Family Matters

First things first! I have a winner to announce! The winner of the RUB-A535 giveaway is Jessie from Graze With Us! You know the drill Jessie, send me you mailing address and you’ll get the goodies :)

Anyways, in other news, I just got back from a two-day stint in my old stomping grounds in Fredericton. I was there for my uncle’s funeral. My mother’s brother recently passed away from brain cancer. Actually, the exact same form of cancer as Eden’s dad.

Being there for the event was very surreal, to say the least. But as I said before, the small silver lining is that times like these brings family together like none other.


My three cousins (my uncle’s children) are almost the same age as my sisters and I. We spent lots of time together growing up as kids, but as adults it’s now a rare occasion that the six of us are together!

We all went out to lunch and sat around my grandmother (my uncle’s mother). We joked at the realization that all of us, between the ages of 25 and 32, are unmarried and without children. And probably aren’t getting there anytime soon. There goes the family line ;)


My Nana’s sister travelled down from the North Shore to support her big sister on the day. It was so cute to see them together. My Nana comes from a family of six women. It’s created a pretty interesting dynamic in my family, to say the least.


And here are three generations of the Flanagan women! My Nana, mom, sister Sara, sister Jane, and myself. Sara and Jane travelled from out of province and it was soooo nice to have the three of us together again if only briefly. Everyone says we are obvious sisters – one woman even thought we were triplets!

A trip back to my old university city is not complete without a visit to some of my old watering holes. My sisters, cousins and I went out Wednesday to the Snooty Fox for half prize appetizers.


One of the great things about being back home is having access to some of my favourite beers again! Including the shown Pumphouse Blueberry Ale with little blueberries thrown in.

Then we went a little nuts with the half price apps. We were starving and our judgement clouded. Brace yourself. Greasy pub fare ahead.


Mozza sticks and marinara.


Parmesan garlic chicken wings.


Spinach artichoke dip with pita wedges. Aka a bowl of melted cheese with a touch of spinach. I LOVE this stuff. I would like to just put my face in it.


And then there’s the reason why I gained 20 lbs in university… The Snooty Fox nachos. A mountain of fried tortilla chips, bruschetta, jalapeños and cheese. The best part is the spicy seasoning they put on it.


It was a somewhat early night, allowing me to drag my sorry butt to the hotel gym this morning. Forty-five minutes on the elliptical didn’t undo the damage, but starting the day on fresh footing certainly helps.

Definitely a weird past two days. But as we kept saying while there, it’s all about living in the present. It’s all about jumping on the opportunities life gives us. Right this very second I’m at my mom’s while she prepares spaghetti and garlic fingers for dinner. And it’s a good present to be in :)


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  1. Susan,
    I have so much to say that it simply does not fit in the comment section.
    But know that I love you in that noncreepy way and that I’m adopting you family. Hope they dont mind.

  2. Oh man I shouldn’t have read your blog when I’m hungry- those nachos look amazing! Wow, it looks like you have some fantastic women in your family! I agree about the bittersweet nature of funerals- it’s hard saying goodbye but so nice to gather everyone together. Weddings are the same way- I bet all of you cousins will all get married around the same time and then you’ll be SICK of family reunions. ;)

  3. Girl, Im drunk as Im reading this and commenting…and I could SO go for all of that pub food…no lie those mozz sticks look like the best thing EVER!

  4. It really sounds like you have a wonderful family. You do all look alike, too!

    Family is important, especially when it is good family :D

  5. Aw, your family seems really awesome!

    Oh greasy pub food, how delicious it looks!

  6. It seems like you have such an amazing family, Susan. I’m glad you can all be together at this time!

  7. You are right, there is something about these tragedies that bring (good) families closer. (I think that for families that don’t really get along, it can rip them further apart). All of the generations are gorgeous.

    I have a weird little theory: that when someone close to you dies, they give you just a little bit more life to live. Whenever someone I’ve known dies, I tend to live a little bit deeper- more like what HD is to old TV. :-)

  8. What a cute family! :) Glad you are all there to support each other!

  9. Again, I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. But I’m loving what Deb said. I think I’m going to take that with me forever. It really is nice that your family was able to get together and support each other.

    But about those nachos…I think I would have gained about 50 pounds if I had those anywhere near me during university! Well done on just gaining the 20 ;-)

  10. Family definitely matters!!!!!

  11. those nachos just gave me a massive pang of homesickness! but surely, cheap apps on wednesday preceeded open mic at the capitol tuesday and margarita monday!!

  12. *hugs and love to your family*

    and next time, i want in on those beers + nachos :)

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