Cookie Lovers Anonymous


I made a bit of a mistake yesterday.

You see, since I can’t do vigorous exercise right now, I’ve been trying to get out walking for an hour every day. Thing is, walking can be kind of boring. Hence the need to give my long ambles some form of purpose. Errands. Things like buying gum. Or diet coke. Or in yesterday’s case, chocolate and tea.

Then I found this place:


Mary MacLeods Shortbread. A store dedicated to my third favourite cookie in the world. A love passed on from my great-great-Nana Susan MacLeod from the Isle of Skye. Shortbread is often ignored for it’s fancier, chewier cookie cousins. But when done right, a good shortbread is anything but bland. It’s a drop of silky heaven.

I wanted just one. A plain shortbread. Few things are greater than a buttery shortbread that is soft on first bite, then crumbles with each following nibble. Really, it’s just my obsession with butter.

I left with seven.


I blame it on the minimum $10 debt purchase. But I think I may be an easy sell. Put me in a sweet smelling cookie shop and all sense of reason flies out the window. Stores that smell like that should be illegal. Or at least take ID at the door.

I ended up with coffee crunch shortbread…


Dutch chocolate crunch shortbread…


Their “signature” chocolate crunch shortbread…


Hazelnut crunch shortbread…


Rolled coconut shortbread…


And the traditional shortbread…


Where’s the seventh cookie you ask? There was also a whole wheat almond one. But it, erm, didn’t make it to the photoshoot.

I’m in trouble dear friends. Please help me with these cookies. I don’t have the time to work them off with 12 hours of non vigorous walking exercise. There should be a support group or this kind of thing.

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  1. What I want to know is. If shortbread is #3? What is #1 and #2?

  2. your roomies Aunt Mindy

    Susan, can you share your great-great-Nana Susan MacLeod from the Isle of Skye’s shortbread cookie with us, pretty please.

  3. My obsession is chocolate gingerbread cookies… I start making them around October and continue to fatten up on them until about February…long after the Christmas season! I will say though those shortbread cookies look pretty awesome… might have to sneak into that shop next time we are in TO!

    • Ooooh, feel free to send the recipe my way! I’ve been on a chocolate and ginger kick lately – chocolate covered crystallized ginger :)

  4. i will gladly eat them all for you :P

  5. oh delicious! I totaly agree that when shortbread is done right, they are delictable! thhe coconut one looks so good!!

  6. I am a sucker for cookies too. I agree with the support group thing.

  7. YUM! These look divine. I’m a shortbread lover too. My Gran used to make it when I was little and her recipe is seriously the bomb. And random fact: I’ve been to the Isle of Skye! :)

    • It’s my dream to someday go there! It looks gorgeous!! Someone told me my family has a castle there. But I’m pretty sure that’s family rumour and not family fact.

      • Christina (aka Mom)

        Love the cookies. It is not family rumour – your great (not great great) nana grew up in the Isle of Skye . Dunvegan Castle has been the home of the chief of the clan MacLeod for the last 800 years. Your ancestors fought to defeat other clans from taking over the castle thus ensuring that the clan MacLeod continues to occupy the Castle to this day. Your great grandfather met great nana met in Montreal shortly after they both immigrated to Canada in 1915. They were hooked up by the Scottish Mafia in Montreal. Who do you think developed the Bank of Montreal ..Scotsmen!

  8. I puffy heart love shortbread! I am a simple gal with cookie tastes. Shortbread and sugar cookies with icing are my favorites. I could do some serious damage to wallet and waistline at that shop :D

  9. YUM. Cookies are hard to resist. But chocolate chip are the one that get me every time.

  10. shortbread is one of my faves and soooo easy to make! but they look outta this world. ill help you out if you really don’t want ’em :) xxx

  11. This post is adorable and I have been in my share fair of calorie gains due to chocolate and sweets. You won’t gain any weight Susan and I love that you continue to try and be active even with your injury. You are inspiring me to do the same. :)

  12. those cookies look amazing. i walk every single day too for exercise now and what helps me is listening to podcasts. makes it a joy to catch up on my favorite ones!

    • Yes!! I am in dire need of some podcasts while I walk! I’ve been to lazy to charge my iPod. Even though the act of charging it doesn’t actually require any “work”

  13. This post is total food porn, love it. That hazelnut shortbread needs to get in my belly! I love a good quality shortbread cookie as well, they are simple and amazing.
    Is there any nice parks with trails in Toronto? I always find those type of walks to be far more entertaining.

  14. I think “walking” your errands is a great idea :) Those cookies look absolutely delightful!

  15. I’ll take that rolled coconut shortbread! Yum!

  16. Ooh we got a big tin of those at Christmas time…they definitely did not last long. So tender and crumbly!

    Haha, one of my favourite things to do on lazy days is take a long walk to a bakery…it’s nice to have a delicious sense of purpose :)

  17. A good shortbread is a thing of beauty and those are gorgeous…

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