Quest For The Best Brunch

When I first moved to Toronto, I was admittedly confused by the city’s obsession with brunch.

Every restaurant promotes an extensive brunch menu. Weekend plans with friends don’t just revolve around pints at night, but also sharing eggs benny the next morning. Walk down most main drags on a late weekend morning and you’ll find line-ups of hungry brunchers spilling on to the sidewalks. I thought it was all so silly.

But lo and behold, I’ve turned into something of a brunch connoisseur during my time in Toronto. I’ve suddenly found myself searching for the city’s best brunch spot in vain. Through all of my searches, one name keeps coming up.


Auntie’s & Uncles is this tiny spot just off of College near Bathurst. Walking in, I felt like I was transported to a 1950’s style cottage. Or maybe the diner up the road from a 1950’s farmhouse.


The place was eclectic to say the least. But I kind of loved it, as I have a thing for country cottages. Especially when I get transported there from midtown Toronto. I also love open kitchens like this one where you can see the cook pumping out heaping plates of pancakes and burgers.

However, to be honest, the place kind of reeked of hipsters. The waiters were very blasé.  Nice, but seemed like they were more there to hang out than actually serve you.


Of all the brunch items, two consistently got the best reviews. The Chickpea Salad: green thai curry and dried mango, served with potato salad and greens.


And the Breakfast Pocket: scrambled eggs, peameal bacon, cheddar, tomato, and carmelized onions with dijon and aioli on focaccia.


Roommie Megan got the above breakfast pocket and to quote, she says “It was fucking loaded with stuff.” In other words, tons of perfectly cooked eggs and peameal bacon. However, not actually a “pocket” but more of a sandwich. She ordered the home fries and they were just “alright.”


I on the other hand went for the chickpea salad. Holy moly it was good!! A little heavy on the dressing, but the dressing was at least delicious. Tangy and savoury all at once with lots of celery. I can’t express the same excitement for the potato salad, which was way too chunky with too much dijon.


Overall, I really liked Auntie & Uncles. We went on a Wednesday afternoon to avoid the weekend craziness. Not sure if it would be worth fighting the crowds on a Saturday or Sunday to try it.

So I can’t quite say it’s my favourite brunch place in Toronto. That has yet to be revealed. I’ve got a few more places to try in the next 10 days before I leave to move back home. Then I’ll be able to come up with a comprehensive list ;)

This brunching is serious business!


Question of the Day: What’s your favourite brunch? Mine’s French toast!


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  1. oh, i love strange places like this. the stew looks tasty.

  2. Before you leave Toronto you should definitely check out School Bakery & Cafe in Liberty Village (King W). Super cute theme and they used to have the most insane Toblerone waffles. It’s :)

  3. I’m such a breakfast/brunch person so I’d have to say, I love potato pancakes the most. Potato pancakes with butter and sour cream and a side of bacon. (Definitely not something I can eat too often but it’s something I love every now and then.) I also love eggs with avocado and salsa.

    Now I’m hungry!

    • Potato pancakes are what I ordered for my breakfast brunch this year!! The perfect greasy carbs to soak up the booze from the night before ;)

  4. I love The Flying Biscuit that we have around Atlanta. Their grits are so good. I always love either pancakes or french toast with something salty (bacon/sausage/egg) on the side.

  5. french toast is a pretty great brunch item, but pancakes take the cake for me. literally.

  6. I am definitely one of the Torontonians obsessed with brunch. In fact, I enjoyed a nice brunch yesterday! That chickpea salad looks amazing, I may need to head down there myself :)

    My favorite brunch?? Eggs benny. And I found a place that serves a gluten-free version- score!


  7. What a cute restaurant! Too bad about the service, it always irks me when restaurants with good food have only okay service. I wish I lived in a city that did brunch though, its always one of my favorite things to do when I visit friends in other cities.

  8. greensandjeans

    Brunch always leaves me in the big sweet vs savory debate. Omelet or pancakes?!

  9. brunch IS the best!

    it’s usually french toast or pancakes for me. mama loves me some carbs in the morning :)

  10. I love a great Belgian waffle with lots of fruit, yogurt, and other sweet toppings!

  11. Love the egg sandwich, looks perfect!!!

  12. I always SAY I’m going to get something sweet at brunch, but almost always end up ordering eggs! I love a good egg and cheese bagel sandwich- you can’t go wrong! :)

  13. I’d have to say some kind of egg concoction- probably omelets!

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