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“It’s Not Just My Sunny Disposition”

Hello friends! This is Susan, I am out of town for a couple days this week so I asked my blogging friend Morgan to do a post swap with me. Morgan usually blogs about healthy living stuff, but is also a cosmetics professional. Since I seem to lack the girly-girl gene, I thought it would be fun to sway from my usual content and have her write about some girly make-up stuff! When you’re done here, you can go check out my guest post on her blog :)


Hello Balancing Act fans! I hope you’re okay with a break from your regularly scheduled health / fitness / and x-ray ;) content for something quite girly. I’m Morgan and I blog at Life After Bagels. It’s a health blog, but I’m also a makeup artist and skin expert so I post about beauty stuff every once in a while. Today you’re going to get a makeup guest post by moi: IT’S NOT JUST MY SUNNY DISPOSITION

No my friends, it’s not just my sunny disposition :) I love blush, love it love it love it. Blush, it makes you look like you’re fabulously flushed. Blush, it adds to that tan (or just fakes it because you wear sunscreen everyday … right?) Blush, perfect for every occasion. Drinks at the pub = blush!

At the Healthy Living Summit = blush!

Summer lovin’ = blush!

New Years Eve (obviously) = blush!

Shall we move on? There are a few different kinds of blush: gel, stain, cream, but the easiest and most popular is powder blush. It’s my favourite too. One of the most important things for great blush application is the brush. Doubling your powder brush for your blush brush, or using the little applicator that came in your blush compact is not going to give you the best application. Either of these brushes will work: Angled blush brush Rounded blush brush The most important thing for choosing a brush is that you want it to be the size of the area that you’re applying the product on. Now for application:

  • Starting at the cheek and working towards the hairline, apply a tapered triangle shape.
  • Use the two finger rule to keep the colour in the right place. Stay two fingers away from the side of your nose and two fingers away from your eyes.


  • Start with a little bit of product on the brush, tap excess off if you need to. Remember you can add more but it’s always hard to take away.
  • Use short brush strokes and stroke towards the hairline and downwards. (If you stroke up, the product will cling to baby hairs on your face and blush can start to look cakey).

I hope I’ve swayed you add some colour to your rosy disposition :) You can email me any questions morgan.shuker AT gmail.com or come visit Life After Bagels.