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Just Being Honest

I’m thinking of turning “Fitness Friday” into “Move It Monday.” Thoughts? I like the idea of starting the week off with some workout inspiration. Plus, I’m too wiped at the end of the week to write in-depth posts.

I know I’ve been heavy on the injury talk lately. But today is what we’ll chalk up to as “bad day.”

Went to the hospital for more x-rays. They looked fine. I got my dozen or so stitches out. Caught a glimpse of my gnarly fracture blister – it’s the size and colour of a purple grape on my elbow. Then the doctor started asking me to move my arm around. Twisting my wrist barely happened. When he asked me to straighten my arm it went a couple inches then just stopped. It hurt, yes. But the joint was so stiff it just refused to move.

It made me realize just how long it’s going to take to get my arm back. It won’t get magically better when the cast is off. In fact, it will get  lot worse. It will be painful. Physiotherapy is going to be painful (and expensive).

I’m two weeks out of surgery and the day-to-day of having only one functioning arm is catching up with me. I don’t care about weight lifting, or running, or cycling. I just want my arm back.

It hurt so much moving my arm that I immediately started to feel faint sitting on the hospital bed. Remnants of the pain have stayed with me all day.

The worst part of recovery is that it’s a very passive experience. I can’t actively do anything to help it along. All I can do is wait. It’s hard not being able to control that. I would really like to be in control of my life right now instead of being in this weird purgatory of sorts.

Today I cried. I called my mommy. I ate chocolate and made some tea.


I can’t be strong and positive everyday.

I did however leave with a new cast! One that leaves my wrist free. A blessing and a curse. I can do more, but the extra mobility allows my wrist to twist in directions that send shooting pains through my elbow.


Tomorrow I’ll find something to smile about again. Promise :)


Oh. And I quit both my jobs today. More on that later.


Highlights Reel

While most of you have been off working all week, I’ve been hanging out at my sister’s place. With my arm cast. Watching DVDs. And drinking Diet Coke (sorry Mom!).

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on the internet. My life in Toronto allows for around 2 hours of computer time a day. Blogging takes up half of that, so I can only browse so many things with the remainder of the time. But this week I’ve had all the time I want to get lost on the internets. Here are some of my favourite things I’ve come across:


Mama Pea’s homemade Cinnamon Toast Cereal


Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins from How Sweet Eats


Two Ingredient Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cookies from the Picky Palate



Paige’s Mug Brownie



Heather’s Granola Cheesecake Bites


Tricks To A Great Loaf Of Banana Bread



And Lynn ate a tuna and banana salad. It hurt my brain.


Some articles worth reading:
Many Styles of Yoga – Toronto Body Mind
Toronto’s New Nickname Revealed – Eye Weekly (I love city nicknames!)
Why You’re Not Married – Huffington Post
How To Make Oatmeal Wrong – New York Times


Funny YouTube videos:
The World’s Most Generic News Report (a must for J-Schoolers!)
Yoga For Wine Lovers
Arcade Fire Hipster Attack


Madeline found me a cute cloak to fit over my sling!

Cloak of Night


Finally! Word in the street is that Women’s Health is holding open nominations for bloggers who should be on their blogroll. I usually don’t get involved in these things, but Women’s Health is one of the few women’s fitness magazines I love. I’ve been dreaming of writing for them for years. Having this little blog of mine featured on their website would basically make my life!!

Women's Health Blogs We Love

Click here to fill out the very short nomination form! And don’t forget to do it for all your other favourite bloggers :)

Oot and Aboot

Not going to lie, this recovery business is a little boring. I’m by no means a “go getter” type person. But I like to feel like a productive member of society. At the very least, I need to get out of the house everyday.


I honestly don’t remember if I got out of the house the week after my surgery. I was stoned on pain meds. But this week I’m feeling the itch. The view of the Ottawa sunshine from my sister’s balcony lured me out. I felt ready to be amongst my people again.


I took a bath, put on mascara and adorned my cape.


I think I need a proper one to fit over my sling…

What’s a good blog post without a Seinfeld reference? ;)

The weather was just at freezing, which in my opinion is the perfect winter temperature. However my elbow throbbed in remembrance as I walked over the “Carnage Canal.”


In case you’re new, I fell skating on this canal almost two weeks ago. I shattered my elbow and had reconstructive surgery. I wanted to yell out in warning to the skaters down there!! Dontdoit!


Instead I kept far, far away from the ice and walked around the university. It was nice to be amongst TREES again. Where I live in Toronto is barren of any plants or wildlife. Hell, I hardly ever even see grass.


A nice professor stopped and asked if I wanted my picture taken while I had my camera out snapping shots. Sure!


I look like I have three arms. Such a stark contrast from my last visit to Ottawa in June ‘10.


I wasn’t just wandering around for the hell of it. Nor did I accidentally wander into Quebec like I had in the above picture. I was off to the mall!


I just broke my third laptop adapter and had to go to the Rideau Centre to pick up a new one. While there I also got a few pick-me-ups for myself. I NEVER spend money on myself besides restaurants. Funny how a few new items can perk up my poor injured spirit :)


Two new stretchy t-shirts I can fit over my cast. Concealer, mascara and lipstick for a little oomph. And delicates that are noneofyourbusiness!

Walking around Ottawa is funny because almost everyone gives me a “look” towards my arm and half the people ask me what happened. All I have to say is “canal” and they immediately understand. Apparently the Carnage Canal strikes frequently. Stories usually follow.

Here’s what my full arm cast looks like:


Mind the peejays, I snapped it before I ventured out! I have a fibreglass splint running the length of under my arm, then all wrapped up with bandage. My elbow has to stay bent and my hand pronated because of how I injured the joint. The pronated hand is unique, usually a person has their palm facing their torso. This position is SO awkward. I always feel a pulling in my wrist from the rotation. Hoping I get it off at my next appointment on Friday!


The requisite x-ray shot. Not that exciting since I smashed my elbow into little pieces so you can’t see anything… All you can see are the screws. Although, you could see a floating bone in the pre-op shots.

Well friends, that is all she wrote! My adventure today has left me exhausted. I still feel like recovery is going slow, but it’s nice being able to do a little more with each passing day.

Question of the Day: What’s your favourite thing to spend money on when you want to treat yourself? I’m thinking my next splurge may be a massage or manicure. I’ve never had either and I could really use both right about now!