Oot and Aboot

Not going to lie, this recovery business is a little boring. I’m by no means a “go getter” type person. But I like to feel like a productive member of society. At the very least, I need to get out of the house everyday.


I honestly don’t remember if I got out of the house the week after my surgery. I was stoned on pain meds. But this week I’m feeling the itch. The view of the Ottawa sunshine from my sister’s balcony lured me out. I felt ready to be amongst my people again.


I took a bath, put on mascara and adorned my cape.


I think I need a proper one to fit over my sling…

What’s a good blog post without a Seinfeld reference? ;)

The weather was just at freezing, which in my opinion is the perfect winter temperature. However my elbow throbbed in remembrance as I walked over the “Carnage Canal.”


In case you’re new, I fell skating on this canal almost two weeks ago. I shattered my elbow and had reconstructive surgery. I wanted to yell out in warning to the skaters down there!! Dontdoit!


Instead I kept far, far away from the ice and walked around the university. It was nice to be amongst TREES again. Where I live in Toronto is barren of any plants or wildlife. Hell, I hardly ever even see grass.


A nice professor stopped and asked if I wanted my picture taken while I had my camera out snapping shots. Sure!


I look like I have three arms. Such a stark contrast from my last visit to Ottawa in June ‘10.


I wasn’t just wandering around for the hell of it. Nor did I accidentally wander into Quebec like I had in the above picture. I was off to the mall!


I just broke my third laptop adapter and had to go to the Rideau Centre to pick up a new one. While there I also got a few pick-me-ups for myself. I NEVER spend money on myself besides restaurants. Funny how a few new items can perk up my poor injured spirit :)


Two new stretchy t-shirts I can fit over my cast. Concealer, mascara and lipstick for a little oomph. And delicates that are noneofyourbusiness!

Walking around Ottawa is funny because almost everyone gives me a “look” towards my arm and half the people ask me what happened. All I have to say is “canal” and they immediately understand. Apparently the Carnage Canal strikes frequently. Stories usually follow.

Here’s what my full arm cast looks like:


Mind the peejays, I snapped it before I ventured out! I have a fibreglass splint running the length of under my arm, then all wrapped up with bandage. My elbow has to stay bent and my hand pronated because of how I injured the joint. The pronated hand is unique, usually a person has their palm facing their torso. This position is SO awkward. I always feel a pulling in my wrist from the rotation. Hoping I get it off at my next appointment on Friday!


The requisite x-ray shot. Not that exciting since I smashed my elbow into little pieces so you can’t see anything… All you can see are the screws. Although, you could see a floating bone in the pre-op shots.

Well friends, that is all she wrote! My adventure today has left me exhausted. I still feel like recovery is going slow, but it’s nice being able to do a little more with each passing day.

Question of the Day: What’s your favourite thing to spend money on when you want to treat yourself? I’m thinking my next splurge may be a massage or manicure. I’ve never had either and I could really use both right about now!


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  1. yay – I’m SO glad you had a nice day out! yikes, I don’t know if I’d have wanted to see “the scene of the crime”

    yes, I treat myself (hmm – maintenance!) to massage at least once a month, more if I “need” it… you should definitely do that… you’ve been stressed and shocked and need nurturing :)

  2. i love ottawa university – reminds me so much of unb minus the unbearable hill, and is much nicer than carleton. there’s this great pub along one of the main streets along the uni called “father and sons” i think – had a really cheap breakfast – thus, heaps of hipster students to be found.

  3. It’s great you are getting some fresh air n stuff!
    I like treating myself with jewelry and…ice cream:)

  4. My favorite splurge is a new sweater. I wear sweaters so much that I love the feeling of a brand new one. I’m just like you in that I never spend money except to go restaurants and for more workout things ha.

  5. Too funny – it appears based on the picture taken from your sister’s apartment that you are staying approx. 75 feet from where I live!

  6. 1. I love Canadian accents (hockey players) so I loved your title.
    2. I love Larry David. The end.
    Getting out among the masses can do wonders for your spirit, so yay for your mini adventure ;) When I spend money on something to pamper myself (other than food,) an eyebrow wax always gives me a shot of oomph.

