Celebrations & Grilled Cheese

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

It’s been quite the week for holidays:
March 14: Pi Day (aka 3.14)
March15: Ides of March
March 17: St. Patty’s Day!

I hope you’ve been able to celebrate at least one of these. I did on Monday. It all started on a very spring-like day and a trip to Toronto’s Kensington Market.


Going to Kensington is like being transported to another country. It’s a few square blocks in the centre of the city filled with bright colours, loud music, and open storefronts filled with cheap merchandise. It also reeks of patchouli, if you catch my drift.


Our destination was a place I’ve been dying to go to ever since the first week I moved to Toronto.


Yes, a place dedicated solely to the art of making grilled cheese sandwiches. Probably one of my favourite restaurant ideas ever.


It’s this little spot with picnic tables inside and outside. Brilliant woodworking throughout and a wall of creepy pickled items.


My partners in crime for the day included my sister Sara. Too cute that she’s sipping on a box of apple juice – it’s what our dad always packed in our lunches as kids!


And of course my roommie Megan, who has courageously joined me in eating my way through my Toronto Bucket List.


Now, I’ve always been a bit of a grilled cheese purist. Bread, butter, cheese. Anything else is just a regular grilled sandwich. Regardless, I was pretty pumped to see how creative they’d get with the menu. Let’s go in for a close up, shall we?


They all came served with lightly seasoned salt & vinegar chips and a tasty dill pickle. Mind you, we had to wait a long time for the sandwiches to arrive. I had no idea a grilled cheese took so long to assemble?


Sara ordered the Dill-licious: dill havarti, basil pesto, sundried tomato, onion along with the addition of turkey.


I tried a bite. Holy flavourful!


Megan went for the Mushroom Madness: Cheddar, grilled portobello, cremini with the addition of tomato.

I had mushroom on the mind as well, going for the Grill Worx: Provolone, swiss, portobello, roasted red pepper, onion.


On thick sliced white bread, buttered and crisped to perfection. A perfect bread-to-cheese ratio and all quality tasting cheese. My only complaint is that my toppings were piled high in the centre of the sandwich and not spread around evenly.


My dad says buttering the outside of the sandwich instead of the griddle is the key to a good grilled cheese. They don’t quite live up to his grilled cheese, but I’d say definitely second best! Also worth the $6 price tag. With the chips and pickle, this meal made for a very satisfying lunch.


But as I said, this outing occurred on Monday. And we all know what Monday was ;)


Just up the street on Augusta Ave in Kensington is a place called Wanda’s Pie In The Sky. A bakery with a variety of offerings, but specializing in one of my favourite foods – pie!


My sister and I ordered one slice to split and they gave us one giant slice split in two!!


We opted for strawberry rhubarb flavour because I’d never had rhubarb before. I must admit, it wasn’t my favourite. A little too bitter and not enough crust.


We continued on through Kensington, stopping to buy some ridiculous $5 sunglasses on display. A perfect way to celebrate Pi Day if you ask me :)

As for St. Patrick’s Day, I’m back on painkillers for the time being. I’m off to celebrate with friends, but there’s no green beer on tap for me. Regardless, I still showed my green…


Thank you to Janetha for the awesome handmade “fashion sling”! I definitely perked my spirits this St. Patty’s Day :)


Question of the Day: Did you celebrate any of the holidays this week?

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  1. ALL of those sandwiches look great… we have a “Grilled Cheese Grill” food cart here, SO yum! (and fun because it’s in an old school bus – you get on the bus and eat.

    I definitely celebrated Pi Day, I made a pie with the Pi symbol on it and hand pies shaped like Pi. :)

    Ides of March, I quoted Shakespeare all day.

    Today, a bunch of green food posts on the blog, and irish cream cupcakes! That’s about it though, I’m not a beer drinker and… I think we’re going out for sushi tonight!

  2. Wow, that looks absolutely delicious! I love grilled cheese and this whole resteraunt caters to it!! mmmmm Lucky girl


  3. Wha??

    People don’t butter the bread while making a grilled cheese??

    That’s unheard of!

  4. Was my dad’s bday on St Patricks day (it’s now Friday here) … funnily enough my dad was named Patrick :) Went to the pub for a few beverages.

  5. cute sling!

    and i LOVE grilled cheese sammies! between the bread and the cheese, they dont love me but oh gosh, i want one now!

    per your comment to me yesterday, i just wanted to say hugs…sorry that you’re on PK but seriously, whatever it takes girl. Here’s to getting well soon :)

  6. I’m supposed to be studying for a test right now, and all of my friends are out drinking. I’m THAT cool!

    Oh that Janetha, she is such a sweetie!

  7. Holy mother of cheese, can I build an apartment on top of that restaurant?! I would marry melted cheese if I could. I’m so jealous of Toronto residents right now! Somebody needs to open one of those here in LA.

    As for the holidays, I’m making spinach fettucini with peas and baby spinach for St. Patrick’s day tonight. It might not be Irish, but it WILL be green! I didn’t celebrate any of the other holidays this week. I’m not the biggest pie fan!

  8. I kind of want to sprain something just so Janetha will send me something cute ;)
    As for grilled cheese, I’m with you. If you put some type of meat into it, it’s a grilled sandwich. I love anything with fungus, so the shroom ‘wich sounds right up my alley. Grilled Muenster with hummus and mushrooms is my favorite. Now I want grilled cheese.

  9. Ooops….haven’t celebrated anything this week!! Vacation-induced amnesia. I have no idea what day of the week it is….

  10. No celebrations here. I haven’t tried making GF pie crust yet so that left me out Monday. Honestly I blanked on the whole Ides of March thing so nothing there. St. Patrick’s Day is something I love to celebrate but due to family issues we had to emergency babysit til after Midnight last night.

  11. Ah! That dog on the left looks like Penny bean! Anyway, I think it is flipping awesome that the restaurant is called “The Grilled Cheese”! Love the pickled jar wall. And yes, buttering the bread is key. Glad you got the sling! Love you!

  12. There is a new show on called America’s Next Great Restaurant, one of the guys on the show is wanting to open a restaurant called Grillworks (grilled cheese for adults), I love that idea and would go there every day!!!!

  13. OMG those are the only two things I crave every single day..bread and cheese and i was looking atthe menu in the pic you took and would have ordered that kind with no questions asked! AND add the turkey! great choice, great pics. I am drooling!

  14. i’m with you on the purist idea when it comes to grilled cheese. i probably would have ordered the classic + tomatoes. but everything you guys ate sounds totally delicious! i’m glad you were able to go out and celebrate PI day too…i totally missed out! strawberry rhubarb is one of my favorite pies but only when you add a ton of sugar to make sure it’s sweet enough :)

  15. I butter the bread and not the skillet too! My brother recently asked me my secret to a good grilled cheese and I told him that was it :)

  16. OMG I KNOW YOUR SISTER! You’re Sara’s little sis?? that is so random. We went to grad school together. Tell her Noga sends her love and she needs to come visit me and Katie in San Francisco. Hillarious!!

    • Noga did not know you were a fan of my sister’s blog – amazing!! Hope you are enjoying the West Coast and sending you much love, Sara :)

      • I am new to the blog, and to blog world. Now that I work from home it’s an interesting way to stay in touch with the world. (man, I hope I find an out-of-the-house local job soon, I HATE working from home). I just couldn’t believe it when I was reading her entry and came across your pretty face:-)

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