The One About The Pancake

I’ve already gone on about the things I won’t miss about Toronto. But as my time winds down here, I’m realizing there are a lot more things I’ll actually miss.

Of the things I’ll miss the most, is brunch. Obviously.


I mean, technically you can do brunch anywhere. Hell, my unemployment pancakes could be considered “brunch.” But no place brunches like a big city brunches. Going out for eggs benny on a Sunday morning is how the new urbanites worship. Over these past nine months, I’ve become one of them. Sometimes looking forward more to my hungover Sunday brunch than the Saturday night that got me there. 


Of all the brunches I’ve had in Toronto, there is one that has stuck out in my memory like a flashing neon light. It was a rainy Saturday back in December when I met up with Kristin and her husband at Mitzi’s on College in Little Italy. Word on the internet was that they had the best pancakes in the city. I just had to try it for myself. I can turn down a lot of things, but I can’t turn down a flapjack loved so dearly by the masses.


I try not to visit the same restaurant twice in Toronto unless there are different dishes on the menu that I really want to go back and try. I’m not the kind of person who regulars a place and orders the same thing over and over. My tastebuds are always demanding something new. Something different.


This is not the case with Mitzi’s. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have talked about this pancake in some form or another every single day since the first day I had it.

You see, I’ve been adding all these new experiences to my Toronto bucket list. Things I’ve never experienced but want to before I leave.

All except for this pancake. I decided that I could not leave this city until I had The Pancake one last time.


Mitzi’s Famous Buttermilk Oatmeal Pancake: Topped with tiramisu and lady fingers. Served with home fries, fresh fruit, pure maple syrup & fresh whipped cream.

The toppings always change. Last time it was topped with apple cider caramel and toasted shaved almonds. I didn’t like the tiramasu quite as much. It didn’t mesh with the sweet maple flavours as well as the caramel did. Plus, I’ve never liked mixing chocolate with my pancakes. I’m a bit of a pancake purist.


The rest of the pancake was just as I’d remembered it. Ridiculously large, thick and fluffy. Like an oatmeal cake cooked in a cast iron skillet. Hearty and soft, then saturated with sweet maple syrup. It arrived piping hot, straight from the pan. And didn’t last long.


Like I said last time, when I think back to this moment in time, I won’t worry about how many calories or sugar were on this plate. Rather I’ll remember this particular rainy Saturday in March as the day I enjoyed my favourite brunch as a 25-year-old single girl living in Toronto.


Accompanied by multiple mugs of Mitzi’s own roasted coffee.

And of course, my brunching partners in crime.


Roommie Megan and fellow Leslievillian/J-Schooler Colin. We seem to be the only ones motivated enough to get out for brunch every weekend. Okay, that and we share a deep love for breakfast foods.

Mitzi’s by the way, doesn’t just serve pancakes. They’ve got a stellar brunch menu. If I were staying, this could easily become a place I’d actually regular.


Megan ordered the Omelette: With jerk pork and old cheddar, and a curried banana chutney. Served with home fries, fresh fruit and toast.


I tried a bite and it was awesome. I think I like pulled pork better inside eggs than on a bun. And banana chutney?? Amazing!


The Aquarius drinking from a Sagittarius mug. This was also the day I learned how to shimmy my hair into a barrette with one arm (the other arm still in a cast).

I will definitely miss the brunch options when I move home to Moncton. But I return with an arsenal of brunch recipes and ideas to recreate in my father’s kitchen on weekend mornings for the family. Including the above pancake, which I am determined to make my own version of.

In the meantime, check out my new Restaurant page for a listing of all the restaurants I’ve ever blogged about. It hasn’t all been pancakes!


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  1. Oh my god. Everytime I hear about that pancake I want to frequent Toronto. I have convinced my boyfriend to take a day trip to Toronto soley to try it ha. I convinced him of the many other possible things we could do but that was certainly at the top.

  2. Brunch is my favorite meal too. It’s sad to leave a favorite behind, but think of what fun you’ll have searching for your next fave place in your new home!

    I’m a pancake purist as well…the only things I like mixed in are pumpkins or bananas. Anything else is better as a topping!

  3. The Aquarius drinking from a Sagittarius mug = everyone’s signs have changed anyway, if you believe what “they” say about it all…so really, not a biggie :)

    glad you had that one last great pancake breakfast. I have foods like that in my mind that i still dream about. Unfort when i go back to the restaurant, they are never AS good as the 1st time, darn.

  4. Aww, I wish I could’ve gone for brunch with you! I still have yet to try this legendary Mitzi’s pancake.

    You look lovely in that photo!

  5. pancake sounds yum,,

  6. greensandjeans

    I freaking love brunch and I agree that it is one of the best parts of living in a bigger city. When I lived in Maine my friend Laurie and I would go out to brunch EVERY Sunday. It was glorious.

  7. BEST pancake. In the world. And I hate pancakes. ;)

    Glad you got to experience the glory again! Hopefully I will see you tonight!!


  8. I really want that omelette! Why must Toronto be so far away from me?

  9. Wow that sure looks like a mighty fine pancake, hope your arm is healing x x x

  10. That looks like a serious pancake! Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to make that at home… Except the entire experience wouldn’t be the same. Brunch is like nothing else. It’s one of my favorites for sure.

  11. Ok…I need to take a trip to Toronto…NOW (ok, maybe not now- maybe when the snow melts…)

  12. banana chutney? WOW. i gotta try to make that. sounds so good. and that pancake. ohhh. so dense!

    just caught up with your posts, i love that purple sling-friendly top!

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