperbole and a Half post. Go read it. Now.

45 McDonald’s Items Not Available in the U.S. That Should Be (and Canada too!)

Serious Eats explains dim sum.


Wish I had read this before my first dim sum experience.

For those of you following the Canadian election:

Margaret Atwood, one of my favourite authors, wrote an awesome piece in the Globe and Mail.

Catch up on the Shit Harper Did.

Go watch Rick Mercer’s recent rant. Did you know the advance polls open this weekend? Don’t forget to VOTE!! I’ll be there this weekend because I’m working at the polls for Elections Canada on May 2nd!

And some shameless plugs:

I write for Danica’s  Friends For Weight Loss site as their personal trainer. Ch-ch-check it out!

I wrote a guest post for Lisa a looong time ago about living with a social anxiety disorder. It’s a topic very close to my heart.

I also wrote a guest post for Morgan a while back on getting creative with upper-body workouts!

That should keep you busy for a few days I think :)

Question of the Day: What are some of the best things you’ve read on the internet lately?