Bye Bye TO 10

I wasn’t originally going to write about this. I tried to do it on my own. “Tried” being used loosely here, as I was really only half-assing it.

I’m talking about The Toronto Ten. Those ten pounds I gained while living in Toronto. I know this is not a crisis. That’s why I wasn’t even going to address it publicly or make a big deal of it.

But then I fell, I broke my arm, and I sat on my butt for two months straight.

I surprisingly didn’t gain any more weight during that time. But boy, have I lost muscle mass. Especially in my upper body. Seems like that muscle weight has been replaced by fatty tissue.

Anyways, lately I’ve been “trying” to eat better. I’m back to exercising five days a week. Albeit, at a much lower intensity than before. But nothing has changed in terms of the scale (yes, I still use that antiquated tool sometimes) or body composition.

Truth of the matter is, my jeans don’t fit and I can’t afford to buy new ones. My body is injured and I need to focus on taking better care of it. It’s time to take this thing more seriously.

By blogging all of this, I am hoping you readers will keep me accountable. If I have any hope of maintaining what little “blogging integrity” I have, I will have to lose that dreadful ten. Right??

Now it’s time to talk game plan. Or rather, lack there of.

In the past, I’ve counted calories to lose weight. I measured and counted every morsel that entered my mouth. I actually never minded doing this and I was quite successful with it. But that was then, and this is now.

Truth be told, I am soooo tired of measuring and counting food. It’s so much extra work and I’d really like to focus my energies elsewhere. Like writing that Great Canadian Novel I’ve been talking about ;)

Instead, I’m doing it the old-fashioned way. Eating well. Moving more. Plain and simple. I may keep a hand-written food diary to start just so I can visually see my food choices. It will help me make better ones. I’ll also be photographing some of my more “regular” eats and featuring them in a weekly round-up.

Apart from that, there are two areas I really need to be conscious of:

1) BLTs, aka Bites, Licks & Nibbles. I’m an awful snacker. A few chips here, a piece of cookie there. There’s nothing wrong with grazing, but not when it’s in addition to what I’m already eating for the day.

2) Fresh, homemade foods. I’ve been eating a lot of prepared foods over the past few months. Mostly at (amazing) restaurants. I’m happy I did that while I had the chance, but there’s no reason to keep that up here at home. I know for sure and for true that eating out makes me puff up like a balloon. Going back to simple foods made at home will certainly help my cause.

Most of all, I just want to eat like a normal person. Whatever that is. I want to prove that you can lose 10 lbs just by eating more consciously, exercising moderately, and still having a few drinks with friends every so often. I really don’t think this has to be rocket science. It’s just a matter of really dedicating myself to it instead of half-assing it like I have been up until this point.

So the Toronto Ten stops here. It’s just a normal girl’s journey to lose a normal amount of excess weight. I can do this!

(photo taken 10 lbs ago)


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  1. Oh my god am I nibbler. It’s awful. I will support you! You can do this!

  2. Agh, I’m glad I’m not the only one in this position! I have an extra 10 lbs from Christmas that I’ve been trying to get rid of too. I seem to be guilty in the same areas, too much snacking and processed foods/eating out. It’s frustrating not seeing instant results, but it will pay off!! You can do it! Just be consistent. :)

  3. The Teenage Taste

    You can do it, Susan! We’ll be supporting you every step of the way! :-)

  4. I love the BLT idea. I do that also. You can totally do loose that 10 lbs . Good luck!

  5. You can do it. I love examples of people getting healthier in a normal, healthy way. you go girl:)

  6. The nibbler can be conquered! I use Altoids while I make dinner when I tend to nibble on things. Those calories sure add up and sometimes that is all it takes to lose the weight is to curb the snacking.

    I am in weight loss mode again right now, but I am not weighing myself. Well, maybe monthly. I am using pants as a guide and see if I can drop a size, whatever weight that puts me at.

  7. I love this. (not that you gained the weight clearly) but I’m such a grazer too. Seriously I am forever eating the most random things at the random times that go unblogged. I really think I eat at least 500 calories of crap besides more normal meals.

  8. oh i love this. you create incredible meals at home, you’ll lose the weight quick smart, you know how to.

  9. I’m with you! I gained some weight while working at a desk job last autumn and haven’t managed to get rid of it, despite working out pretty consistently. Must start being more careful with my intake!!

    I DEFINITELY think this is achievable by eating better (and more consciously) and moving more :)

    ps. Just read your last post and I’m pretty sure I applied for the same job! Was it a yoga retreat on Salt Spring Island?

  10. I like your outlook and I think you’ll definitely see results by just eating well overall and moving. Good luck!

  11. Old fashioned way always works as long as you are patient with it!

  12. I feel like this is a really great post for people to understand that the scale matters some…but isn’t the total measure of yoru body. Glad you are taking care of yourself and healthy steps!

  13. I’m here for ya! I definitely gained a few after moving to Toronto- and like you- my biggest qualm is that I don’t want to buy new jeans. Also hoping to simply eat more greens and walk a little more. I always seem to be happiest in my body when I do things as simply and naturally as possible!

  14. You’ve got an awesome attitude about this… we’re here to support you!

  15. Don’t you love blogging for accountability? It really does help me. I didn’t want to get up today for Insanity but I knew I’d have to admit to it, so I got up. I love you and your attitude and your determination. You got this!

  16. I’ve been there too, more times than I can count on both hands and feet. A small consolation (maybe??) for you though, is that you ate really, really amazing, gourmet food- like the best food on the planet. And also, you bake bake bake really yummy stuff and mus sample it I’m sure. The fact that it’s only 10 pounds is quite fabulous! With my metabolism, I would have gained 20- no joke!!!

    But having said all that, and acknowledging that 10 pounds is still annoying, I know that you’ll do it. I have not one doubt in my mind. :-)

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