  7. Awe, I’m sure your outing lifted your spirits a million! What a gorgeous day – and you look great!! Even with three arms ;)

  8. Wow! I wish I could buy you a complete spa day for everything youve gone through recently!

  9. You definitely need some pampering my dear, and a legit cape! Like this one maybe?… http://tinyurl.com/475g96l (I love any excuse to go online window shopping)

  10. It’s so trippy seeing screws in your arm!!! So crazy!

    Glad you had a nice day even if you walked around the Canal! That made MY elbow hurt for you.

  11. you’ve never had a massage before!??! GIRL GET ONE!!!

  12. A nice walk aways makes me feel better, I’m glad you were able to enjoy some fresh air.
    I always like to treat myself with some nice underwear, and maybe some nail polishes and stuff like that.

  13. I took a bath, put on mascara and adorned my cape. = GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!

    You look so alive and wonderful in your pics, Susan. I am sooo impressed with your go get ’em attitude!

    Spending money. Im good at that :) Next up, a really nice camera lens. The canon 24-70 mm. Going to purchase that very soon. I work 50 hrs a week. Why do i work if i can’t shop a little ? :)

  14. I can totally see my work bldg in one of your pics.

    Thw eather yesterday was beautiful! Such a great day to be out and about.

    I usually treat myself with kitchen-related gadgets or foodie items. It used to be shoes but then my closet got out of control!

  15. So glad you spent a nice day out!

    I love going on mini shopping sprees to treat myself. Massages are nice as well!

    I sent you an email, when you have the time :)


  16. Love the Seinfeld reference. Anytime something totally bizarre happens to me I refer to it as Seinfeld moment. lol

    So glad you were able to get out and go shopping. I am bad to overtreat myself. Though I usually make the mistake of buying 1000 super cheap things instead of the one expensive thing I really want or need. ;)

  17. Glad you got out of the house. I bet you were starting to go stir-crazy.

    I like to splurge on massages. I love treating myself and getting some relaxation in once in awhile!

  18. Jeez this must be tough going especially for work!? I feel for you lady, I love to buy clothes and shoes or make up, food, trainers you name it I just love to buy stuff! x x

  19. Fresh air is practically a cure-all! That and sunshine and a hot shower…

    I am not a shopper (hate clutter and don’t have a whole lotta cash to spare) but I love a good haircut. It lasts a long time, great for a little change, bonus hair-wash and scalp massage and usually is a necessity unless you are pony tail/hair up queen like me (:

    i would go for that and/or a good scalp/shoulder/neck/face massage given all the stress and discomfort you are dealing with. Propping up that arm while stuck in bed or trying to sleep must be doing a job on your neck/shoulders. Been there…I can empathize.

  20. I’m the exact same as you with spending money on myself- I love spending it at restaurants, but usually don’t think to buy myself fun things like new tops! Glad you found some cute things and that you’re feeling well enough to venture out! I bet you’ll be all healed in no time. :)

  21. susan my love! i caught up on all your posts, and i just want to say how inspiring you are. you are so upbeat, positive and relaxed about the whole situation – i would NOT be that way. i would be a haggard crazy crabby biatch, but this really isn’t about me.

    keep on celebrating your little victories, and i too believe this happened for a reason and is going to spur you on to the next great thing in your life. love you so much, let me know if you need ANYTHING and keep on kickin’ physical therapy’s buns!!!

  22. It’s nice to hear you got some fresh air! I remeber when I shattered my shouler, I was really fed up of “recovery” and all I wanted to do was play on some monkey bars. I’m not much of a materialistic person, but it’s amazing what a few cute shirts can do for your mood.

  23. Hi sweet Susan! I don’t know anyone who can rock an arm sling like you do! xoxo

  24. Good for you for getting up and oot there… and facing that canal again.. shudder! Keep it up Lady.. it is hard but very important to keep on keepin on! As for things you should do to pick yourself up… I always feel 100% better after getting my hair done… even if it is just a trim and shampoo. I love how when you leave the hairdresser your hair feels so soft and silky.. it totally makes my day! Pedicures are pretty awesome too.. the ones where they massage your legs up to your knees and you get to soak your feet in nice smelling bath salt filled water! :)

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