Things I Learned The Month I Tried To Move

It’s impossible to conquer Toronto. There’s just too much to do, see and eat.

Walking is such an underrated activity. Sure it’s no calorie-burner, but I think it’s as beneficial for mental health as yoga.


I have to stop automatically giving a positive response when people ask “How are you?” It causes others think I’m “okay” when I’m actually not.

Bad things happen to good people all. the. time.


If you’re going to add Greek yogurt to cooked oatmeal, add it after cooking and not to the pot while oatmeal is being cooked. The latter results in a soupy batch.

I need to relax. Which can be hard to do when you’re not allowed to exercise and it’s your best form of stress relief.


Getting the cast off a broken limb does not mean it’s all better. It can mean the hard and painful work is about to begin.


Adding pesto to hummus is a good idea.

Sometimes the best way to get out of an exercise slump is to take a break. Not a few days, but a few weeks or even months.

I don’t want my parents to ever leave me.


Doctor says at least two years until my arm is back to its new “normal.” Two. Years. I fucked it up bigtime.

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  1. I’m so sorry Susan. Life happens though, and it sounds like you are doing a pretty good job handling this HUGE punch that life has thrown at you. Been thinking about you lots lately and will continue to send good, healing thoughts your way!!! XO

  2. And DID you learn how to relax?

    Something that I found hard for me when I had to stop running for 2 months…did I have any other hobbies?! I felt so lost. Working out was my hobby, it was a stress relieving. If I couldn’t do it much, what did I have?

    • No, it’s been such a hectic month with the injury AND moving halfway across the country that I didn’t have time for hobbies even if I had them. I’d say cooking and blogging are my only other ones. But I actually miss yoga the most.

  3. Your last line. Susan, I am so sorry. Things happened. You didnt do it. It just happened. It wasnt like you set out to do this. It just….happened. I am so sorry, truly.


  4. Make a vow to relax during April. Now that you can get settled in to home and really concentrate on regaining your strength and flexibility.

    I know you have it in you.

  5. Amen on the walking. So very underrated.
    And I hope you prove that doctor wrong, but you’re dealing with the situation so well in my opinion!

  6. your arm is an adventure of its own, it’ll be exciting.

  7. I’m also sending you loads of healing thoughts.
    I’m injury prone, and I blame it on being active and hyper rather than clumsy. ;)
    I wholeheartedly agree about walking and hummus + pesto. I like to incorporate both into my daily life.
    I hope you’re getting some relief from the pain!

  8. That’s a big month… April has 30 instead of 31 days so maybe it will be somewhat gentler on you.

  9. Youch. Sorry to hear about the arm. BUT it does sound like you are making great progress and that’s a plus!! You never know though – by letting yourself relax, you might discover other ‘totally underrated’ activities that you really enjoy but didn’t do before. Sending good healing vibes your way!

  10. greensandjeans

    Man kiddo, what a crappy hand you’ve been dealt. I’m so glad that you are back home with your family though because I’m sure they will help you relax as much as possible!

  11. I hope April is an easier month for you! Hopefully being home with your family will help you relax and heal faster!

  12. Glad your cast is off, sorry you needed to go thru this and will have to go thru this for a long time yet. I am hoping that you might have learned something…

    SOooo if you have any advice I can pass on… yesterday a co-worker/friend twisted her ankle, broke her right wrist, and dislocated and broke her left elbow. I think she will be out of commission even longer than two years. So many of us feel awful, and I am wondering what I can do to help. She is so helpless is so many ways. TIA

  13. Walking is amazing, and is more beneficial than we think!

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