A Pub To Call Home

If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ve probably seen my daily menu postings. I’ve eaten out every day for over a week now in attempts to experience some of Toronto’s best food before I leave on a jet plane in a couple weeks. Menu consultations are serious business and they often require the help of my peers.

Tuesday’s menu came from The Queen & Beaver, a place some call Toronto’s best gastro pub.

I was expecting some dark run down pub in the downtown area filled with noise and sticky tables. Boy, was I wrong.

IMG_6057 IMG_6049

Tucked between Yonge and Bay, just north of Dundas, is this old style British pub inside a house. Even though it was packed with people it still felt like a home.


Okay, it felt like my home. My mom has always decorated with old English paintings, china, and has a set of creaky stairs to boot.

Navigating the menu however, was a little more difficult. I’m familiar with a lot of traditional British fare, but not quite this traditional.




I came here with Cathy and Lauren whom I both met while working a Simply Bar event this summer. They’re some of the few people I know in Toronto who I didn’t meet through my Maritime or blogging friends!

We started with the Ploughman’s Platter. I was positively delighted when they brought out the plates.


I love dishware like this. We have a bunch at my cottage and my sisters and I always used to argue over who had the “prettiest plate” as children.


The platter was the perfect appetizer. Piled high with pickled goodies like eggs, beets, onions and other veggies. A slab of meat, hard cheese and soft bread.


Cathy ordered the  Sea Bream & Fondant Roots without the cream sauce. I had a piece of the fish, mild and cooked to perfection!


Lauren went for the Fish Cakes & Tartar Sauce. Surprisingly spicy with a thick breading.


After reading multiple reviews, I was left with only one choice. I had to get the Q&B BLT.


Served on buttery white toast with roasted tomatoes and romaine. The most interesting part was the bacon, which wasn’t really bacon at all but pork belly. The meat was positively delicious. A soft and smoky pork flavour that flaked with each bite. Despite its deliciousness, I would say it’s more of a pork sandwich than a BLT. In my mind, a BLT is made with cool tomatoes, crispy slivers of bacon, and oozes with mayo.

On the side was a small bag of Hand Cut Chips. So good!! Cathy gobbled them up while I wasn’t looking ;)


We were all equally stuffed by then, but Lauren said their desserts couldn’t be missed. I must say, British style sweets are probably my favourite.


We played around with the idea of getting almost everything, but in the end the Walnut Maple Butter Tart won out. Served with a scoop of Whiskey Gingerbread Ice Cream.


The tart was like pecan pie, but with big chunks of walnuts. Absolute heaven. The ice cream super boozy!


All chased down with a cuppa tea ‘o course. No Earl Grey though. I’m a rooibos girl.

Cathy and Lauren managed to escape my camera’s iris. I did however pose for an Instagram pic on Lauren’s iPhone rocking the one-handed sandwich.


And check out my nails! I did them myself!

Many thanks to Cathy and Lauren for the amazing meal. The Queen & Beaver is a cozy little pocket of Toronto I could see myself coming to for a pint or two again. It’s easy to get so comfortable there you lose track of time. Just like we did last night, while eating tart and gabbing about Twitter ;)


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  1. Thank you for not making me feel so guilty for eating out many, many nights in a row. :)
    I just had a pork belly BLT – Amazing!

    • The way I see it, I’ve had too many nights eating boring meals in to feel bad about a week spent eating at some of the country’s best restaurants ;)

  2. oh man oh man, I am a gastropub lover!

    I’m also Irish so I am all over the food. It looks delicious. And boozy ice cream? oh man. I had a Guinness Chip ice cream once that was to die for. Booze is good.

  3. Very cute nails:)
    What a fun idea to do before you leave Toronto! I love the platters:)…and the tart doesn’t look to bad either ;)

  4. That all looked great. I too love platters and that one looks like a winner.

  5. Ohhhh i have to go there
    I’m british and as soon as i saw ploughmans platter and scotch egg, i was sold!
    And your nails look lovely :)

  6. When I lived in England, one of my favorite lunches was the ploughmans with some Branston pickle. Thanks for making me miss it all over again :(

  7. awww…I have the prettiest plate!

  8. Ohmigosh! How amazing does that look? I love how it’s in a house. It reminds me of the b&b’s I stayed in while I was in Ireland. So cool.

    And a pork belly BLT? That sounds incredible! I don’t care about the rest though, I’ll just take the pork belly ;)

    P.S. Your nails look better than mine. And I have use of two full arms ;)


  9. Gingerbread ice cream sounds like heaven…with or without the whiskey!

  10. I’ve never been to or even seen a British restaurant. Looks really good! Especially the ice cream! :) Gorgeous nails btw!

  11. Wow, how did you manage to paint your fingernails that well?? I’m impressed, you must be super dexterous! The sandwich looks fantastic. Nothing like big slices of good ol’ white bread once and a while!

  12. Yummy! I would love to take you for fish and chips my side of the pond! Love the pictures x x x

  13. Hey SUUUUUSAN! Just catching up! That appetizer looks really good. I don’t think I’ll find one like that here in Utah! Hope you’re doing well. xoxo

  14. My husband and I love pubs. I think our favorite one we ever went to was in Victoria on our honeymoon. After biking around on a warm day nothing beat a cold beer. Hope your daily meals out are a blast and delicious too!

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