Ten For Tuesday

I am a very simple-minded non-convoluted thinker. Maybe it’s the journalist in me, or maybe it’s the reason why I became a journalist. Regardless, I have a jumble of things to yammer about today, none of which have anything to do with the other. Thus, you are getting a list.

Welcome to my brain, where facts and information are organized with numbered lists and bullet points.

1. Before moving home, I toyed with the idea of moving to Western Canada for the warmer months. I even applied for several jobs out there. I eventually abandoned the idea. But, I just heard back from a yoga centre on the beautiful Vancouver Island. They offered me a job as a cook for the summer. I had to decline because of my injured arm and it made me really, really sad. Hopefully I’ll be back to full cooking and yoga-ing shape by next summer!

2. I’m dog sitting my favourite poodle starting Friday. He’ll be my furry partner in crime for two weeks while my mom is in Florida.


Okay, not-so-furry. He’s getting shaved tomorrow. Muhahaha.

3. My sister and I ordered pizza with my dad’s family on Saturday. I don’t normally order pizza, but this particular one was a must.


That would be poutine pizza from Cut Throat Pizza on Main St.


Pizza crust + french fries + gravy + mozzarella cheese. You can now understand the novelty of it all.


I have to say though, I wasn’t a huge fan. Potatoes on bread, ie carbs on carbs, was a little too much for me. Too bland. Needed chicken or proper cheese curds to give it a kick.

4. Speaking of which, we also ordered garlic fingers.


I’ve been home for two weeks an I’ve eaten garlic fingers three times already. I’m not sure if it’s because I was gone and forgot, but garlic fingers and donairs are everywhere here! Two things that are special to the Maritimes and are hard to find elsewhere.


Proper garlic fingers are just pizza crust + garlic butter + mozzarella + sometimes bacon. Dipped in a sweet garlic sauce which is essentially sweetened condensed milk + garlic.

5. I’m in love with a boy and his name is Cole.


That would be my seven week old nephew. On his tummy trying his darndest to pull himself around! I can’t pick him up yet because of my injured arm and he’s only getting bigger. But living with a baby ain’t so bad.

6. I saw one of my Top Ten favourite bands in concert this week.


The Pixies played their whole Doolittle album (my favourite) from beginning to end. I sang along to every single song. One of those shows I just never wanted to end.


I went with my sister Sara. We were talking about how we often have to “prepare” for concerts by listening to the band before the show. But neither of us had to do that this time because the Pixies are always in our regular rotation of tunes. I’ve been listening to them regularly for over 12 years.

7. Another Top Ten concert is just around the corner.


I’m going to see U2 and the Arcade Fire in July! It’s U2’s last show on their current tour. Moncton never gets good shows, so being able to see some of my favourite bands here is a HUGE deal.

8. I’m running outside again! I had my first outdoor run on Sunday – first time since the beginning of February! I took it slow, doing two minutes running, followed by one minute walking, for three miles. To be honest, it was hard. I’ve lost a lot of cardio recovering from my accident, but I know I’ll get it back quickly. My legs were also sore after the run- which never happened to me before!

9. Have you ever heard of snow mold?


Those of you who live in warmer climates may not know this, but this it what snow starts to look like when it melts in the spring. All the dirt and trash that got caught in the snow starts to show as it melts. It’s really gross.

Apparently they call this “snow mold” in Alberta, and I love the term. My sister, who used to live in Edmonton, blamed the snow mold in Moncton for making her sick. Moncton got record snowfall this winter. Something stupid like six feet of snow on the ground at one point. So now the city if full of mounds of snow mold. Ew.

10. I am not a crazy cat lady.




It’s just that cats can be pretty entertaining sometimes ;)

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  1. Aw your kitty is adorable!

    I do know the “snow mold.” It’s what it usually looks like in Oregon. Yuck!

  2. We are seeing U2 in June!! <3

  3. “I’m running outside again! I had my first outdoor run on Sunday – first time since the beginning of February!”

    CONGRATS!!!!!! I am soooo happpy for you!!!!

    And the kitty and Cole pics…too cute :)

  4. doolittle is the ultimate. ultimate. i love the pixies. jealous!

  5. Oh my god-about the snow it grosses me out so much ew. I just wish it would all go away. At least I’m going home to southern VA in a few days where they don’t know the meaning of snow.

  6. I’ve never heard it called “snow mold,” as here in Michigan it’s usually referred to as “that shitty snow.” It’s good because it means it’s melting, but it looks like crap until it does. Plus, it’s never fun to find out what’s underneath it.

    I love the cat. And lists. It’s a win-win.

  7. I hate snow mold season- but it is better than regular snow season :)

  8. oh snow molds, yucky. i’m glad i’ve not experienced those.

    also i’m with you on the pizza. it’s a novelty but carbs on carbs, that wouldn’t go down so well.

  9. -I will respond in list form ;)
    -The Pixies are awesome, I’m not a fan of U2 however, but I’m sure they put on a good stage show.
    -Those kitty pictures are so cute! I admit to being a crazy cat lady, if that means I’m crazy about my cats.
    -In Illinois where I’m from, I hated dirty snow, it always looked so gross and lasts so long. It’s not something I have to worry about in Seattle, which is a bonus.
    -That would have been awesome if you would have gone to Vancouver Island, I love that place. A summer job there would be sweet. You could learn how to surf if you would want to.
    -Those garlic fingers look tasty but that pizza not so much. The End

  10. I hate snow mold, we have it all over here in MI and I’m hoping the last of it will be gone soon!

  11. Ah so jealous of the U2 and Arcade Fire concert! U2 is so amazing live, probably one of the best shows I’ve seen. I can’t wait to hear what Arcade Fire does, I bet it will be interesting.

    • Yes! I went to see the Rolling Stones at the same concert site and I went in thinking it would be boring because I’d be so far away. Boy, was I wrong. Those guys know how to put on a GIANT show and I expect U2 will be the same. I will take lots of pictures of course!!

  12. I am all too familiar with giant clumps of dirty snow. ugh.
    Cole is adorable! :)
    Yay for the Pixies and outdoor running! :)

  13. WHAT


    Did you just say poutine pizza?

    I’m sending this to Brad right now

  14. Those are awesome cat pictures! I wish I could get a cat, but I’m not home enough and I think it would get lonely. That pizza looks really good- too bad it was disappointing!

  15. That pizza looks downright amazing!

  16. greensandjeans

    arcade fire is soooo good live! and the pixies? amazing.

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